5 Ways to Improve Your CRM Strategy with Social Media

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Customers are necessary for succeeding in the business world, which is why you should never take their purchase journey for granted. With competition in just about every field, you must improve your game. A great way to do so is by improving your CRM strategy with social media. 

If you do not include social media in your CRM strategy, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity. Only when you provide an exceptional brand experience to customers would they refer your business to others and keep coming back. 

On the other hand, a negative experience could hurt your bottom line. You must make CRM a priority and take advantage of social media by developing the perfect CRM strategy. Hence, you need to consider the following tips.

1. Eliminate Silos

One of the best ways to improve your CRM strategy is by eliminating silos. To truly benefit from social media, you need to get rid of the individualistic work approach. Everyone should work together to ensure that the organization gets to make an impact. 

There is no reason for sales, customer support, and social media teams to work alone. Instead, they should come together to create a unified strategy for maximum impact. It is quite common for brands to silo their social media endeavours, which only results in a poor customer journey. 

By breaking down silos, you get to improve task management and develop a comprehensive strategy that covers just about everything. You also get to ensure that the customer has a smooth experience from start to finish.

As customers are using social media more than ever before to communicate with businesses, you have to add it to the mix. Besides, being on the same page helps in ways that you simply cannot imagine which is why it is best to get everyone together. 

2. Track Every Aspect of the Customer Journey

Another way to improve your CRM strategy with social media is by tracking every aspect of the customer journey. You need to keep an eye on the customer journey to develop the perfect strategy.

Start by tracking likes, conversations, and other engagement metrics to build a long-lasting relationship with customers. Your brand needs to foster existing relationships and offer value to stay at the top. Otherwise, consumers will forget about your brand.

By tracking your buyer journey every step of the way, you learn more about your customers. Thus, you have a better chance at converting them into fans and even advocates.

A detailed social conversation history provides you with relevant information to develop the perfect CRM strategy. 

Those in support would benefit from the knowledge as they would know where a person is. They can check previous interactions to best cater to customers by using the context to send the right message. Similarly, you can engage with your audience through the customer journey. 

3. Respond to Customer Complaints Faster

In addition to the above, you must respond to customer complaints faster than they would expect you to reply to them. It will help you turn a negative experience into a positive one. The best thing about social media is that it allows you to engage with customers in real-time.

Even though it is important to engage with people who praise and compliment your company, you need to avoid losing customers at the same time. Therefore, your brand must respond to negative complaints much faster. 

An effective CRM strategy serves customers throughout the buyer journey. This means that you cannot overlook negative comments.

As people turn to social media to raise their voice, you need to learn how to properly respond to them on time to ensure that they do not turn to a competitor. When you decrease your response time to customer complaints, you get to improve your CRM strategy.

The fact is that nobody likes to wait around to receive a response when something goes wrong. You can use a social media CRM tool to track and engage with customers across multiple platforms. For example, if you are a Real Estate company, you may use CRM for Real Estate to streamline and automate your tasks to increase performance.

4. Uncover Potential Customers Using Hashtags and Keywords

A great way to discover relevant users, mentions, and conversations are by using keyword and hashtag analysis. The analysis provides brands with numerous opportunities that they might not be able to find otherwise. 

Hashtags enable users to categorize all the content they interact with. This makes it easier for you to locate the right content.

Even if customers mention the wrong hashtag, you can track them down. You should be able to identify potential customers that might have gotten lost through the analysis.

The following useful tricks will help you find lost customers.

  • Track Brand Misspellings: An easy way to find off-the-radar users is by looking for common brand misspellings. They will allow you to track the users with minimal effort.
  • Track Branded Keywords: Just like how important it is to track your company name, you also need to track branded keywords. Some hashtags and keywords can become a part of the brand.  
  • Track Industry Keywords: Next, you also need to learn about the industry terms to find your audience. Analyze industry keywords to locate potential customers.

5. Maintain Your Brand Voice on All Platforms

Finally, you need to maintain your brand voice across all social media channels. By providing a consistent brand experience, you can rest assured that customers will stay hooked to your brand.

Maintaining your brand voice is very important as it shows your audience that you are committed to serving them. When you ensure a consistent brand voice is maintained, you get to establish an overall identity with which customers can resonate. 


Although most organizations claim to care deeply about the experience their customers have, most of them fail to leverage social media for customer relationship management (CRM). By using the above tips, you can take your business to new heights.

Social media and CRM go hand in hand which is why you have to ensure that you consistently leverage the two. It will allow you to better compete and remain ahead of the competition. 

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