What is Viral video?

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Crowdfire Viral Video is our way of showing you how you’ve performed on Social Media in last one week (Monthly review is coming soon!).

After building Advanced analytics and Report builder, we were looking for a way to showcase the performance of your Social accounts in a simple, digestible, beautiful and engaging way. And this time we were ready to go a step beyond images to show a more holistic picture of your growth. That’s how Viral video was born.

In this Viral video, you can see your growth percentage, your top tweets and your engagement in the form of likes and retweets.

But why Viral video?

We’ve created Viral video to help you share your weekly/ monthly achievements with your audience.

Why? Here’s why 👇

Where to access Viral video?

Viral video is placed comfortably on the top menu right next to Accounts. Though its permanent address is inside the Analytics tab 🙂 It’s available on the web app. (Coming soon to Android and iOS)

Viral video is available for all our users! If you don’t see your video, it means it is not created yet. In this case, please wait for a day.

Viral video will be available once every week, at the moment. (Monthly video coming soon!)

viral video.gif

This is how it looks 😍

Eligibility for Viral video

We only will be able to create your video if you’ve tweeted at least three times in the last 7 days.

So what are you waiting for? Share your Viral video now!

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