Product Update – Crowdfire Listening

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Have you ever wondered what is the online world saying about you? 

Have you ever wondered where exactly is your current audience?

Have you ever wondered how you’re doing as compared to your competitors?

Me too! 

To answer all these questions, our team built something beautiful and affordable – Crowdfire listening!

So, how does this whole listening thing work?

You add your keywords and create a project.

Add your competitor’s keywords and create another project.

For competitor analysis, you go and compare these two projects.

Want to know what’s up with just your keywords, dig deeper by checking your dashboard, your mentions, your analysis and your sources.

The dashboard has your keyword’s summary like your keyword’s performance, top mentions, top sources and so on.

The Mentions show your mentions from all the sources on the internet and you can filter them based on the sources.

The sources show where are you getting your mentions from. Is it from a new blog written about you, Twitter, Youtube or somewhere else?

You can also see proper analysis of your keywords with graphs and charts to get a better idea.

Listening is available on our custom plans and you can get a 14-day free trial by filling this form.

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