2019 Year in review 🎉

2019 was a year of new beginnings ✨

✅ We got you in-depth Analytics 📊

We take data seriously, very seriously. And we know that you do too.

This year, we reworked on Advanced analytics and got you downloadable reports, custom reports, export of scheduled reports and a lot more.

The evolution of Analytics

✅ We listened & we helped you listen + engage more 👂

We refined Mentions and added some much-needed features to make it easier for you to engage with your audience.

With Mentions, you can track and reply to all your Social Media Mentions from a single inbox.

In the process, we used our own product every single day to understand it better.

That’s 248 days of Mentions.

Read more about Mentions

…… there’s a lot more to come…. stay tuned…….

✅ We welcomed the master calendar view 📆

We brought you the master calendar. ALL YOUR POSTS ON A SINGLE CALENDAR.

✅ We became the first tool to add a TikTok scheduler 💃

Connect TikTok

✅ 85 writers collaborated with us ✍️

We reworked on our content strategy and in the process we collaborated with 85 guest writers.

It has been really amazing to collaborate with some regular contributors and we look forward to more such collaborations in 2020!

Write for us

✅ 118,960 of you interacted with us 💃

Over emails, Social Media, on our weekly Twitter chat, we collectively had 118, 960 conversations!

We learnt a lot of new things about you, we exchanged GIFs and wisdom and had a lot of fun!

✅ You connected 1960400 accounts 😎


✅ You scheduled 3,550,000 posts 🚀

It has been a year of change and new beginnings and we’re very grateful to our community for being there for us, for helping us pave the new path and most of all for believing in us!

2019 was the year of new beginnings and 2020 will be the year of evolution. See you on the other side 🙂