7 Proven Social Media Tips for Startups

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As a startup, it’s of paramount importance to strategize your expenses if you wish to grow. A well-crafted social media marketing plan can save a lot of money you could invest in the expansion of your business. However, it’s not easy to develop an optimal campaign when there are so many blanks to fill in. That’s why we decide to let you in on several tips that should give you push in the right direction from the start.

Which platforms should you choose?

According to research, every social media platform holds distinctive value for various industries. This means that, while LinkedIn is a general business-related website you have to be careful when choosing among Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter because not all of these options offer the same type of audience for you to communicate with.

An online writing agency that offers custom papers and construction tools retailer has little in common, so their audience could also have versatile social media interests. Therefore, you should start by testing a few most popular options and monitor your results. Once the testing phase I finished, you should have a clearer picture of where your focus should be.  

Perform content analysis

Some people react better to copy while others feel more comfortable when receiving data through infographics or videos. As you publish your social media posts, analyze which types of content show better results and you’ll have an idea of what works best for your brand.

In time, you’ll be able to create a detailed overview and develop more insightful content strategies. As a result, each new campaign will be more efficient and cost less, leaving you more funds for business expansion.

Use targeting tools

Facebook has an amazing targeting tool that allows you to connect with users that matter the most. Since there are more than 2 billion active users, Facebook offer’s an immense pool of potential viewers. It’s up to you to set up the target audience so your ad money is spent more efficiently.

Consider to whom you’re offering your service, what parts of the world you wish to cover, as well as other industry-specific parameters. If you’re offering college assignment help, you could pinpoint the age limit, location, and interests to maximize your efforts. It’s of utmost importance to make every penny count and work for your benefit.

Keep up with current trends

National and international holidays are an amazing opportunity to capitalize on global interests. Anything from hashtags to holiday visuals can enhance the success of your goal, especially in terms of online sales, which always increase in volume during Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and other globally celebrated events. 

Also, keep up with your competitors and their HR software to see what ranks their posts high, because monitoring business-specific trends allow you to stay in touch with your consumers’ current interests.

Check before you post

Regardless if you’re posting an image, GIF, or a plain textual post, it’s important to make sure it’s perfect. Every image should be crisp on both mobile and desktop devices, conduct proofreading of each piece of text, and try to eliminate the chance of looking unprofessional.

Pay special attention to posts that carry important information like prices, discounts, and similar data. Carrying out false info could aggravate your audience or lower their trust in your business.

Focus on mobile users

Figures show that mobile platforms are more popular among social media users, which means there is a higher chance of reaching your consumers if you focus on the mobile market. However, this means that you should plan and produce content that fits the mobile audience’s expectations. Your content needs to look good when viewed through a mobile app in terms of design, format, and other aspects that allow the viewer to interact with your post. 

Build a community

As a startup, you need to build trust and make a name for yourself before you can expect an increase in sales. Social media allows you to interact with your audience, learn from their feedback, and engage them to communicate with your brand. Respond to inquiries, offer special deals for more engaged followers, and experiment with user-generated content.

A strong social bond leads to trust which can only benefit your business goals. Keep the viewers entertained, and don’t hesitate to publish a piece of content simply to make your people laugh. The least you can expect is getting a few extra shares, which can only help you reach more potential customers and raise brand awareness. 


These tips should help you build a firm social media presence, which is important for a startup because a strong foundation gives you something to build on. Don’t expect a major success at the very beginning, be patient and consistent in quality and performance and the triumph will follow. As you mature, you’ll be able to adjust your strategy based on personal experience and that’s when the real success will take place.

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