10 LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using

If you think that LinkedIn is primarily a medium for job seekers, it’s time to update your knowledge. Sure, it’s still a popular mode of hiring professionals, but that’s not where the story ends!

If leveraged effectively, LinkedIn offers its 774+ million members a plethora of features that provide:

  • A cost-effective networking path between two businesses
  • Establishes credibility
  • Is a platform to provide niche expertise
  • Boosts brand visibility
  • Improves your business’s SEO

And, all this is in addition to helping recruiters meet job seekers. Therefore, if you’ve been using LinkedIn purely to submit your CV or look at a potential employee’s credentials, you’re missing out on other opportunities to grow, both as an individual and a brand.

10 Helpful LinkedIn Features You May Be Missing Out On

Know that, like any other digital networking platform, LinkedIn constantly evolves to add new features to its setup. Here are 10 of our top favorites:

1. “Discover Your Earning Potential”

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Know your true worth in terms of salary, stipend, freelance, or contractual pay with the help of this LinkedIn tool. The “Discover your earning potential” feature equips you with the knowledge of the amount of pay you should demand during an interview or business negotiation.

To make the best of this feature, you must first input your current salary or payment. Don’t worry; this will be kept secret. Once you do this and click on search, LinkedIn will reveal the salary distribution within your industry depending on your location and organization size.

You will also be able to see how much the highest-paid professionals are making, along with the kind of education they’ve pursued. This aggregator tool can truly help you arrive at a worthy figure to negotiate with.

2. Alumni Search Feature

This feature is helpful for both individuals and business owners looking to build a solid network for future jobs or contracts. How? So, you went to school and college with several individuals, out of which at least a few may be in a position to collaborate with you. Moreover, when you get in touch with them, they will likely be more open to connecting with you than someone with no common point.

So, why go looking for cold leads when you can re-engage your old peers and colleagues through this LinkedIn feature. To use this tool, simply type your school or university’s name on the LinkedIn search bar. Go on the institution’s page. There you will find a sub-tab that says “Alumni.” Click on it and type names or other relevant keywords to find your erstwhile associates.

3. Account Targeting Feature

A potential goldmine for B2B marketers, the account-based marketing feature provides a powerful way to run account-based marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. How? Rather than companies putting out their content for a generic B2B crowd, LinkedIn helps them share tailored content with targeted leads.

To know which potential client organizations have the highest purchase propensity, companies can engage LinkedIn’s services, and they will help your profile reach the right influencers and decision-makers. Once you know which profiles to target, you can deliver relevant content that might translate into future business.

4. Hide Your Connections

If you’ve invested enough time and resources to slowly build your LinkedIn presence, the chances are that today you boast a kitty full of connections, including top clients and employees. In such a case, it’s only reasonable to imagine you want to prevent poachers from scouring through your list.

LinkedIn lets you protect your interests and keep your connection info private by letting you hide it. To activate this feature, click on your profile picture, go to the settings and privacy tab, and alter the setting for the question “who can see your connections” to “only you.”

5. View Profiles without Revealing Your Identity

As a business entity, you might be looking for new vendors or employees. To do so, you will likely sift through several LinkedIn profiles and then shortlist the entities you like. However, during this process, individuals or businesses whose profile pages you viewed might follow up with you as they will be able to see you viewed their profile.

You can cut through the annoyance and conceal your company name and safeguard other vital details on your page by using LinkedIn’s “Visibility of Your Profile and Network” feature, which can be found in the settings tab.

6. Save Searches

Suppose you plan to design an excellent social media campaign and deploy it on your page. But, as an added measure, you also wish to share this campaign with your target audience’s LinkedIn pages. Of course, this is possible; however, you will end up spending a significant duration looking for the right people or organizations as part of your lead generation efforts.

Once you’ve done this, we recommend clicking on the “save search” feature to create a digital bank of all your searches. Doing this will ensure you don’t conduct a new search each time you run a digital marketing campaign.

7. Create Polls

LinkedIn recently rolled out this feature that lets your audiences interact with you through a poll. Anyway, it’s a very effective tool to drive up engagements and collect valuable insights on your connections and leads.

How effective, might you ask? A poll on LinkedIn asked hundreds of connections, “do you vote in LinkedIn Poles?” A whopping 67% said yes! To create a custom poll on LinkedIn, click on “Start a Post.” After which, click on the bar graph symbol on the bottom of the window to create a custom poll.

8. Tune into LinkedIn Publishing

LinkedIn’s publishing feature allows you to share long-form content with your target audiences. Through this tool, you can educate your prospects about the industry you work in, your niche offerings, how it can help leads, and much more.

Simply put, LinkedIn’s publication feature lets your brand create and share tailor made content in the form of blogs, case studies, articles, videos, and much more. What’s more, within this feature, you will also find LinkedIn’s user-friendly editor to help you refine your final pieces.

Even if you’re a freelance consultant wanting to build clientele through LinkedIn, sharing long-form views will establish your expertise and authority within your professional domain. It may also return you a squad of followers, thus turning you into an influencer.

9. Merge Accounts

If you have multiple passive accounts containing several valuable connections, blend them into one through the “Merge Accounts” feature. It’s not uncommon for people to land up with multiple LinkedIn accounts. Perhaps you’ve quit your job and started a new business, you didn’t use LinkedIn for very long, your subordinate made it for you, and now you want to start afresh.

Whatever may be your reason, know that you never have to lose a single connection thanks to this feature. To merge your accounts, go to the “Settings” panel, click on “Account Preferences,” where you can merge your LinkedIn accounts.

10. Post Analytics

Through this feature, LinkedIn lets you qualitatively observe how your post is doing, who all have interacted with it, their credentials, job titles, and even locations. This way, you know who the real takers are for your services.

Moreover, this feature goes a step beyond simply giving you info on individuals interested in your postings. Based on aggregation, it also recommends the topics or subjects you should post on to continue garnering more views and engagement.

To access this feature, “View Profile,” go down to the “Activity” section, click on any particular post, and tap on the analytics icon at the bottom of your post.

Parting Thoughts – LinkedIn’s Intent vs. Other Social Media

For entities who find LinkedIn to not be as feature-rich as other social media, perhaps haven’t yet identified the right social media channel for their business.

Source: LakeB2B

If you know how to work the ten features discussed above, you’ll figure out what to post on LinkedIn, how to discover your true value in monetary terms, how to run account-based marketing campaigns, how to drive up engagement through polls, and much more.

So, try them out and watch what they can do for your LinkedIn position, both as a brand and an individual.

About the author:

Rochelle Williams is a Senior Marketing Manager at Span Global Services. She comes with a strong marketing and advertising industry exposure of over 8+ years and has a deep understanding of SEO, SEM, SMO, branding, and allied marketing strategies. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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