4 Commandments for catchy posts on Social Networks

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Social networks have long become a strategically important tool for promoting a business. There is nothing surprising, for example, more than 500 million users visit Instagram daily. And this is just one platform. Imagine the numbers if you measure all the popular social media in aggregate.

One of the key benefits of this channel is high engagement. Users love to browse and interact with content if it matches their preferences and values.

1. Know your audience as yourself

It’s impossible to create quality content without understanding who your audience is. For outstanding posts, you will need to study her interests, to understand what readers like. Design a consumer avatar, hypothesize and analyze competitors. Trying to act blindly and hoping for high results is a bad idea. Therefore, work hard in this area. Research results will tell you where to go next.

2. Trust the numbers

Analytics is the best thing that could happen to a business. Despite this, data show that 44% of enterprises cannot measure the return on investment in social media. Modern tools allow you to track results and draw the right conclusions. Thus, using data analysis, you can figure out which posts the audience liked and which did not. Create more that attracts attention and avoid unsuccessful topics / types of publications. Each social network has a number of indicators that can be tracked. Do analytics on an ongoing basis and you will build an impressive content strategy. Become a part of those who use a systematic approach and you will achieve your goals.

3. Keep track of text quality

Mistakes in the post can significantly reduce the credibility and impression of the company. Even the most valuable content will be useless if it contains typos. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to this. After writing, check the texts using Grammarly or similar services or give them for proofreading in a company like EssayTigers. This will help to avoid mistakes and make the content as high-quality and presentable as possible. According to research, people who make fewer grammatical errors on their LinkedIn profiles are better on the career ladder.

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4. Experiment with content types

Well, after you have made sure that you know your target audience, its preferences and aimed at constantly monitoring the results, you need to ensure continuous interest in the content. You need to experiment with post types so you don’t get bored quickly. Below are a few ideas to help make social networks truly interesting to the audience.

Custom content

If you want to significantly increase your reach and engagement, this is ideal. People love it when brands post their photos and videos. This has a positive effect on image and loyalty. By posting user content, businesses demonstrate warmth and concern for their consumers. This shows others that there is interest in your business and it is worthy of attention. UGC creates a chain reaction where users boast to their loved ones that their content has been posted on their favourite brand’s page. In the desire to repeat success, colleagues and relatives can create custom content too.

Live broadcasts

This is a great way to get the attention of your audience. Live broadcasts make you feel closer to users. Create useful and interesting content as part of the live broadcast, this will help to maintain attention. This is also a great option for collecting leads. It is enough to invite users to follow the link and leave contacts to receive a “bun”. Be sure this is effective.

In Instagram, you can specify that the broadcast can only be viewed at a certain time, after which it will disappear. So you will stimulate the audience to plan a visit to your profile and create more engagement. Use the limits to your advantage and get more results.

Use video

The data shows that  54% of users want to see more video content from the brands they prefer. Video is a great way to demonstrate something visually. Be it a product or an instruction. Considering the profile topic and audience features, create high-quality videos that will be really useful for users. This will help to increase reposts and reach.

Material confirmation

Create an environment where users trust you. Post reviews of your customers to confirm the quality of goods / services. This will make it possible for consumers to feel that they are safe and can turn to your business to solve their problems. You can post reviews in the form of pictures, but be aware that the video attracts more attention. According to 63% of users, they often purchase products on sites where there are reviews.


An effective way to attract the attention of an audience. It’s important to post guides that will actually be of interest to the target audience. Create guides related to or indirectly related to your product. This will help get new traffic. Useful information is an incentive to share it with other users and add to save it as well.

History of success

Tell us how your company was successful. People love to be involved in something more. Show that they have significance in this story. This will help them to understand that they deserve more and will inspire, disposing to the brand.

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Additional recommendations

  1. Stop selling forehead. The modern world is so crowded with messages that direct advertising will be very difficult to achieve. Do not write catchphrases like “buy right now”. This can push away, moreover, most users have developed a filter for aggressive advertising messages, they leaf through them, without the oppression of conscience, without even remembering.
  2. Be helpful. Find harmony between self-interest and value for the consumer. Create content that will be valuable to the audience. Don’t be afraid to publish manuals, explain how to use your products, and better understand the topic. Be polite and treat consumers like friends. They will certainly feel this and reciprocate.
  3. Follow the values. Be honest with the audience. If you claim that you are a “green” company, then match the selected value. Be sure if you lie, consumers will know about it and turn their backs on you. Know who your audience is and share its paradigms with it.
  4. Turn content into a system. Take care of the publication schedule, prepare the material in advance. It must be consistent and interconnected. Do not take breaks. Users need to get used to the frequency of release. This will make the profile of the place where the visitor can come and find what he was looking for according to the schedule.
  5. Use advertising. In order for the business to constantly grow in social media, it is necessary to provide high coverage. To do this, set aside a budget for targeted advertising and collaborate with opinion leaders. So you will be sure that your content will definitely be seen, and it will fulfil its goals.


Success in social networks comes as a result of a well-thought-out strategy. This is not just posting publications, but carefully done work and constant research. Take into account the characteristics of your audience, plan, test and provide traffic for your posts. So you will certainly become a star in social media and earn trust.

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