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According to a recent survey, social media is used by 45% of the world’s population. Furthermore, a person spends 1 hour 22 minutes each day scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others. And in this world of social media, memes are one thing which is dominating the market. Defined as a memorable picture with a funny caption, it spreads like fire grabbing the eye-balls of many. But, who would have thought that they can be used by brands for increasing the market presence by 2X. Well, welcome to 2020!

Meme marketing is becoming popular day by day and is all set to take the marketing world by storm. They are funny, interactive, trending, and that’s why many big brands, including Netflix, Gucci, McDonald’s, are using this strategy. If you haven’t switched to meme marketing, then today is the day. This write-up talks about the importance of meme for advertising and how to do it correctly.

How Can Meme Marketing Help You Mint 2X Profits?

For increasing sales, you need to match the pace and interest of your target audience. And, memes are one thing which is currently trending and seeking the attention of the users. A creative meme will undoubtedly give you a ‘thumbs-up’ or a ‘follow.’ Below are some of the benefits of meme marketing enjoyed by the brands.

  1. Increased Engagement: You know what’s the best method to increase engagement on your social media page? Well, it is none other than M-E-M-E. The fact that they are funny, relatable, and sharable makes them an appropriate element to gain a lot of comments. An interactive meme, when shared with others, will increase your target audience too. And, you never know some of them might buy your product/service.
  2. Customer Diversification: The typical meme method works superb for the brand which has something for each age-group, for instance, an apparel brand. Here, you have the option to target a particular gender or age-group. Teenagers are no doubt madly in love with memes, but the older ones too are getting familiar with the ‘meme generation.’ The idea behind using meme is that you can advertise your product easily without giving the impression that you are doing forced marketing.

  3. Free of Cost: Paid promotion through Facebook and Instagram ads can put a lot of strain on your pocket and might not solve your purpose. But, memes are absolutely free. All you need is a funny post with a creative caption. The possibility of users seeing your post can be indicated by the fact that as per Google, ‘meme’ is the most searched word than ‘Jesus.’ Looks like the almighty too is busy enjoying memes!

  1. Makes You Trendy: “Slow and steady wins the race”- this phrase is somewhat irrelevant to the marketing world. If you fail to match the latest trends, then it is the sign to pack your bags and go home. Moreover, customers relate to a brand more when it matches the current trends and topics. Associating your product/service with the latest scenario along with a pinch of humour will work miracles for you.

So, these were some of the advantages of meme marketing. One thing that can be concluded is that memes are here to stay!

Moving on further, let us now see how you can perfectly use meme marketing strategy to increase your customer outreach.

Here’s How to Jack Memes the Right Way!

Spamming your feeds with memes possesses a certain amount of risk to your brand as you never know who may get offended. Thus, it is necessary that you construct them carefully. Below are a few guidelines that will help you win the heart of your audience. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and keep scrolling the page!  

1) Meme Should Match Your Brand: The usage of irrelevant humour on your social media page will fall flat. Thus, it is necessary that you should know the voice of your brand before jacking memes. For instance, if the tone of your brand is serious, then there is no point experimenting with memes. Furthermore, in case you want to go with the flow, then it is advisable to research the target audience and maintain a fine line between humour and offensive jokes. Happy Meme Marketing!

2) Avoid Overdoing it (Please!): Okay let us understand it this way- Suppose you are watching a horror movie and the ‘so-called’ ghost keeps coming on the screen again and again. The fact has 99% chance that you will lose your interest and won’t bother to jump from your seat. The same happens with memes. Spamming your feeds with meme will decrease the impact on your target audience. Therefore, make it a point to use it sparingly and at proper timing. 

3) Meme+ Content= Success: This success formula will surely fail you in your math examination, but will do wonders in doubling your market presence. For instance, the solo usage of memes will distract your target audience from the main goal, and therefore, it is vital to decorate it with creative and eye-catchy content. Also, it is a good way to promote your product/services without getting noticed. 

4) Beauty with Brains: Nah! I am not talking about your crush, but memes here. Jokes apart, the moral of the story is that you should be very thoughtful while relating the meme with the text. In case of a failure, get ready to face the backfire. Sarcasm and irony are sometimes not well-represented using text, and this is where you will feel helpless. It is demanded to wake-up the ‘William Shakespeare’ hidden inside you, and give a treat to your audience.

BRAVO! You just learned how to use meme for marketing, what’s next in the store for you are some of the key points that will help you attract more number of audience in no time. Are you ready? Okay, let us begin.

Do You Want to Rule the Meme Marketing World? Here You Go!

Who doesn’t want to generate leads via memes? Of course, no one. But ruling the meme market isn’t easy as it sounds. But, you need not worry as below are some of the attributes that will add an extra charm to your post. Give a read to know more!

  1. Bleed Original: ‘Originality’ is one feature that will help you stand out from the crowd. Reposting a popular meme works well but not always. In this situation, you need to settle down with a unique funny material which has not been used earlier. Some popular strategies are taking a screenshot of a funny tweet and using it for your own benefit, participating in meme challenges like #10yearschallenge, and so on.

  1. Format Brilliantly: Try your hands on online tools like Adobe Illustrator, Canva, etc. to create a well-formatted meme. Below are some of the tips that will help you big times in designing attractive memes:
  • Attractive Fonts: Popular fonts used are Montserrat and Helvetica Neue. Also, you can prefer to use other fonts like Arial, Comic Sans, etc., but they are now outdated.
  • Effective Styling: Usage of emojis incorporated with creative text on a format which is trimmed round in shape gathers more attention. A final touch-up is always required before you shoot them in the market.

Congratulations! You are ready to mark your presence in the marketing world. So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and join the legacy of memers.

Here are some of the hilarious meme created by the big brands that will make you go ROFL!

I. Gucci:

II. Seamless

III. BarkBox

IV. Ruffles

V. Denny’s

This brings us to the end of the write-up. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Watch this space for more amazing content.

This guest post by the Lexi Edwards. She works at a leading essay writing service provider as an academic writer. Over the passage of time, she has provided assignment help to numerous university students.

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