How Alexandre streamlined multiple-account management efficiently with Crowdfire

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Finding Crowdfire 

Alexandre Augrain was on a hunt for a Social media management tool. He was looking for something very specific and found it. This is his story.

So, why a Social Media management tool, you ask?

Alexandre strongly believes that the right tool can help you save time, manage your accounts efficiently and gives you a better insight on what’s working for you and what’s not, if you need to tweak your strategy or if there’s a way to refine it to get better results.

What was he looking for?

One tool to manage’em all.

As a digital marketer with a keen interest in growth hacking, he had his checklist – 

  • It should let him manage all his Social accounts
  • It should be affordable
  • Support should be on point
  • Must have all the features including Analytics, scheduling and content curation

So he went online and started his research. He compared different tools, tried free versions of different tools, tried trials of these tools and in the end found what he was looking for – Crowdfire.

Crowdfire helps you with your end-to-end Social Media process, right from publishing your content to analysing it. It helps me understand what’s working for me and how should I refine my strategies to make the most of Social Media. – Alexandre Augrain

Using Crowdfire

Alexandre performs 3 main tasks using Crowdfire

  • Content curation
  • Scheduling content
  • Tracking and analysing data

His everyday workflow is simple

  1. Go to curated posts and find the articles he’d like to share
  2. Schedule his posts
  3. Check analytics
  4. Analyse data and make changes in his strategy as and when needed

Now let’s understand how has Crowdfire helped him improve his Social Media Management process.

Content curation and multiple-account management

ChallengeFind enough quality content for all the accounts and make sure there’s enough content queued all the time.


Alexandre manages 15+ Social accounts. He uses Crowdfire’s content curation to find fresh quality content for all the Social profiles. The calendar view makes it easy for him to keep an eye on the scheduled posts making sure that his calendar is always full.

Crowdfire’s content curation feature helps me find the right content at the right time and the scheduler helps me to post it at the right time. – Alexandre Augrain

Analysing Data 

ChallengeTrack and analyse data and create reports for multiple accounts on a single dashboard.


Crowdfire helps with

  • A quick overview of Analytics for all the accounts
  • Advanced analytics to deep dive into data

Because all the data is available at a glance and can be downloaded, it becomes easy to analyse and understand the patterns. This, in turn, has helped Alexandre with making better decisions and refining the Social media strategy for different accounts.

Crowdfire’s Advanced Analytics is detailed and easy to understand. The ease with which I can access the data for all the Social accounts at one place makes it worthwhile. – Alexandre Augrain

Publishing on various Social Networks

ChallengePost to different Social networks efficiently.


Publishing your posts to different Social networks at a go is a huge time-saver. This can be done easily on Crowdfire. 

Crowdfire offers three publishing options

Crowdfire’s best time is algorithmically calculated time to help you post when your post is most likely to get the best engagement.

Scheduling posts via Crowdfire at the best time saves a lot of time while making sure my posts get the engagement that they deserve. – Alexandre Augrain

Alexandre on Social media marketing –

“Social media has presented us with this amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded folks, to help them connect with the products and services which would really help them. It has also given us the power to understand our target audience better and a chance to approach them in a very friendly and ethical way.”

Why Alexandre recommends Crowdfire

Crowdfire is easy to use, has all the Social Media Management features on a single dashboard and has a great support team. This is what makes it the best tool out there.

If you’re looking to streamline your Social media process, try Crowdfire for free today.

Connect with Alexandre on Twitter. He loves discussions on Social media, growth hacking, crypto-assets and blockchain. 

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