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The IGTV(Instagram Television) feature on Instagram blows up with the content since its release. The platform needs more influencers to begin creating multiple IGTV video content.

However, the IGTV video content count is minimal compared to Instagram content due to its budding age. It clearly shows that the IGTV feature has a vast place for the new contents to catch up. That’s why I have collected the many IGTV video content ideas to work on in 2021. Let’s move on.

Instagram Television(IGTV)

IGTV is the latest addition of Instagram to its video content format. It allows the users to make long-term vertical video content. Instagram users can create videos for nearly an hour for their followers to see.

Here are some valuable key points on IGTV usage:

  • You can find the IGTV channel next to your story highlights on your profile, or you can get it from the home screen news channel.
  • You can add a video title, description, and even thumbnail to your IGTV content while sharing.
  • You could share IGTV videos to direct messages on Instagram.
  • You can share your IGTV video content in your Instagram stories.
  • You can record IGTV contents within an hour.

IGTV Vs. YouTube

You want to select which works perfectly for you when it comes to making content. And also, content styles and ideas are exchangeable to any network. No matter how you concluded to design your video content, bringing innovative IGTV video content ideas could be used everywhere.

IGTV Video Content Ideas For 2021

Video Intro/Greetings

It’s the best video idea when a new audience visits your channel and provides them a catchy welcome through making a short introduction video about your channel.

It’s the perfect way to gain more fans. Introducing yourself visually allows new audiences to catch your behaviour or style. It is more effective than simply providing a video with texts.


It’s an IGTV video idea that I wish to see on many channels. You’re only robust as the audience behind you like the influencers on Instagram. So, it is necessary to give back regularly to grow strong relationships.

Analyze where people talk to each other. Here, Q&A’s would be more powerful to withstand your audience. Answer every question your fans are interested in.

OOTD(Outfit Of The Day)

Every fashion channel across the world works with OOTD video content. If you have a brand or in the fashion industry, it could be the best way to begin pumping content into your IGTV platform. You can also add some tricks and tips that help your fans bring a fabulous outfit.


To those who use Instagram stories more effectively, creating an IGTV platform that contains multiple vlog video contents would be the perfect way to change over to the platform. It is effortless; the only needy thing is your face and smartphone. Then film your daily routine life. It is the perfect tip for creators who are struggling to make a good IGTV video content idea. Every content exists already; creators want to film it and showcase with their creatives to the peoples.

EveryDay Reflections

Instagram influencers begin making IGTV video content around everyday reflections. It makes the audience get your daily life and your projects as well. Daily create a short IGTV video content about your day; your fans will get your industry insights through your everyday reflection content. It makes your brand more trustable and friendly.

Out Interviews

An ultimate way to make your IGTV content is through people interviews. Get your most favorite interviews. You listened to the video content for the interviewee’s answers and not for questions raised by the questioner. IGTV content creators can use the same trick. Save the questions that your audience enjoys, then begin interviewing street peoples. The out interview’s primary benefit is to turn the interviewees into fans. You can grow your followers both physically and digitally.

Product’s Commercial

Assume IGTV as a cable to share your services or products. Begin making commercials for your services or products. Add some creativity to your commercials on IGTV content. Think more ultimate ways to present your products or services in action. It’s a simple cable for every business.


Many love to watch other’s things they have purchased through the postal service or the items they bought themselves. If you do this short, you can use Instagram stories, but on IGTV, you can film up to 10 minutes for longer records. You can utilize this recording feature and share your results. If you are a blogger, create video content that directs to a blog section where you can give images of the things you referred to.

BTS (Behind The Scenes)

Every business uses Instagram stories to bring out their industry insights or showcase their daily life to their audiences. Where it obtains more Instagram story views with great reputability, stories vanish in a day. So, you can go for IGTV recordings if you don’t want to disappear. You could use this and make your audience interact with your business routinely.

Over 80% of Instagram users take a look at Instagram stories when they enter into the app. According to a recent study conducted by Instagram, they found that people spend more time on Instagram stories compared to regular feeds and other features such as reels and IGTV since it is easier to build brand reputation with more Instagram story views in a short span of time. Also, you can get more visibility to your IGTV content by sharing your IGTV content link to Instagram stories

Self-Screen Recordings

Naturally, every user on the platform needs to know the editing apps used by Instagram influencers for content editing purposes. It is effortless to showcase your editing apps through screen recording as an influencer. Value your followers by providing short video content on editing apps.

Workout Contents

It’s for every health and fitness buddy. Making workout content for your fans is a great content idea for your IGTV network. You will have more time(nearly an hour) to give in-depth tricks in workouts. It doesn’t only educate your audiences but also how to do the workout movement perfectly. Video workouts are more superior because people get the workout movement accurately.

Meal Prepping

Will you purchase a vast amount of substances for the month? Great! Film yourself and show everything about your purchased senses. Every person loves the clips of new substances to watch off. As said earlier, many people love to get what supermodels and bodybuilders eat, and now every person can also get how you can cook it.

Comedy Clips

There are more fun people around you and across the world. Some influencers on Instagram made their entire career around creating comedy clips on social media. First, they started to post their comedy clips on their channels; later, they jumped to IGTV channels to explore their fun clips. If you have a funny bone with you, use it to make more comedy content and upload it on IGTV channels. It is sure your audience loves to get your fun side.

Motivational Speeches

It is more motivational if your inspired Instagram influencer gives a motivational speech. There are more motivational pages that make inspiring content about various aspects on Instagram. Start making inspiring and motivational content for your fans.

Join Hands With Influencers

If your IGTV content ideas are getting stale? Instagram is the only network to bring connections. Joining hands with influencers is the perfect way to share each other’s content and cross-promote the channels. To grow your IGTV network, it is essential to collaborate with other influencers to get more powerful people within your industry.

Blooper Reels

Instagram contents are always edited by the influencers for perfection. There are vast blooper reels when it comes to video creation. It is excellent for your IGTV video ideas to raise humour in your channels. Additionally, audiences will need to get you more and your behaviours on content necessary for gaining trust.

What’s My Mobile Has?

An excellent IGTV video content idea is to show what is on your mobile. Their audiences are more interested in getting to know what kind of editing apps, games, and more apps their inspired creator/influencer uses every day for many influencers and creators.

It provides them with more about your editing works and builds trustability.

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