Write for us

Thank you so much for showing interest in our blog! Sharing is a huge part of Social Media and of community and so if you’ve something to share, you’re more than welcome.

There are some topics that are a BIG YES for us

  • Social Media news and opinion pieces are always welcome.
  • Social Media customer service, yes, please.
  • Marketing tips, tricks, and hacks. Bring’em on!
  • Social Media Analytics. YASSSSS

We’ll be happy to evaluate any other relevant topics you can come up with.

How to pitch?

Send us an email.

Your email must include
1. Three topic suggestions
2. Your bio
3. Link to your old posts (If any)
4. If you don’t have any links, please add a short write-up on the suggested topics.

Send this email with the subject line “Hey folks! Guest post for you” to hello@crowdfireapp.com.

Before you begin writing the piece, here are some instructions for you!

General instructions

  1. The piece should consist of 1200 or more words.
  2. Keep your paragraphs short and your tone conversational.
  3. No jargon, please.
  4. Add visuals wherever necessary. We love images, graphs, infographics, screenshots, and videos.
  5. Add stats wherever possible.
  6. Give credit to the original source.
  7. Use examples, use-cases, and illustrations to back your words.


All links to external resources must be relevant. Please don’t add any promotional links. Promotional links will be removed.


All visuals must be sent to us in a ZIP file along with the piece.


Before submitting your piece, please make sure you run it for-

  1. Grammatical errors
  2. Plagiarism

Author’s Bio

  1. Send us your bio along with the piece – a short description of what you do
  2. Your headshot

Please send the final article as a Google doc. If it’s not a Google doc, we’ll be forced to ignore your submission.

We reserve the right to:

  1. Remove links that we find to be promotional.
  2. Make edits for better readability.

Please ensure that your piece is original and hasn’t been published anywhere.
If we don’t get back to you within a week of your first request, please understand that we’ve politely rejected your submission.