The role of AI in social media marketing

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is steadily but surely changing the game in the digital marketing world. This technology finds numerous applications in the social media landscape as it streamlines processes like creative idea generation, automatic content production, ad personalization, and much more.

AI in social media marketing (SMM) is here to stay. Its role is going to become more significant in the future but no one knows how far it can go.

This article will cover the benefits and challenges of potential AI usage in social media strategies.
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AI Social Media Marketing Strategy

Every marketer knows the golden rule in marketing — be where your target audience is. And here is that exactly? On social media, of course.

Statistics reveal that social media users worldwide equal 4.8 billion people, which is 59.9% of the global population. It is expected social media users to rise to 6 billion by 2027.

Moreover, AI in social media marketing, a sector with a market size valued at USD 1.64 Billion in 2023, is projected to grow to USD 5.66 Billion by 2028. AI can be a great assistant in producing engaging content for a short period of time that appeals to your audience.

AI’s impact on reducing time-consuming tasks

Reducing the time spent on a particular task that can be implemented more efficiently by AI technology is enough reason to incorporate it into the workflow. AI also automates repetitive tasks, thus, speeding up marketing processes. Up to 30% of the hours worked globally could be automated by 2030.

Examples of that are creating and scheduling posts, analyzing customers’ data, and presenting insights about their current and future behaviors. This frees up the marketer’s time to focus on other parts of the strategy that require their undivided attention.

Enhancing audience engagement and connection

Adapting your SMM strategy in a timely manner can be achieved with the help of AI analytics. Since AI is capable of quick data analysis, it can predict the potential future behaviors of customers. That’s extremely valuable information for marketers as they want to engage and connect with their audience to meet its preferences in the best way possible.

Moreover, artificial intelligence tools and platforms can review existing consumers’ data and suggest improvements to boost engagement.

AI Social Media Content Generation

Feeling short on content ideas? Well, AI is not.

From a marketer’s perspective, social media is about creating content that matches customers’ needs and eventually leads to conversions and brand loyalty.

There are tons of AI social media tools that can facilitate processes like social post creation, content idea generation, and caption writing. OwlyWriter AI and StoryLab AI are some great options for that.

Let’s look at what AI is capable of below.

-Use AI tools for social media ideation

Social media marketers are not immune to the creator’s block, and that’s where artificial intelligence comes in. With a given keyword and instructions, AI generators can suggest potential social post ideas. Once your creativity is sparked, inspired ideas start flowing.

-AI social media caption generators

Writing captions is a responsibility social media markers have that AI can assist with. Sometimes they even have to write multiple captions to explain the same concept over a week’s worth of posts. All this has to convey the main message accurately and engage the audience. The AI caption generators replace time-consuming processes and enhance creativity when you run out of ideas.

-AI blog to social media post creators

It’s a common practice in the digital marketing world to repurpose a blog post from your website and turn it into several social posts. The fast creation of multiple social media captions from one blog post is now possible thanks to AI. The repurposed content can be recreated in a way that drives more clicks and traffic to your site.

-Visual content generated by AI tools

Visual content is a fundamental part of social media. Images are crucial for the success of a post. And sometimes it’s hard for marketers to find or create ones that will perfectly match the post’s concept and brand aesthetic.

Luckily, AI visual content creators have become advanced enough to be able to produce custom images based on specific instructions. Tools like D-ID, ChatGPT, Eleven Labs, and Midjourney can assist with these processes.

Benefits of AI in Social Media Marketing

Being competitive in the crowded social media market calls for methods that give you an advantage over rivals. AI technology can improve social interactions with customers in many ways, such as:

1. Enhancing creativity and saving time

AI tools are a lifesaver when you have writer’s block. As good of a marketer as you can be, no one can produce creative ideas 24/7. That’s where artificial intelligence proves useful. It can give you a boost of inspiration to start writing.

Moreover, AI can generate a dozen ideas quicker than the human brain. It also lowers the time spent on repetitive processes like post-scheduling.

2. Optimizing content creation and posting schedules

When you use AI tools, processes like content ideation and post-scheduling are optimized. They do all the tedious manual work for you giving you more time to spend on strategizing and campaign innovations.

Artificial intelligence for social media can personalize content ideas and suggest post improvements. Your ad campaigns can get a serious boost in engagement based on AI data analysis. With the right insight, you can optimize your bidding strategy, ad spend, and ROI (return on investment).

Improving audience understanding and engagement

AI tools for social media are especially useful when you want to understand your audience better. They can provide detailed reports about consumers’ behaviors and trends. Thus, you can prepare in advance and satisfy their needs and preferences.

In addition, once you have all the information, you can use it to improve your engagement metrics by delivering a customized experience. Insights on the goals and pain points of potential customers can also make a difference in content creation for the buyer journey stages.

3. Addressing Social Media Marketing Challenges with AI

Although AI SMM tools facilitate processes in a way that other existing technology cannot right now, we mustn’t consider them the holy grail in marketing. They still pose some challenges and limitations we want to address here:

  • Humans being replaced by AI: This is a discussion in the digital marketing community that’s been present for quite some time. Social media jobs are to be affected as well since some of the tasks can be carried out by AI. However, the human mind is an irreplaceable asset that no bot can top. The reasoning behind AI-produced content must be done by humans anyway. Some adjustments in the field have to happen, but we still need social media marketing specialists.
  • AI regulation and ethical use: Since AI technology advances fast, the regulatory framework about its usage lags. Legal and ethical issues may come up along the way for companies using it. Their legal departments may deal with regulatory violations or conflict of interest issues.
  • Misleading information: AI tools may not be 100% accurate when providing information. There can be a certain bias or made-up facts because an AI bot follows a programmed algorithm and gives out information based on it. Bots cannot think as we, humans, do — they just stick to given instructions.
  • Data privacy issues: There’s a potential security risk if you use AI to analyze data, such as personal, bank, and healthcare information. Be extremely careful what you state in your social media policy in terms of AI data usage.


A promising future awaits AI in social media marketing. Embracing its potential can bring your strategy to a whole new level. Your competitors are probably using it already to personalize their approach to content and understand consumers’ data better. So get ready to see AI’s impact on your strategy.

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