4 Tips to Incorporate Email Marketing with Instagram to Attract More Visitors

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The best way to use email marketing for your business promotion is via the integration of posts into your Instagram profile and then into your business emails. If you can do this successfully, there is nothing like it. When it comes to email marketing, it has always been about writing a lot of text even a decade ago. You will need to write numerous, long text-based emails to educate your prospects about your product or service offerings. It means chunks of text to convince your potential buyers to opt for your products. Now, that is time-consuming because you would need to write long marketing content. Today, you do not have so much time in this fast-paced world of business. Besides, you can manage all Instagram activities. According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, there are tools to do so.

There are possibilities that the recipients will never open your long emails, thus making your entire effort futile. The recipients may even delete your emails from the inbox and abandon them forever.

Then, if you use Instagram content and integrate into your emails, things will improve. Instagram is a photo-sharing site and if you include high-definition images relevant to your products or services supported with relevant but short, lucid content, people will feel intrigued and read your mail. For your better understanding, here are four ways you can integrate email marketing with Instagram to attract more visitors:

1. Post product images to boost sales

Start by posting quality photos of your products that you would like to sell. Upload different kinds of images and specific products that you want to sell to your prospective customers through emails. For example, you upload images of a customer using your products or services. There should be some background when you post product or service related visuals.

You can also send the screenshots of the Instagram visuals directly to your prospects. Another way is providing the links of your Instagram posts to potential customers. No matter which way you use Instagram, it is going to work for your business. Then, never send the images through your emails in the form of attachments. That is because most people will not bother to download your photos and view them later. They may forget to do so. It means missed sales opportunities. Therefore, there is no point in doing things that will work against your business interests.

2. Include your current and future deals

Use Instagram photos of your existing and future deals and integrate them into your emails. It is essential to highlight the special deals and discounts so that customers learn about them quickly and take action.

During the festive season such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday sale, Christmas, and New Year, you can customize images and highlight your deals and discounts to attract Instagram users. Integrate them into your emails and draw attention to the excitement surrounding these posts among Instagram visitors. It will generate interest among buyers and they will realize that they should make the most out of these deals and offers, never missing them.

It is beneficial to your customers because they will save money shopping during the festive season. When more buyers like and share your Instagram posts and inquire about your deals after reading your emails, you will earn real Instagram likes like never before.

3. Post images of your contest winners

Arrange numerous fun competitions or contests on the photo-sharing social platform such as Instagram. It will help you generate much interest and awareness about your product or service offerings on sale. It will also make the participants feel important and valued. In simple words, the contests would be like an added motivation for the participants. The user will share their Instagram photos and submit them on your business Instagram account. The participants will feel elated with their newfound popularity and fame. It will generate interest in your brand and products in no time. The best way to make the most of this opportunity is by linking the URLs of the Instagram photos of the contest winners into your emails. Send these emails to your mail subscribers as well as others.

It will show the mail recipients that the participants winning your goodies are genuine people, have used your merchandise, and liked them. This way, the casual email subscribers will feel interested in your products and would like to opt for them.

When you integrate the images of the contest winners in the mails, remember to highlight the benefits they received in bulleted points in the mail text. Highlight the advantages the people received using your products and how they simplified their lives. When your email subscribers will see the happy expression of the contestants, the recipients will see their reactions, thus inspiring them to try your products or services.

4. Include special discounts

Integrate the most important links of your Instagram profile into your emails that you shoot to your subscribers. That is the first step. Then, you can request them to like and follow your brand via the email links, especially imploring the recipients to look at your special discounts.

If the posts related to your discounted deals have some quality content, people will like your posts and start following your brand. It will also motivate friends and family of the recipients to follow your brand provided your mail recipients do some word-of-mouth publicity. They may also forward your marketing emails and details pertaining to your special discounts to people they know.

The others who are not in your mailing list will notice that their friends and relatives have liked your page, follows your brand, and many of them used your merchandise as well. They will notice these things in their Instagram feed. This way, you will earn more Instagram likes, comments, shares, followers, and more people will inquire about your products or services through email.

If you have high-quality Instagram posts and topnotch products to sell, people will interact with your brand and participate. This is the best thing that you can gain from email marketing and Instagram.


Now that you have these tips handy, leverage the power of Instagram and email marketing to boost sales and earn profits.

This is a guest post by Walter Moore. Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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