5 free design resources to bookmark today

A social media manager’s screen has multiple tabs open, a content calendar they work on,  tools that they’ve been using, and a social media management tool to handle different social platforms under one roof.

Rewinding to where each of them started from, they’ve all been beginners, and if you’re one too, taking that step to create content for brands, businesses, or yourself.  If you’ve just started and you have no budget to spare, on an add-on service. Or you’re just scrolling looking for design resources and inspiration to pick from them.
I’ve got you covered! 💪

Here’s a list of 5 free design resources ( and more) apart from the popular Canva. These are super handy when you’re on a tight budget as well as bandwidth.

1. Drawkit

This website is perfect for someone who is looking for illustration bundles based on themes or area of work. For instance, as a blogger who writes content around health and wellness, you can simply go ahead and tap on the “Health Illustration pack”.

Similarly, as a social media manager, if you’d like something around the holiday season,  you can simply lookup for “Holiday” and download them for free.


2. Humaaans

This website offers free human illustrations that are fully customizable in terms of their features.
This means you can change colors, skin tone, gender, clothing, hairstyles, actions, and more in order to suit your need.
Here’s an illustration by Pablo Stanley I picked —

With a few changes in the background, colors, features, clothing, and action, the same illustration was tailored to suit my need using the editor within the website.


3. Icons8

Icons8 helps you pick free vectors and illustrations. Also, music and videos.
Additionally, the website also has an image upscaler that allows you to enhance the image resolution.

They also accept requests for icons that may not be available at the moment.
If you know someone who designs, you can get them to submit icons for sweet dollars in return 🙂

Free Icons, Clipart Illustrations, Photos, and Music 2021-06-03 at 7.10.13 PM

4. Dafont

This website allows you to download free fonts for personal use.
All you’d have to do is download the font you wish to use for a project.

Once you install it, depending on the device, you can either unzip the file or convert the zip file to (.ttf or .otf)
Specifically for Mac, once done, drag the font’s suitcases into the System folder. You’ll then see a pop-up asking you to add it to the font folder. And, you’re done.

You can use these fonts for your creatives and also directly on websites. It’s good practice to give credits to the author who’s made these free fonts available for you.
They also have an option where you could donate to the author if you’d like to 😄

Fancy fonts  dafont.com 2021-06-03 at 7.11.55 PM

5. Absurd Design

This website goes by its name, it has bundles of absurd designs that are hand-drawn and imperfect to give it a personal and very raw touch.
While very few of these designs are free, they’re still best if you’re starting off!
You can use these for a quirky Instagram story post, a blog post, or on a landing page of a website.
Here’s how The Compost used absurd designs on their website –

⭐️ Bonus ⭐️

While these were the 5 design resources I came across, here are more options –

  • Iconscout – A source for Icons, vectors, 3D illustrations, and animations.
  • GoogleFonts – An open-source font family that is available for use on the web.
  • Behance – A source of work from a creative community from all over the world.
  • Unsplash – Free images and photos that can be used for any project.
  • Undraw – Packs of illustration based on your need that you can look up in the search bar and additionally also customize the colors if needed.
That’s it, folks! ⚡️
Do give these a spin and let me know if you know any more design resources in the comments below 💛

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