How to monetize Instagram Reels

Ever wondered how to get paid for reels you post on Instagram? Well, this article will help you find out. As many of you who use Instagram might know, Instagram Reels are where users can upload videos and clips they’ve created to share with their audience.

It’s been gaining more and more popularity since it was uploaded back in 2020, with additional features being added since then. One of those features is the Reels Play Bonus, where creators can make money per Reels view. In this article, we’ll explore and break down how you can monetize your Instagram Reels.

What is Instagram Reels play bonus?

Instagram Reels Play is a bonus program that allows you to earn money on your reel content. The amount of money you earn is based on the number of plays your reels get. You will receive a pop-up notification where an invite will appear on the dashboard of your Instagram Account.

Rules and eligibility for the Instagram Reels play bonus

The Instagram Reels Play Bonus is currently only available in the US and India as of the time of writing this article. It’s invite-only, and eligibility is exclusive to citizens of those countries. To be an eligible creator, you need to have less than 1 million followers, have a professional Instagram account, and follow “Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policies.” When Instagram offers you the opportunity, you will have 30 days to accept and receive your bonus.

Reaching the target number of plays within a 30-day timespan, you will still be able to reach a bonus payout if you hit a milestone in your progress bar. There is one thing you need to consider: though-only reels that hit 1000 views will be counted towards your Play Bonus. A reel will also be considered ineligible if it’s branded/sponsored content, claimed by a rights holder, or you receive a reel violation for the third time. The third strike results in a 30-day cooldown until you’re allowed to monetize the bonuses from your reels.

How Exactly Does The Replay Bonus Work?

Once you have been invited, you are required to opt-in in order to start earning money online for plays. You have to prove you are the owner of the account and provide legal information. You have to choose which country you are based in and then choose your business type, i.e., whether you are an individual or business owner.

If you are a business owner, you need to confirm that you are the legal owner of said business. You will have to provide tax and other legal information. Next, you must add a payment method and view your available bonuses. You will be given the ability to review all your bonus opportunities and then activate the one you want to set up. Then you will be able to activate your Reels Play Bonus.

After you’ve approved and everything is set up, you will receive your payment for your reels at the end of the 30 days. You can select up to 150 reels to count toward the bonus. Sponsored, paid, or partnership Reels are excluded from the bonus. You need to have a payout account in order to receive your bonus payout. If you don’t do so within the span of six months, you forfeit the right to receive payment. You will also not be able to monetize through bonuses after 5 months or after your earnings exceed $500.

How much money can one make from the Reels bonus?

Your payment is calculated based on your Bonus Plays. Bonus Plays are the number of views per Reel you get on Facebook and Instagram. There’s a bare minimum of $100 that creators have to earn before they are allowed to withdraw their payment. You also need to reach the minimum view requirement as well.

Instagram personalizes and adjusts this individual per user, so there are no earrings benchmark that needs to be hit. There is a limit to how much you can earn and the number of views that count towards the bonus.

Tracking Your Performance

In order to check how much progress you’ve made regarding your bonuses, you will have to go to your bonus settings and open the Reels Play bonus page. It’s a good idea to readjust your content strategy based on all the progress you’ve made, which you can do by regularly checking your progress bar.

If you’re in need of filling up that final stretch in your progress bar, you can try resharing a popular reel through your stories. Another helpful idea is creating an entirely new reel altogether. It’s important to create an engaging reel in order to attract the necessary amount of views, interactions, and shares to help hit your target view count.

Best Practices to Create Engaging Reels

Your Reels performing well is essential in order to make the most amount of money from the Instagram Reels Bonus. The Instagram algorithm focuses on content that gets a lot of views and engagement. Therefore creating engaging and high-quality content is very important in order to achieve your target view count. Below are some ideas and advice to take into consideration.

1. Create Valuable Content

Your reels need to provide valuable content and information for your viewers. It could be an interesting fact or piece of trivia that helps them learn something new about the world and can be used to improve their lives. Or, it can be for entertainment purposes and gives them a good laugh. It’s important for your reels to not only receive engagement and views but also to incentivize your viewers to share your content on Instagram. This can potentially lead to new followers, which in term leads to higher visibility for your reels.

2. Make Sure To Use Popular Audio

Utilizing popular sound bites or pieces of music is an effective strategy to boost the visibility of your reels on Instagram. This increases the likelihood of them getting featured on the Explore pages of people who have previous interactions with that piece of audio content. You can earn more views for your Reels this way, which means more profit from your Play Bonus.

It’s a good idea to observe what sounds other popular content creators are using in their reels and consider incorporating them into your own while giving them a fresh spin to help differentiate yourself. Using entertaining and fun music or sounds in the background creates a much more engaging reel for your target audience.

3. Keep Your Eyes Out On Trends

Whenever there is a popular trend on Instagram, it’s crucial to capitalize on it to drive up the views for your Reels. A lot of Reel trends incorporate some kind of popular sound or theme, similar to Tiktok trends. Jumping on the bandwagon is an excellent way to grab the attention of viewers who are actively searching for this trend on Instagram.

It’s a neat way to entertain your viewers and increase the visibility of your reels. And as previously mentioned, it’s always a good idea to come up with your own idea or twist it in order to stand out from the crowd.

4. Timing Is Everything

You need to ensure that you choose the right time to post your Reels and take into consideration when your audience is active the most during the day. Everything on Instagram moves incredibly fast, so you have a small window for your Reels to get the engagement and views they need.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful and informative, both in helping you understand the ins and outs of the Instagram Reels Bonus, as well as some of the tips and tricks provided in order to make engaging reels and content. By consistently making lots of entertaining Reels, you will drive up the visibility and views of said Reels, which will translate into profit that’s earned from the Instagram Reels Bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Instagram count play on Reels?

Whenever someone watches your Reel, Instagram registers it as a “play” or a “view”

Why don’t I get bonuses on Instagram?

The Instagram Reels Bonus is only available for users in the U.S. and India. There is potential for Instagram to introduce the bonus system to other countries, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any future updates.

How do I monetize my Instagram Reels?

The obvious method is to utilize the Instagram Reel Bonus, as discussed in this article. If you are not eligible for the bonus, you monetize them through brand sponsorship or by sharing an affiliate link.

How many views do you need on Reels to get paid?

You will have to earn at least 1,000 views per reel in order to receive monetization from them. The target view count also tends to vary between individual creators.

Can you get paid for Instagram Reels?

Yes. You can monetize your Instagram Reels by taking advantage of the Instagram Reels Play Bonus program.

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