9 Witty Ideas and Best Practices for YouTube Contests

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Using Youtube marketing to produce more leads for your business is a terrific approach to carry out. To understand the value of video, we should say that it can help you build a stronger brand image, improve customer relationships, grow customer retention, and ultimately increase revenue.

There are numerous strategies to keep your current YouTube viewers engaged while also attracting new ones. Adding YouTube contests to your YouTube marketing plan is one method. Knowing how to come up with witty Youtube video ideas for your contests is crucial to your success. Here we will give you some awesome ideas and best practices for YouTube contests.

Why is it Important to Launch a Video Marketing Strategy?

Before going into details, let’s review some video marketing statistics provided by Oberlo:

  • Videos can generate 66 percent more qualified leads per year for your business.
  • They may boost your brand awareness by 54 percent.
  • Finally, on 93 percent of occasions, videos have introduced a new consumer to a business.

Translating these numbers into sentences, we should say that your video marketing plan will assist you in promoting your business and increasing interaction. Whether you’re selling clothes or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, keep in mind that you should create a professional-quality video. It is advisable to create a recruitment process and hire a team of video makers to do so for you. You must ensure that the video is both entertaining and educational, as well as straightforward and simple to comprehend.

Video content is also becoming a significant component of the in-app experience on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest. What is the rationale for this, you think? Because video content is more interesting than still images in general and they can provide more user acquisition.

How to Have a Successful Video Marketing Strategy?

When developing a successful video marketing strategy, there are various aspects to consider if you want to boost your sales. Much depends on your professional skills and the style of video you intend to produce. For example, if you want to create a commercial to promote a new product or service, you’ll need to undertake thorough market analysis, schedule interviews, carry out surveys, and share videos.

Your video content determines its success. If you are aware of the niche you are targeting, you can easily make a video that provides details on it. In the video, you might incorporate product characteristics as well as client testimonials to earn their trust. You should also make your video entertaining as well as informative so that it appeals to the audience.

How to Increase the Views of Your YouTube Videos?

You may advertise your YouTube video through several channels depending on how active you are on other social media networks. Choose the one that you have already gained a trusted online presence so that it is worth cross-promotion. Remember to add a logo to your posts if you have a logo for your YouTube channel. You can also make your own logo if you don’t have one already.

You may also make click-worthy YouTube video thumbnails to boost the likelihood of them being played. The thumbnail is crucial in encouraging your viewers to click on your links. If there are cool YouTube thumbnails that you want to use, you can download YouTube thumbnails easily and make changes to them and use them for your own videos.

8 Best Practices for YouTube Contests

So, let’s now see the best practices for YouTube contests. When it comes to contest mechanics and prizes, you can get more innovative than you think. Whatever you think of, remember to stick to these common YouTube contest best practices.

1. Define SMART Goals for Your Videos


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Be clear about what you want to accomplish through your YouTube contest. Set a start and finish date for the contest, then decide on your intended result before the contest begins. Make certain that you have a valid reason and goal for executing it.

What do we mean by SMART goals? Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals can encompass every qualified goal. So, in order to see whether your goals are worth the YouTube contest, you should check if they are SMART.

2. Give Instructions


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As you must already know, YouTube videos contain several parts including descriptions. Provide useful textual content in the description of your videos. It should offer a compelling reason for people to enter your contest. Moreover, it should also give instructions on how they can participate in your contest. You should also mention the rules for your contest in the description.

3. Think of a Captivating Prize

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Make your prize one that others will want to compete for. Here are the features that your prize should have:

  • Your prize should be something that would appeal to your target demographic.
  • It should cost you very little, if anything at all.
  • Make it something that you can deliver digitally so that you do not pay shipping costs.
  • If your prize is physical, choose the easiest and cheapest way for its shipping.

4. Simplify Your Contest

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Provide clear information on how individuals can take part in the contest to make it as simple as possible for them to do so. The information that you include should provide details on the number of entries allowed and the categories of acceptable submissions.

Furthermore, remember to give enough time to your audience to take part in your contest as well. So, announce your contest ahead of time.

5. Cross-Promote Your Contest

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As already said, to let more people know about your YouTube contest video, it is a good idea to cross promote it on your other social media platforms or your website using video popups. Make sure to share the link to your contest on all of your social media channels and send it to your email list (if you have a subscription list for your email marketing) or SMS recipient list (if you do SMS marketing). This will help you get more people to participate and gain more viewers for your YouTube channel.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

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Collaborating with a well-known social media figure to promote your YouTube contest, you can increase its chances of becoming viral. The contest will not only be seen by this person’s followers, but their endorsement may also motivate them to participate. This is a great advantage of influencer marketing and you can use it if you do not have budget issues. It is also smart to know the benefits of micro-influencers as well.

3 Witty Ideas for YouTube Contest

Now that you know how to create a YouTube contest, it is time to think of a witty idea to make your contest stand out.

1. Talent

You can also invite your admirers to contribute videos of themselves singing, cooking, dancing, acting, etc. Just like Instagram hashtags, create a hashtag for your contest and ask them to use the official contest hashtag. This will help you keep track of the UGC or the User-Generated Content. You can upload the UGC videos to your YouTube channel once the contest is over.

2. Giveaway

Giveaways are simple to set up and a terrific way to engage your audience. Simply choose an item that will appeal to your target audience and use it as the contest reward. ‘Random draw’ and ‘winner takes all’ are two sorts of giveaways you can run. Winners are chosen from your subscriber list in both circumstances.

3. Comment Below

Another technique to get your audience involved in a contest is to ask for feedback on a particular video. By sharing the video on your other social media channels and providing a clear call to action in the description of your YouTube video, you can encourage people to leave comments. The winners are then chosen from the comments and announced in a follow-up video or on your other social media platforms.


Video marketing is a great way to get your brand known by your target audience. YouTube is a perfect platform for videos so you can organize YouTube contest videos to attract a lot of viewers to your videos. We have provided the witty ideas and best practices for your YouTube contest in this article. Remember to use one of the most used accounting software to keep track of your expenses and budget during the video making process. Read the tips above and use them to nail your video marketing strategy. Wish you the best of luck!

About the author: I am Parichehr Parsi, co-founder of SEO Builders, and a freelance content creator and link builder. I currently write for digital marketing websites. I love reading, writing, and doing research.

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