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Every blogger experience a struggle to find a good topic for the next blog post. Despite the fact that there are a lot of options which are available online that can help to find a new topic for the post, it is hard to define a useful tool that can work effectively for the process of generation of new ideas. 

Content idea generator tools can help not only to solve the problem with the creation of really interesting content but also it helps to develop creative abilities to understand which topic is relevant today and which problem is interesting to the particular audience. We have a lot of tools and services to create content from essay writing services to blog title generators and idea generators. It must be considered that conservative writers do not like these new tools as they think that a good text should be created in an old school way, but we live in the world where new technologies have an important place in people’s lives in all fields, so it is natural that we are looking for help online when we have some issues with the generation of new ideas. 

We use our laptops to write texts and so not use paper and pen, so ideas also can be generated with the help of online tools. In this article, you can find a list of best ten content idea generator tools that can help you to find useful topics for your next blog post, which will be readable and popular among a wide audience.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

The blog post title is a great part of success, so this tool will help you to generate ideas for your post in a very easy and useful way. All you need is to put five nouns which you want to generate into an idea for the title of your post, and the tool will do the rest for you.

Impact’s Blog Title Generator

This tool will provide you not only with the opportunity to generate a topic with the help of keywords, but also you can find there a great number of the most popular topics which are ready to use and which are currently popular among users. Also, if you do not like the format of the title which is provided by the generator, you can click on the button which will instantly provide you with new options and format.

Answer the Public

This tool is one of the most popular among other online generators. It works in a very simple and useful way which is based on the basic keywords. All you need is to enter a keyword which you have on your mind, and then you will get a great number of results with basic research questions which people use online with this word.

BuzzSumo’s Question Analyzer

This generator is useful for writers who want to write content which can be competitive and popular among a wide audience. With the help of this tool, you will find out which questions people search on popular websites, so you can choose a topic that will be relevant and successful. With the help of this tool, you will be updated on the trends and most important discussions in order to write content that is interesting for your audience.

SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator

This tool is the easiest one to use if you want to get a great topic for the new blog post. All you need is to enter a keyword you want to use in the blog post, and then you will get hundreds of suggestions for content and blog titles. In the case, if you do not find what you need. Among these results, you can always refresh suggestions clicking the button, and get something new.

Content Row Link Bait Title Generator

This tool suggests you enter your keyword and get seven possible titles for a new blog. If you think that this tool does not provide you with enough options, you can use these titles to generate new content. This tool is easy to use because you will not distract by a hundred options and will focus on the results which you get, so you will find a topic that fits your blog the most.

FatJoe’s Blog Post Title Idea Generator

This tool offers ten options for titles for each keyword that you enter on this website. If you think that you are not good with this number of titles, you can use a subscription so that this tool will send you a hundred of possible titles to your email. There is no doubt that you will find something interesting for your blog among these options.

Inbound Now’s Blog Title Idea Generator

If you consider tools that offer you hundreds of options for titles to be too complicated for you because you cannot concentrate when you have so many options, so this tool will work for you. This generator offers you one title at a time, but if you do not like what you get, you can click more and more till you get something you need. This is the best way to work effectively and not to get lost in endless possibilities that are offered by such tools.

Klock Work Infographic Idea Generator

Blog post titles are an important factor that plays a crucial role in the success of your blog, but also you will need useful ideas for an infographic for your blog. This tool can provide you with great options that can help you to work with your blog in a more effective way.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This tool is also simple and useful if you want to develop your creative side as a writer. All you need is to decide what keyword will work for you today and choose a useful topic for your blog post.

These tools can help you to create a content of high quality for your audience, but you will need to keep in mind some aspects help to be productive and to keep your blog interesting for your audience. Using these tools, you get a great number of possible titles, but your task is to choose the one which is the most relevant for your blog. 

You need to write in your style, so be sure that you choose the topic and title which is related to the general audience of your blog and style in which you prefer to work. With these tools, you will get an opportunity to understand the process of generation of content in a more effective way and develop content which is not only relevant but also competitive.


  1. These tools helps you in creating high quality content for the audience. Also you need to keep in mind some aspects that may help to be productive and keep your blog interesting for the audience. Using these tools one can easily get a great number of possible titles. When the task is to choose one which is most relevant for the blog. One may need to write in their own style so, they can be sure that they choose the topic and title related to the general audience of the blog and also the style in which one will prefer to work. These tools get an opportunity to understand the process of generation of content in more effective way and develop the content which is relevant and also competitive. Here you can read more about stephanie patrick and her lifestyle.

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