7 top ways of creating effective Instagram Reels for your business

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Are you looking for ways to create Instagram Reels that generate more engagement and effectively promote your brand?

If this is you, then you have come to the right page.

In this article, we’ll share 7 practical ways to create Instagram Reels that go viral and skyrocket your engagement.

Introduced on Instagram in August 2020, Reels have provided a great opportunity for brands to extend their reach, boost engagement, and build a strong community.

There’s no doubt they are the secret to going viral on Instagram right now.

In fact, one Instagram user says by posting a Reel daily, she gained more than 2,800 followers on Instagram.

However, there is a challenge.

Creating Reels on Instagram is straightforward. The feature is super-easy to use. However, creating Reels that grab attention and market your brand effectively is easier said than done.

The good news? We’re here to help you.

Let’s get started.

Why should you create Instagram Reels?

Video is still the most powerful marketing tool for marketers.

Here is why?

According to an Instagram survey, 91% of respondents say they watch videos on Instagram weekly.

In another survey by Wyzowl, 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service.

What’s more?

Short-form videos of less than 1 minute have an average engagement of 50%.

What do these statistics mean?

Video is here to stay.

And if you’re not creating Reels on Instagram then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to generate more exposure, gain followers, and boost conversions.

Still not convinced?

Here are a few benefits of creating Instagram Reels:

  • Reels are proven to grow your brand and boost engagement.
  • Reels enable brands to promote their products and services creatively.
  • They can help you gain new followers.
  • Reels can boost conversions.
  • Reels are a powerful tool for showcasing brand personality.
  • They are cost-effective.

7 ways to create Instagram Reels like a pro

Here are simple yet effective ways to create Reels on Instagram.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

According to Statista, there are 1.35 billion Instagram monthly active users (MAU) worldwide. The number is expected to reach 1.44 billion MAU by 2025.

However, not all of these users are your target audience.

Thus, you need to start by identifying your ideal audience. It’ll help you create an effective Reels strategy that enables you to create content that resonates with them.

First, understand Instagram’s general demographics.

According to a 2021 The Global State of Digital 2021 report by Hootsuite, the majority of Instagram’s audience is Millennials.

Next, know the kind of people from this lot that’d be interested in your content and products or services.

Here are handy tips to find and research your Instagram target audience:

  • Analyze your competitors’ audience.
  • Use the search tool to uncover new audiences.
  • Use Instagram analytics tools to keep track of your followers.
  • Use the best Instagram hashtag generator software to generate relevant branded hashtags.
  • Identify your target audience through location tagging.

2. Brainstorm Content Ideas

True, people love to watch short-form videos. But if your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, you won’t get the most out of your Instagram Reels.

You need to create easily digestible content that’s less than one minute.

But this is not a one-size-fits-all number. Find an Instagram Reel length strategy that works best for you and your audience.

And be sure to research content ideas that can help you connect with your current and prospective customers.

Here are a few ideas for Instagram Reels:

  • Ride with a trend.
  • Tease upcoming content.
  • Demonstrate your demand skills.
  • Showcase your work.
  • Provide a tip or how-to.
  • Share behind-the-scenes videos.

3. Showcase Your Product

One of the most effective ways to create Instagram Reels is to showcase your product.

After all, the main aim of creating an Instagram marketing strategy is to promote your business. You can start a brand ambassador program to boost brand awareness using reels.

The best thing is that Reels offer unique and effective ways to showcase your work and close sales, such as shoppable Instagram Reels.

In this case, you promote your product directly on Reels by including links that direct people to your product and checkout pages.

This provides you with a great opportunity to build brand awareness and still generate sales.

See how Lucy and Yak, a British clothing manufacturer, launched their #InMyYaks campaign to promote their new items on Reels.

4. Hook Your Audience

You only have a few seconds to grab users’ attention with your Reels. Otherwise, they will hit the back button.

To keep users interested in watching your Instagram Reels for longer, make an opening hook. Think about what you can say or display during the first 2 seconds of your video that’ll hold their attention.

You can ask an open-ended question, make an exciting announcement, or use attractive visuals or overlay images.

Experiment with different hooks and analyze your audience’s response.

Take a look at how Abbey Yung hooks users with a single statement.

5. Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Posting behind-the-scenes videos can help to build excitement among new and existing customers.

You can create Instagram Reels that show a sneak peek into what you’re working on or how a product was created.

Take a look at how Bliss Club, an activewear brand did in this Reel.

In this Instagram Reel, the brand introduces its models. It attracts viewers and engagement. It helps brands to create a positive brand perception among the customers.

Giving viewers a virtual tour of your workspace, pre-launching event or any interesting behind-the-scenes content can help to draw viewers in.

6. Share Authentic Content

Sharing authentic and creative content is also one of the powerful ways to create Instagram Reels that promote your brand and make your message memorable.

When you feature real people and real situations that your audience can relate to, they’re more likely to connect with it.

Sharing authentic content helps to set your brand apart from the competition. Besides, it can make your Reels go viral.

Pharmaceutical brands share authentic content to attract the right hcp engagement for their business. Medical professionals and influencers help them to boost their HCP engagement for their business.

The best thing is that Instagram offers plenty of features to make your authentic content even more engaging, such as interactive stickers.

7. Provide Value in Your Reels

Reels can help to expand your brand reach and capture the attention of new customers.

However, if you want to stand out even more from the competition, you need to provide real value in your videos.

To provide value in your Reels, you need to know the people you’re addressing and their expectations.

Know their pain points and challenges, and use these insights to share educational content.

It’s one of the incredible ways to create Instagram Reels that are prone to go viral and spark engagement.

For instance, if you sell skincare products, you can talk about acne. Discuss how people living with it suffer both physically and emotionally. Talk about how they can get better by using certain products.

Here, you can suggest the skin care products you sell as an effective solution to acne.

Another beautiful way to provide value in your Instagram Reels is to create FAQs Reels. This is where you provide answers to common questions relating to your product, brand, or industry.

You can also talk about how your product works, what makes it different, and how people can use it effectively.


Apply these 7 creative ways to create Instagram Reels. Among other benefits, it’ll help you:

  • Expand your reach
  • Connect with your audience
  • Boost engagement
  • Build trust

Remember that even though Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms, you need to come up with a solid plan and some creative skills to reap the rewards of Reels.

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