11 Instagram Reels ideas for Small Businesses

Earlier this month Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram hosted a candid conversation on the gram.
He spoke about how Instagram has evolved over the years and is not just a square photo-sharing app.
It was only last year that Instagram rolled out Reels and over the year we’ve seen it do well for creators and also businesses.

The pandemic took us through a time we’ve never imagined but most of us are now on the other side trying to fix things and finding our purpose that may have slightly changed with the big changes this virus got us.
In the midst of this, there has been chaos for businesses, especially many small businesses trying to stay put or get back on track.
I shared 9 social media tips for small businesses and it only felt right to now share Reel ideas for small businesses to grow on Instagram.

The key to making good Instagram reels is to make them fun and informative.
Let’s get to it? ⚡️

1. About the Product

You can share details about your product, or the different option variants you offer on your online or physical store. This helps in more visibility of the products. You can also share different products as different reels.

Here’s how Propshop24 took us through all their planters available on the website.

2. Faces behind the brand

This one is a reel with all the faces of people making your small business a big success. It helps your audience connect with each person’s role and how they contribute to something they receive in their mail.

You can share this reel with the hashtag #meettheteam.
If you’re the only person behind the brand, feel free to get creative like how Robyn tells us she’s her brands everything- The artist, the secretary, Social media manager, and the delivery person too 😛

3. Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes are fun and raw bits and pieces of your business’s process. You can create a reel to take your audience through a process that they do not usually get to witness. It helps you to create a stronger bond as they connect with you on a personal level. This could be any short video of a particular step in your process or a timelapse of the product from scratch to dispatch 😄

Here’s how a cute Jam company from Himachal takes us through their chai breaks and the making of their black cherry preserve –

4. Tell your story

This reel could be about how you started your small business.
Or, why and when you started? What do you sell? Your struggle or wins and everything in between.
Let’s take a look at Nora tells us her story!

5. Pack an order with me

One thing about most small businesses I adore is the efforts they put into packaging – Tiny notes, handwritten addresses, eco-friendly packing paper, reusable boxes, freebies like a little bookmark, or a quote while packaging.
Let’s look at Nori Norbhu take us through a beautiful order packing reel —

Here’s another cute and quirky one by Thelandofthecuckoo —

6. Collaborations

Collaborations help you grow your small business grow. Some of the collaborations could be cross-promotion on social accounts, you can host giveaways together or curate little hampers like Earth Child & Make A Wish announce it in an Instagram reel –

7. Trends

This kind of reel is picking a piece of viral music or challenge and re-creating them with your products. You can scroll through your explore feed, check your audio option within reels and you’ll see recommended music, or look at what others are doing on the gram.
Here’s how this Made in India small business takes us through their collection using trending music — Colors by Stella Jang.

8. Announcements

Launch of new products, a new website, or collaboration can be announced using Instagram Reels.
You can also share a new collection on your website as WildBug Co did on her gram for the summer collection before they went live on the website.

9. Informative Tips

Educative reels to help other small businesses do better are great to share content.
This allows you to deepen your knowledge, help others grow, and you too grow beyond yourself.
Sometimes you may also learn something in return while consuming such content on social media.

These videos as a small business could be a DIY, a quick tutorial, or something around —
1. How you photograph your products
2. Tools you use as a small business
3. How you price your products

4. Eco-friendly packaging options, etc.

10. Giveaway

Publishing giveaways are one of the nicest ways to let your audience feel special and also win something. As a small business, you can either pick a product from your store or collaborate with other brands to make a cute hamper as a giveaway.

11. Little wins

You can share reels with testimonials or reviews your customers leave on your website, stores, or in your DM’s. These not only help you state that your brand is genuine but also helps to convert your audience/ prospective customers to purchase products based on the experience of another customer.
You can also share details of your first big order like Galaxia.beauty did in her recent reel here –

That’s it, folks! 🙌
If you’re a small business and these ideas have helped you say hello to us in the comment section below 😁

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