Tips and tricks to grow your brand using Instagram reels

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Instagram created reels for one purpose and that was to engage and connect at a deeper level with your audience and followers. However, the real question is if Instagram Reels are helping brands stand out from their competitors on social media.

Instagram Reels introduced new features only a few months ago, leveling their competitors. Over the years, Instagram Reels have added many new features and have lengthened the video time of their videos.

This was primarily done to give content creators more space and level competitors like TikTok. However, maybe you are wondering how you can grow your Instagram Reels, so let’s dive deeper into this article to find out more.

What are the main characteristics of Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are full-screen vertical videos that can be up to 90 seconds long. They have several unique editing tools and many audio tracks you can choose from. Not only the sounds, but Reels can also include many clips, filters, stickers, and more, within the video.

Many might confuse Reels with Instagram Stories, but Reels won’t disappear after 24 hours as Reels do. Reels don’t get deleted, so once you post one, it will always be there. They are one of the best features of Instagram and a primary reason people want to engage with your content.

Users can quickly discover Reels in the Instagram app. Especially if one of your Reels is trending, it will appear on the trending Reels page on Instagram. Reels have their own icon when you access Instagram and are usually found on the Explore tab.

How do you create Instagram Reels?

There are two different ways of creating Instagram Reels:

  • First method: You can hold down the record button to capture video footage
  • Second method: You can upload videos directly from the camera roll

An Instagram Reel can be created either from one or multiple clips that are being recorded. Let’s take a look at the main specifications of Reels:

  • Remember that Reels can only be created from a mobile device, not a desktop. Even when you want to upload your Instagram Reel, it can only be done through mobile.
  • Reels can be anywhere from 1 to 90 seconds long.
  • Every video is uploaded in 9:16 portrait mode

If you want to find out more about how to create Reels, here are the main steps on how to do so

  1. Initially, click the Plus sign and after you do that, click on “Reel.”

After you click on Reels, you can do as you wish. This includes adding music to your Reel, speeding it up, adding special effects, and filters, improving the video layout, and increasing the time length of your Reel, which is anywhere between 15 to 90 seconds.

After you finally decide on all of this, you can click the record button and press it again once you are finished. When your Reel is completed, you can edit it with a set of stickers, drawings, and text.

Once you reach this part, you keep on clicking “next” until you see the “share” option that allows you to post your Instagram Reel.

After you post your Reel, you might get its features if it’s interesting enough. This will usually happen when it hits the explore tab. Instagram features Reels once they see that it’s viewed by many people and covers a trending topic.

Is it a good idea to add subtitles to your videos?

Subtitles are interesting factors that most people don’t know about. You would be surprised that roughly 70% of people watch videos without sound in public places. But, of course, you are considering that we all have our own lives and are busy having to go from one place to another. Maybe we might be at the workplace, a restaurant, Caffe, etc, and you can’t always watch videos with your sound on.

Therefore, if you add subtitles to your videos, you’re making it easier for your audience to pay attention to what the video is saying. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and space to watch videos with sound on, especially if they live a professional life. For that reason, you must take the necessary steps and add subtitles to your content.

What kind of insights should you focus on when creating Reels?

Whenever you start creating Reels on your profile, there are several insights you should focus on, which will contribute to how well you are performing. However, if you need to access your insights on Instagram, you must have a business account.

When you focus on your Instagram Reels, here’s what you should pay close attention to:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Number of plays
  • Your total account reach
  • Saves
  • The total amount of shares

You can look at these metrics in insights and monitor them since they directly impact how popular your Reels become. These metrics affect how fast your Reels get shares, comments, and likes. The quicker people interact with your content, the faster your Instagram Reel might be featured on the explore tab.

All the metrics are important for your insights, but of course, the amount of reach and shares you get plays a huge role. Comments are another excellent way to increase your reach, and the faster you receive likes, the better it’ll be for you to get featured on the explore tab.

4 Tips to follow when you are creating your Instagram Reels

1. Pay attention to the algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm is not any secret and staying constantly updated with its algorithm is more important than ever. Understanding the Reels algorithm can give you a better chance of landing on the explore page with your content.

What can you do? The best practice is to add the right hashtags and make your Reels appear interesting to your audience. Think about it as if you were walking in the street and shouted, “HEY, LOOK AT ME!” Many people will turn their heads. The same idea goes with Instagram Reels.

2. Avoid being salesy

There is nothing wrong with the idea of trying to be salesy, but overdoing it isn’t a smart move. You can’t force anyone to like your content or impose it on them. Most people use Instagram to look at new content that may give them new ideas and consume the entertainment they don’t get in their regular day. Therefore, you must ensure that your Reels are helping you do that.

Create content that is entertaining your audience and gives them a feeling that every time they check your content, they will feel entertained and won’t wait another day not to watch what you have to offer.

However, don’t get us wrong. We aren’t saying that your Reels can’t be ads, but the only trick is not to make it seem like you don’t care much about the consumer and only about making sales. Therefore, be honest and don’t look like a sales manager trying to make you buy!

3. Set up a posting schedule

You can use similar strategies to be successful with Reels. Some of them are to post consistently every day or at least three times a week. Don’t let things go off and post rarely. It isn’t a good practice and won’t be too successful in line with your posting plan.

The idea here is to let your audience know when you want to post and always be excited about your upcoming posts. However, if you want to keep things fresh and ongoing, the idea is only to post occasionally and be consistent. Therefore, you can write down the days you will post a Reel or change it up, but never post less than three times a week.

Posting is what creates helpful insights and allows you to gather a bunch of helpful insights that will further guide you into seeing what is best for your content and what isn’t.

4. Work with influencers

Especially on a platform like Instagram, you can find plenty of influencers to help you with your content. Different types of influencers operate on Instagram and can help you increase your engagement levels.

However, remember that hiring an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers isn’t the most brilliant move. Their engagement levels might be better or the right fit for you. Instead, consider creating accounts on influencer platforms that will allow you to find what you are looking for.

The final word

That’s about it for this article. These are the most important points for creating excellent Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels have come a long way and have changed how we do business on Instagram, becoming a fierce competitor for other platforms such as TikTok and many potential competitors.

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