Social Media Updates this week [Feb 27— Mar 5, 2021]

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What happened on Social Media this week 👇


  • Released multi-live for everyone 🙌

  • A bug was introduced that hid likes are a bigger set of folks. This was supposed to be a test for a smaller set.


  • An undo send button for tweets. Fancy! Still, it’s not the edit button.

  • Updated privacy help resources to cater to more user queries. Read more.
  • Will remove support for some timeline embed on websites. These are mostly the ones that are really not in much use.

“Because of the low usage for the Likes, Collections, and Moments timelines, we plan to retire them on June 23, 2021.”

Read more.

  • Shared insight into rising discussion around NBA All-Star game and NCAA March madness.
  • Also, Twitter is experimenting with new shopping features!

  • Did someone call Android space? It’s on the way!

  • And private spaces 🙌

  • Ramped up efforts to tackle COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. Read more.
  • Added Twemojis to fleets. Available in Japan!


  • Enabled more users to switch off political ads.

“Starting today, the control that allows people to see fewer social issue, electoral and political ads is now available in more than 90 countries where advertisers are required to get authorized and add “Paid for by” disclaimers to run these ads on our platform. People have told us they want the option to see fewer political ads on Facebook and Instagram, so now more people around the world can make that choice.”

Read more.

  • Will lift temporary ban on political ads. Read more.
  • Announced May launched date for Facebook news in Germany.

Read more.

  • Launched new BARs app for easy Rap creation.

Read more.

Check out BARS on Instagram.


  • Announced new marketing tools including Pinterest Premiere video ads.

Read more.

  • Launched a new showcase of female-owned businesses for International Women’s day.

Find it here.


  • Rolled out Q&A feature to all creator accounts.

Read more.

  • Launched new TV connection to all the homes in US.

Read more.

  • Highlighted female creators for women’s history month.

Weekly Hashtag Themes

  • #WhenWomenWin (Week of 3/1): From change-makers to innovators, here’s to the power and strength of women leading movements towards progress across the world. We all win #WhenWomenWin.
  • #ThankstoHer (Week of 3/8): We celebrate all the iconic rebels and role models in our own lives, and the women who make a difference each and every day by supporting other women. Give #ThanksToHer.
  • #HerStory (Week of 3/15): It’s the story for us. From historical recaps to creators sharing their unique backgrounds, we’ll hear stories that are authentic and inspiring.
  • #SheEarnedIt (Week of 3/22): The spotlight will be on the amazing community of entrepreneurs and women business owners who will share how they found success in their careers.
  • #GetThereTogether (Week of 3/29): Throughout the last week, we’ll toast to sisterhood, uplifting and supporting one another, and to all the women who stand together.

Read more.

  • Announced safety advisory council in Europe.

Read more.


  • Announced new partnership with Gannett to reach more SMB advertisers.
  • Added new wheelchair animations for Bitmoji avatars.

Read more.


  • Enabled voice and video calls via desktop app.

Read more.

That’s all folks!

Please leave kind comments on anything I might have missed.

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