Ways to improve Customer Services in your Mobile App

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Ways To Improve Customer Services In Your Mobile App

In the ever-evolving world, business opportunities and the market is developing all over the world. Every provider is putting great emphasis on delivering the best services and products to their customers. There is great competition, and businesses are facing challenges that they have never experienced before. Thus, they have to satisfy their customers with the best of everything. All this cannot be achieved until you offer a smooth and effective communication channel between both individuals.

To cater to the demands and the complaints of the customers, almost every company has appointed a customer support team for mobile app development to ensure that each and every customer is heard. App’s user satisfaction and customer experience is a crucial aspect for every business to grow and develop worldwide. Let’s talk about tips to integrate and improve customer support in your mobile app.

Tips to Integrate Customer Support in Mobile App

  • The foremost significant thing is to ensure that the customer support portal is quickly accessible. It must be on the main page, to begin with live chat or other connecting options quickly.
  • The app must always have an in-app messaging service so that your customers can connect with support agents anytime. If your users are looking forward to resolving their issues, then your agents must always be active on the app for them. Live chat, email or messages must be inside the app so that your users don’t feel that your app is lacking. It can highly impact your feedback column.
  • Not every problem needs individual care or attention, and such things can be easily resolved through FAQs. It seems like a traditional concept, but it is quite a reasonable solution. It does not just provide information or solution, but the important part is that it makes solutions easily available to the consumers. Encourages your users to make use of FAQs before initiating a live chat.
  • Many businesses don’t put efforts into offering a Customer Support 101 option for users who want to resolve matters as soon as possible. It may be because the cost matters or anything else unknown to others. However, businesses must put maximum effort into providing efficient and effective solutions.

Tips to Improve Customer Support in Your Mobile App

1) Social Media Platform

When you provide multiple communication methods, you enable your customers to reach out to you the way they prefer for getting news or other information. Commonly used customer support and communication channels are –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Chatbot
  • SMS
  • Email
  • WhatsApp

If you are willing to satisfy your customer, you must ensure that your ways to improve customer support via mobile apps must be excellent.

2) Storage of Customer Information

Storing the information and data of the customer helps you serve their needs and provide the best support services. User’s data is stored for mobile apps to improve customer care and many other reasons such as –

  • To Redefine the Marketing Strategies

The users’ information provides businesses with a better understanding of how customers respond to the current marketing crusade of your business. It is useful for refining the company’s social media presence.

  • To Improve the User Experience

Studying customer behaviour, feedback and reviews effectively help to make changes in your products and services. Other than that, it enhances the user experience.

  • For Safety Purpose

The users’ information and data served to safeguard the sensitive or private information available on your device. For instance, biometrics or voice feature recognition feature is used to serve the customer authentication and authorization of mobile apps.

3) Self-Support Service Options

According to the research, customers prefer to use self-support service in place of direct communication with support managers. Self-support service enables the customers to complete any task without the company’s assistance. It layout two major benefits –

  • Reduces the pressure on the support service managers by empowering them from all the necessities to deal with the recurring cases.
  • It helps the customers to look for the solution to the matters outside of the regular customer support working hours.

It results in an increase in customer satisfaction and a low spending cost.

4) FAQs

The in-app FAQ section or the knowledge base must be provided in a column that is easily searchable. It also has predefined responses available for you by the customer support staff. It is a win-win condition for both the user and the app developer. In a recent survey 91% of the users, mentioned that they prefer using a knowledge base of an app such as:

The prime benefits of introducing in-app native FAQs are –

  • It helps users to find answers to their queries quickly.
  • It enables the agents to deal with a few tickets.

5) Human Behavior

With the interactions with the customers have gone virtual, it has become more than essential to stay “human”. Customer support provides the users with a personalized experience and an altered approach. Providing consistent and delightful communication will help your mobile app to drive more customer loyalty. Moreover, the ways the customer support agents talk to the customer impact a lot on your brand.

Here is some recommendation and advice on how you can talk to your customers to improve branding.

  • Quick replies
  • Talking in the same tone as your customer
  • Provide efficient options to your users
  • Ask them for any further query
  • Give all the directions chronologically
  • You certainly can use informal phrases

If you have a warmer attitude towards your mobile app user, then customers would definitely feel heard.

6) Quick Routine Follow-Ups From The Clients

These automated routine follow-ups help in prioritizing customers who are in search of solving their queries. But first, it is important to implement a sorting system to look out for old support tickets. The sorting of the customer’s requests is as followed:

  • This system sets apart the old requests that need to be prioritized.
  • A priority tag is added to the complete bulk of these old requests.
  • Corresponding customers are asked if they need any help.
  • Customers with issues become the priority of the support team.

7) In-App Messaging Option

Regular pop-ups are delivered to your customers while they are using the mobile app. Push notifications and in-app messages appear when your mobile app is opened. These slip-outs or pop-ups are internally delivered. Here is what in-app messages allow you to do –

  • Catch the attention of the users.
  • It enhances the sales.
  • Enables to interact with the users at the correct time.
  • To offer instant support and assistance.
  • Request for feedback.
  • The onboarding process is facilitated
  • Share information about new features and updates

Now let’s talk about the benefits and key advantages of in-app messaging:

  • Customize And Personalize

Other than push notifications that are sent out to the masses, in-app messages pursue the preferences of all the users. With data storage and user analysis, the support agents have the opportunity to connect with every individual in person.

  • Follow The Pattern Of The App

All the in-app messages follow the feel of your mobile application. Therefore, they are taken as an integral part of the app to improve user engagement.

  • Easy Implementation

For mobile app development professionals, an in-app messaging service is easy to implement. It does not need any key changes to the codes of the mobile app. These in-app messages can include images, texts, or a combination of both of them.

Key Takeaways

Mobile app customer satisfaction must have a wide range of options to integrate every demand of the business or any requirement of the mobile app users. If you have any more doubts, then you can connect with any expert app development companies to help with your business activities.

With an opportunity to implement a strong mobile help centre and apps for improved customer experience, you can build your business – boost customer satisfaction and increase your market value in the industry.

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