How to Increase Instagram Customer Engagement: 11 Proven Ideas

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Are you worried about likes and comments you get for your Instagram posts? Driving genuine, organic engagement should be your top priority when using Instagram, especially for marketing.

You might be creating fantastic posts, however, if nobody is liking them or commenting on them, there’s a good chance that your account will go ignored.

If you are having trouble attracting consumers to Apps like Instagram, then the money you invested gets wasted. To overcome these problems, here are some Instagram engagement tips you should follow to get the much-needed boost.

A brief account of Instagram engagement

How many people engage with the content you upload on Instagram is known as Instagram engagement. It is a group of measures that, taken together, show you how well your content connects with your audience and how strongly your online community supports your company.

Instagram engagement is essential as it shows that viewers choose to engage with your posts rather than simply scrolling through them. Also, it shows that your post touched emotionally with the audience and created an emotion in them that was either positive or negative about your post.

Engagement is an important factor for the Instagram algorithm. A little early admiration for a post, story, or reel can help it reach more people and increase engagement.

What can you do to Increase Instagram Engagement?

There are many ways through which you can increase Instagram engagement, and important among them are:

1. Learn about your target market.

Without knowing your audience, it might be difficult to create engaging content. The type of content you post, your brand voice, and even the best days and times to publish will all be influenced by the demographics of your target audience.

Asking your audience what they want from your Instagram content is an excellent method to find out what they want. You can get an immediate response from your devoted followers using the polls and question stickers in Stories, which further increases engagement.

2. Take advantage of hashtag power.

Apps like Instagram can expand your reach and attract new customers through hashtags, which enhance content discoverability. You can connect with customers who share your interests and needs by selecting hashtags that are relevant to your product or service area.

The inclusion of both broad, well-known hashtags and more specialized specialist hashtags must be used to get a balance. To build a community and promote user-generated content, you can even consider developing your own custom hashtag.

3. Use Reels

Reels have become the platform’s favorite child, and you would have known this if you had been paying any attention to Instagram at all this year. Reels are the simplest way to present your work to a larger audience than just the people who already follow you.

With so many fresh eyes on it, your content has a much better chance of getting likes or maybe becoming viral. If your Reels are engaging enough, they may drive additional traffic to your Instagram profile, resulting in new followers and more engagement opportunities.

4. Prioritize Instagram SEO

Understanding the algorithm was essential for a long time to get your content identified. It is advised to put some effort into Instagram search engine optimization (SEO).

The goal of Instagram SEO is to increase the visibility of your content when users conduct keyword searches on the platform. As they are explicitly looking for what you offer, readers who find your material through SEO are an ideal audience for increasing engagement.

5. Use excellent images in each post.

Impressing the viewer with high-quality images and videos that feature your items and your brand’s key messaging is important. This can be communicated by concentrating on specific color initiatives, vibrant or simple themes, and the kind of information you share.

Postings with images and videos get more likes, comments, and shares. Make sure your images are properly sized, and try using the appropriate tools to improve your photographs as well.

In Cross Platform App Development, photo editing applications help users with a lot of features and functions to overcome the challenge of crafting the perfect photo. These tools empower users with a wide range of editing options to improve their images and create stunning visual content.

6. Add a strong Call To Action.

Include an engaging Call-To-Action (CTA) in your Instagram Reels if you want to boost engagement and encourage viewers to take action. For your CTA to be effective, it must be short, clear, and relevant to the information in your Reel.

Make sure your CTA makes it simple for viewers to shop for the things you are advertising in your Reel. Your CTA should be positioned correctly. Usually, viewers anticipate seeing it as a text overlay or at the conclusion of the video.

7. Post regularly

When it comes to Instagram growth and building an engaged following with Instagram Reels, consistency is key. By consistently posting Reels, you can give your audience a habit and boost engagement.

You can learn when your audience is most interested and active by experimenting with posting at various times of the day. This will help you create the most efficient posting schedule.

8. Be authentic

On Instagram, especially in stories and reels, being authentic and relatable is important. Introduce your audience to the real people and experiences that are the foundation of your brand.

When combined with interactive elements like questions, polls, and countdowns, stories offer an opportunity to engage your audience directly.

9. Engage customers in conversation.

Engaging in human interaction is one of the best strategies to boost consumer engagement. Your customers will feel valued and special if you try to respond to remarks. They often interact with your account and show a desire to do business with you.

Answer the questions as quickly as you can. It will show your concern for and gratitude for your customers’ choice of brand. You go with the one who replies to your messages, as feedback is something that everyone values highly.

It indicates that other people are also interested in the learning process. Because of this, it is crucial that a brand and its customers have a conversation.

10. Be experimental

Testing, measuring, and making adjustments are the ways of finding what encourages engagement with your brand. Social media has the advantage of being designed for experimentation.

You can usually tell quickly if something works, and if it doesn’t, you can learn your lesson with little risk. So, be imaginative and pay close attention to your engagement numbers to measure how well your concepts are working.

11. Make timely content

Look for opportunities to add your voice to the discussion with timely material if there is currently excitement around a current event or holiday. You can have an immediate catch if there is a trending hashtag.

Evergreen content is essential for updating your grid, and it shouldn’t be your only source of current information. But if you have a fresh perspective on a popular meme or trend, put it together quickly and share it online while the topic is still getting attention.

Measuring the Engagement Rate on Instagram

You must consider the overall volume of content interactions to calculate your Instagram engagement rate. It includes likes, shares, comments, story responses, and saves.

Engagement rate = (Total interactions/Impressions) x 100

The average engagement rate for posts on Instagram is currently 0.98%. Anything safe should be in this range, and you should remember that your interaction rate should be higher than the platform average.

Final thoughts

Implementing the above-mentioned strategies will give your Instagram engagement a significant boost. However, it is important to note that a one-time surge in engagement is not sufficient.

To sustain high levels of engagement, it is important to follow these practices consistently. If you are looking to Create an App Like Instagram, get assistance from an app development company that is aligned with your interest.

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