What Is The Prime Role Of Social Media During The COVID-19 Crisis?

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The sudden outbreak of pandemic has shaken the world with its growing consequences. We have been at a significant global loss due to COVID-19. Since countries are battling against the epidemic, social media has contributed to easing our struggles. Social media is an excellent platform for individuals, businesses as well as communities to stay connected even when we are distance apart due to coronavirus. 

One of the same kind of pandemic occurred in 1918, which the CDC estimates infected a third of the globe’s population. People didn’t have enough resources to sustain. They lacked the facility to communicate that we have in the 21st century. We are blessed to stay connected at this time. The news reaches us faster to alert us. 

With the prevalence of social media, we are updated with the upcoming events and information. We have plenty of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to hold onto personal and business updates. 

Around 42 percent of the world’s population has a social media account. The number is growing faster during adverse times. Even during the global pandemic, small companies can support their ventures by leveraging social media to connect with their employees and clients. 

Let us understand a more in-depth version of how social media has played a significant role during the COVID-19 crisis. Below are four prime purposes that social media platforms are using to play their part during the outbreak.

Source of Information: 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, news media companies have served us at the front foot. We are served with real-time global information at our fingertips. Such information keeps us updated and ensures our safety by providing information about the containment zones as to what to do and not do. However, sometimes social media exploits its opportunity and creates havoc of misunderstanding. By spreading stories of miraculous preventive medicine, conspiracy theories, and more, it gives us false information.

Social Media Are Combatting Hoax News: 

At times, when many of us are grappling for as much information as we can get to stay updated, the media creates unnecessary havoc of misunderstanding. Public falls in the easy trap of false news, which can have sabotaging consequences. As per a new Pew Research Center report, around half of Americans claimed they had seen fake and made-up news about coronavirus pandemic.

Differentiate Between Trustworthy And Untrustworthy Sources: 

Social media has tightened its grip on scanning a reliable source and untrustworthy ones. The best way to eradicate the inaccurate news is by checking the references and ensuring those are indeed trustworthy. When a person claims to have learned some information from any source, it doesn’t mean the report is accurate. In real, if you are presenting the information, whether, on behalf of your business or personal account, it is your due responsibility to fact-check your sources to avoid any flaws. 

Social Distancing & Home Quarantine: 

Just a few months ago, most of us were unaware of the term called “social distancing,” which implies staying six feet away from others to prevent the spread of infection. Now social media has formed a platform for us to connect with our distant family, relatives, and loved ones. The government uses social media activities to communicate with us in times of home quarantine. Social media is keeping us informed and entertained both. Moreover, companies are finding alternate options to expand business during the COVID-19 outbreak. Displaying the products and services online can have a significant impact on companies, as 54 percent of people browse on social media before making any purchase decisions.

Shaming Panic Buying: 

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, there has been absolute chaos. People have been buying household goods excessively. The demand for sanitization products has not been so much in the past years. With the fear of starvation, people are loading baskets one after another to store food items. Social media has been one common platform that has attempted to stop panic buying. It always assures people that panic buying is not a solution. Even the word, panic buying was coined by social media users to ridicule the buyers who are leaving the shopping mart shelves empty for others.

Social Media – A Marketing Space: 

Since many companies are established names in the industry, many are new as well. They are just about to start when the pandemic hits all of us. Now, what can those new companies do in times of lockdown? Social media acts as an aid for those firms as they can still market and promote their brand name through social media prevalence. Approximately 71 percent of small to mid-sized companies use social media platforms to market themselves, and out of those 52 percent post daily. Users have enough time to engage in knowing new brands as well. Henceforth, it works for both the company and its target market. Companies are following specific popular hashtags to promote themselves, like #myoutbreaksurvivalplan.

Social Media – Product Marketing:

Companies are utilizing the social media platform by promoting their products and services. Even the buying trends has changed for B2B and B2C in this pandemic. Despite the constant trauma of COVID-19, companies are trying to stay connected with their client base by interacting on various topics. They empathize with the clients and treat them as one unit. There are individual businesses that have to lend themselves to provide relief to many people during the lockdown phase. For instance, the entertainment industry is extending a hand to share entertaining updates with the audience, so they enjoy being home. At the same time, they are also involved in influencer marketing, which benefits the companies they are associated with. Companies are getting that leverage to connect through celebrities too. The concept of influencer marketing has always been beneficial for growing companies.

Positivity Is The Key: 

Social media is a platform for all kinds of news, be it positive or negative. Like much-misinformed news erupt on social media, positive stories do the rounds too to kill the unwanted negativity. For instance, there are many stories about the people who have successfully fought the battle against COVID-19 and their journey. This gives hope to people and eradicates any nuisance. Social media provides a platform for people to stay aware and educated about preventions.

Fundraising Campaigns Are A Bliss: 

One of the best usage of social media in times of COVID-19 is running of fundraising campaigns. The people who are suffering from coronavirus are facing challenging times. Many campaigns to raise funds are organized on social media to support those individuals. Some are specially run for the elderly while some for childcare. People are extending help to the ones in need by all means. From grocery to lodging, social media fundraising campaigns are covering all.

Posting Pictures And Experience: 

People who are home quarantined are sharing photographs of yoga or pursuing a hobby. The importance of utilizing the time is takeaway learning for many through social media platforms. People are seen opening up about their struggles and how they are overcoming them. This gives strength to many others to retain their inner power. Social media does much more than just displaying a fancy show.


This phase of COVID-19 has taught major lessons to all. Companies have learned to work within limitations, too. Around 90 million small businesses use Facebook groups, pages, and messenger as a source to connect with the audience. While the general public has learned to seek positivity under all situations, this is by far the first time that any generation is experiencing such a pandemic. Education, hospitality, corporate, technical industry, and much more are suffering due to coronavirus. 

However, social media is playing an incredible role in providing support to the public and businesses at a global level. Even the government sector of suffering countries are leaning on social media for various needs. It is undoubtedly an unknown fact as to when will the COVID-19 take its last breath, however, what we surely know is we stand together under all plight. Social media gives away this lesson every day by extending information of our surroundings just at home.

My name is Lauren Williams, currently working as a SMM at MedicoReach. I have been working in the B2B industry for a decade now. Through my blogs, I keep the industry updated on latest trends, development, and advances across the various segments.

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