50 Tools to Get More Followers on Instagram

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Hoping to get more followers on Instagram? To gain more followers, you’ll need a mix of creative and captivating content, high engagement, and effective tools to attract and keep new followers. 

This is why businesses, brands, and influencers alike use key tools to get more followers. With an arsenal of tools focusing on Instagram growth, creating graphics, scheduling content, analyzing metrics, editing photos, generating hashtags, and connecting with influencers, you too can watch your Instagram following grow dramatically.

Instagram Growth Services 

Instagram growth services are used to attract new followers and grow your Instagram account through various methods like targeted hashtags, locations, and target accounts. 

  1. Kicksta

As an Instagram growth service, Kicksta uses AI technology and their “liking” method to organically grow your following and boost your engagement rate. 

Noteworthy Features:

  • Select Target Accounts
  • Use Target Locations
  • Use Target Hashtags
  • Blacklist
  • Gender Filter
  • Business Account Filter
  • Inactive/Spam Filter

  1. Social Captain

Social Captain uses automation to boost brand awareness and get more followers on Instagram.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Adjustable Activity Speed 
  • Gender Filter
  • Media Age Filter
  • User Followings Range
  • User Followers Range
  • Ignore Low-Quality Posts

  1. Upleap

Upleap grows your Instagram with automated follows and likes.

Notable Features:

  • Target by Hashtag
  • Gross Followers Gained
  • Hashtag Performance Metrics
  • Free Sign Up
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Automated Story Viewing

  1. AiGrow

AiGrow uses automated follows/unfollows, comments, likes, and direct messages to grow your Instagram.

Notable Features:

  • Adjustable Activity Speed
  • Likes/Day
  • Follows/Day
  • Comments/Day
  • Unfollows/Day

  1. Gramista

Gramista boosts brand’s follower count using automated interactions to grow their account. 

Notable Features:

  • Target by Account
  • Target by Location 
  • Target by Hashtag
  • Blacklist Filter
  • Activity Feed Metrics
  • Growth Stats

Instagram Analytics Platforms

Instagram analytics tools help provide social proof with specific metrics from social media campaigns.

  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is an Instagram scheduler that focuses on deciphering all metrics from your content and engagement. 

Notable Features:

  • Instagram post and Stories insights
  • Social CRM
  • Report builder
  • Review Engagement Analytics
  • Social Performance Reporting
  • Insights and Social Listening 
  • Curated content
  • Schedule Posts

  1. Squarelovin

With Squarelovin, you can easily analyze your Instagram insights and engagement to improve your social proof.

Notable Features:

  • Instagram Insights
  • Track Followers, Likes, and Engagement
  • Review Interactions and Post Performance
  • Visual Commerce Tools
  • Tag to Products
  • Manage Image Rights of Curated Content

  1. IconoSquare

IconoSquare offers actionable insights to help optimize Instagram usage by monitoring impressions and engagement on the platform. 

Notable Features:

  • Hashtag Tracking
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Profile Activity
  • Community Analytics
  • Follower Evolution Analytics
  • Reach and Impressions History
  • Hashtag Tracking

  1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social has built-in deep analytics tools that make it easy to understand social data and get more followers on Instagram.

Notable Features:

  • Social CRM
  • Smart Inbox
  • Engagement & Trend Reports
  • Report Builder 
  • Custom URL Tracking
  • Social Performance Reporting
  • Insights and Social Listening 

  1. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is designed to help marketing teams improve their campaigns with social data analysis

Notable Features:

  • Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Listening
  • Campaign Reporting 
  • Instagram Account Checkup
  • Profile Analysis
  • Measuring Share of Voice

  1. Socialbakers

Socialbakers analyzes Instagram metrics to help users better refine content creation. 

Notable Features

  • Persona Mapping Tool
  • Facebook Performance Report
  • Facebook Ads Calculator
  • Hashtag Search Tool
  • Instagram Analytics Tool
  • Monitor Conversations

  1. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor encourages credible connections with influencers through their fraud-detection and analysis tools. 

Notable Features:

  • Advertisers Dashboard
  • Comments Pod Check
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Audience Analytics
  • Audience Quality Analytics
  • Pay-As-You-Go Model
  • Audience Age and Gender Metrics

  1. DashThis

DashThis is a reporting software designed to help agencies and digital marketers analyze their social media campaigns.

Notable Features:

  • Advanced Customization
  • Preset Widgets
  • Preset Templates
  • No Coding Necessary
  • 34 Tools for Digital Marketing
  • File Import System for CSV
  • All-In-One Dashboard

Instagram Graphics

Instagram graphics tools equip you with a wide range of editing and design capabilities along with design functionalities that make it easy to create content for Instagram.

  1. Canva

Canva simplifies the design process for all social media graphics.

Notable Features:

  • Support for Collaborating
  • Design Icons, Stickers, Badges, and Frames
  • Web Wireframes and Design Grids
  • Photo Blur, Texture, and Vignette
  • Cropper, Straightener, and Photo Enhancer
  • Speech Bubble and Text Maker 
  • Thousands of Templates

  1. Pablo by Buffer

Pablo by Buffer is an extension designed to optimize your graphic design process.

Notable Features:

  • Library of Stock Images
  • Preset Templates 
  • Customizable Filters
  • Scheduler with Buffer Integration
  • PresetCrop Sizes
  • Editable Text

  1. InstaSize

InstaSize is an advanced editing tool perfect for branding, creating collages, and editing graphics for Instagram.

Notable Features:

  • Built-In Filters
  • Preset Collage Layouts
  • Standard Editing Tools
  • Brightening Beauty Tools

  1. Snappa

Snappa is a quick graphic design tool that simplifies the content creation process.

Notable Features:

  • Library of Photos and Graphics
  • Preset Graphic Sizes
  • Fully Featured Graphic Editor
  • Scheduler with Buffer Integration 
  • Import Custom Fonts
  • Professional-Quality Template

  1. Over

Over is a graphics editing tool used to create distinctive content for Instagram.

Notable Features:

  • Customizable Color Palettes
  • Masking and Blending Tools 
  • Support for Collaborating
  • Editing and Layering Capabilities
  • Library of Stock Photos, Font Collections, Graphics, and Videos

  1. WordSwag

WordSwag has a tool used to create text layouts for graphic designs. 

Notable Features:

  • Customizable Text Layouts
  • Library of Fonts
  • Built-In Quotes

  1. Crello

Crello is a graphics and content creator tool designed to simplify content creation for social media campaigns.

Notable Features:

  • 60,000,000 Photos
  • 12,000 Photos and Vectors
  • 11,000 Templates
  • 33 Design Formats
  • Photo Effects and Filters
  • Cropping and Editing Tools
  • Transparency and Layering Capabilities

Instagram Schedulers

Instagram schedulers take the leg work out of posting content by making it easy to schedule new Instagram campaigns.

  1. Preview

Plan Instagram posts and build your aesthetic for free with Preview.

Notable Features:

  • Team Planning Capabilities
  • Hashtag Tools
  • 70+ Filters for Photos
  • Analytics for Best Days, Hashtags, Posts, and Time
  • Ability to Use Multiple Accounts 

  1. Planoly

Planily simplifies comment managing, scheduling, analytics tracking, and content discovery. 

Notable Features:

  • Track Analytics from Content
  • Schedule Captions and Content
  • Draft Grids
  • Plan Stories
  • Manage and Reply to Comments
  • Track Content with Links

  1. Hopper HQ

Hopper works with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as a scheduler.

Notable Features:

  • Video Post Scheduler
  • Full Emoji Support
  • Automated Posting
  • Allows Scheduling First Comments
  • Automated Posting
  • Full Image Editing

  1. Loomly

Loomly is a calendar tool that is designed to improve content creation workflow. 

Notable Features:

  • Automated Publishing
  • Post Mockups and Post Version History
  • Approval Workflow for Teams
  • Content Library
  • Trending Data for Post Inspiration
  • Post Optimization Tips
  • Data Filtering

  1. Buffer

Buffer is a scheduler, analytics tracker, and manager for social media content. 

Notable Features:

  • Review Analytics
  • Schedule Posts 
  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Approval Workflow 
  • Monitor Audience Growth
  • Measure Rate of Engagement 
  • Measure Post Performance

  1. Sendible

Sendible is a tool designed for managing social media platforms for marketing agencies.

Notable Features:

  • Schedule Posts
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Content Recommendation Engine
  • One Unified Inbox
  • Workflow Approval
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Optimal Posting Analysis

  1. Later 

Later is a social media scheduler that makes it easy to visually plan Instagram posts.

Notable Features:

  • Drag and Drop Functionalities
  • Repost Easily
  • Collect User Content
  • Import Media From Anywhere
  • Scheduler for Auto-Publishing
  • Switch Between Accounts

Photo Editing Tools

Photo editing tools are a must for professionals and amateurs when developing exciting and engaging content for Instagram. 

  1. Lightroom

This Adobe Lightroom App has the full power of Adobe’s Lightroom software that lets users create with filters and presets. 

Notable Features:

  • Sync Desktop and Mobile Photos
  • Build Presets
  • Buy Mobile Presets
  • Standard Lightroom Features
  • Auto Edit
  • Compatibility with RAW Images
  • Variety of Filters

  1. SnapSeed 

SnapSeed is a high-powered editor with a wide range of editing tools for content creators and photographers. 

Notable Features:

  • Basic Editing Tools
  • 29 Filters
  • High-ResolutionEdits
  • Smart Selective Retouching
  • Available in 40+ Languages
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Compatible with JPG or DNG

  1. VSCO

VSCO is a photographer and videographer community and app with several presets for editing purposes. 

Notable Features:

  • 130+ VSCO Presets
  • Film Emulation Presets
  • Photo Challenges
  • Video Coloring
  • Bonus Member Content
  • Advances Tools for Photo Editing
  • Standard Editing Tools

  1. A Color Story

A Color Story uses Photoshop Actions and Lightroom presets to enhance photos and videos.

Notable Features:

  • Customizable Filters
  • Saving Editing Steps
  • 20+ Tools
  • 100+ Effects
  • 300+ Filters
  • Compatibility with Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Curves and HS

  1. FaceTune

FaceTune is an Instagram app for editing portraits and selfies. 

Notable Features:

  • Live Preview
  • Relight Photos
  • Live Preview Through Camera
  • Reshaping Facial Features
  • Free Access for FaceTune 2
  • Simple Retouching
  • Facial Smoothing

  1. EnlightPhotoFox

EnlightPhotoFox is an editing app with painterly and collage capabilities for high-quality edits.

Notable Features:

  • Free with Subscription
  • Darkroom
  • Compatibility with 16-Bit and RAW Images
  • Layers
  • Emphasis for Composite Builds
  • Standard Editing Tools

Hashtag Generators 

Hashtags are an effective way to connect with new followers and promote content on Instagram. With the best Hashtag Generators, you can find the best hashtags for your audience. 

  1. Kicksta

Kicksta’s hashtag generator simplifies hashtag research by generating hashtags for you. 

Notable Features:

  • Improve Engagement
  • Boost Brand Reach
  • Connect with New Followers
  • Improve Hashtag Research

  1. Sistrix

Use Sistrix to generate more hashtags and keep your posts relevant to your target audience. 

Notable Features:

  • Search Volume of 15 Billion+ Hashtags
  • Data from 7.7 Million+ Hashtags
  • Suggests 30 Best Hashtags

  1. Display Purposes

Display Purposes is a hashtag generator that makes it easy to filter out spammy and banned tags in your hashtag research. 

Notable Features:

  • Filter for Banned and Spammy Hashtags
  • Suggests Tags for Twitter and Instagram
  • Popular and Niche Tag Recommendation 

  1. All Hashtag

All Hashtag is a generator for social media hashtags that helps expand your brand’s presence and reach. 

Notable Features:

  • Displays Hashtags for Various Platforms
  • Suggests Relevant Hashtags 
  • Analyze and Generate Relevant Hashtags

  1. Instavast

Automatically generate hashtags with Instavast based on your keywords, photos, and posts.

Notable Features:

  • Upload Photos for Tags
  • Enter URL for Tags
  • Generate Tags from Keywords

  1. Photerloo

Photerloo is a machine learning hashtag generator that analyzes photos to create relevant keywords and hashtags.

Notable Features:

  • Photo Analysis 
  • Tag and Keyword Generator

  1. Webstagram 

Webstagram is an Instagram web viewer that allows you to search top accounts, hashtags, and locations.

Notable features:

  • Search top posts by category (location, follower count, hashtags).
  • Search top hashtags on Instagram and view photos used by that hashtag

Influencer Platforms

Use influencer platforms take advantage of Instagram influencer marketing to connect with your target audience. These apps make it easy to find the best influencers to work with, as well as measure results and monitor campaigns.

  1. TapInfluence

TapInfluence is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with the right influencers on Instagram.

Notable Features:

  • Influencer Performance Data
  • Audience Analytics for Influencers
  • Cost Per Engagement Analytics
  • Automated Marketing Programs
  • Scheduling and Tracking
  • Program Management


With Izea, you can analyze, amplify, manage, and build influencer marketing campaigns.

Notable Features:

  • Target by Demographic
  • Open Bidding
  • Product and Campaign Performance
  • Metrics Report
  • Keyword Search for Influencers
  • Filtered Results by Location 
  • All-In-One Dashboard

  1. Traackr

Traackr helps you discover, manage, and analyze influencers and related insights.

Notable Features:

  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Consistent Monitoring
  • IRM for Brands and Agencies

  1. Ambassador

Ambassador is an all-in-one Instagram influencer referral software platform to help you find the influencers you hope to partner with. 

Notable Features:

  • Referral Marketing
  • Partner Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Advocacy Marketing

  1. Onalytica

Onalytica is a marketing platform that connects brands and businesses with influencers for potential partnerships.

Notable Features:

  • Database of 700K+ Influencers
  • Improves Demand Generation
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Templates

  1. Markerly

Markerly is another influencer marketing solution for brands aiming to establish authentic brand affiliations by partnering with real people.

Notable Features:

  • Branded Influencer Network
  • Influencer CRM Tools
  • Campaign Management Services

  1. Tidal Labs

Tidal Labs helps brands manade, build, and scale their influencer programs through automation.

Notable Features:

  • Automated and Optimized for ROI
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Centralize Data and Partnerships

  1. TrendKite

TrendKite is an influencer marketing platform with an extensive database that brands can use to reach the right influencers

Notable Features:

  • Earned Media Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • AI Technology for Outreach

  1. Grapevine

Grapevine connects content creators to brands like yours through the platform.

Notable Features:

  • Access to Influencer Database
  • Direct Chat with Influencers
  • Live Content Analytics
  • Tailor-Made Marketing Strategies

  1. Captiv8

Captiv8 will help you connect with content creators and influencers to help promote your brand, services, or products. 

Notable Features:

  • Marketplace for Branding
  • Powerful Insights
  • Keyword Analysis

With the right set of services and apps, your brand will have the tools needed to find more followers on Instagram. If you’re truly ready to transform your reach on Instagram, try your pick of Instagram growth service, graphics tools, schedulers, analytics platforms, photo editing tools, hashtag generators, and influencer platforms. As you combine these tools with top content, the best influencers, and high engagement, you’re guaranteed to see a boost in your efforts on Instagram. 

This is a guest post by Rafaella Aguiar. Rafaella Aguiar is the Marketing Manager at Kicksta.  She specializes in content and social media marketing.  You can find more daily marketing tips from her at @kicksta.co.

With Crowdfire, you can find curated content, schedule your posts, engage with your audience, deep-dive into analytics and create custom reports. Try it for free.


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