Product update: Approval flow for scheduling your posts

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Teamwork makes dream work ♥️

If you were doing all the scheduling, proofreading and planning alone on Crowdfire….

…know that now you can add your team to streamline this process 🙌

Say hello to Crowdfire’s approval flow 👋

What is Approval flow for scheduling?

Approval flow is a way for you to manage the approval flow of content along with scheduled time from within the Crowdfire dashboard.

This way, you don’t have to use any other tool to get your content approved and thus saves time.

How to use Approval flow for scheduling?


Currently, there are three types of roles in approval flow process.

  1. Admin – Account admin can add, edit, approve and reject any post.
  2. Editor – Editor can approve or reject a post.
  3. Limited – Limited user can only add a post to be approved.

Types of approval flows

There are two types of approval flows

  1. Basic approval flow
  2. Custom approval flow

Basic approval flow

Here, you don’t need to add any particular workflow. You can add user roles, i.e., admin, editor and limited. Once that is done, admin, editor and limited can schedule the post and anyone with admin or editor role can approve it.

Custom approval flow

For custom approval flow, you can choose which editor/ admin gets to approve the post first, so on and so forth. You can create approval blocks and add either role or the username of a particular user to customise it.

How to add custom approval flow

  1. Go to profiles at the top left and click on add/ view profile.
  2. Select the profile or add profile.
  3. Add team members and roles.
  4. For the existing profiles, all the members will be editors by default. You can edit this.
  5. Click on Custom approval flow option.

Once a post is scheduled, approvers will get email notifications to approve the post. Similarly, rejections and comments will be emailed to the creators.

Approval flow with custom roles is available on Premium and above subscription plans.

Custom approval flow is available on VIP and Business subscription plans.

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