Product update: Introducing Hashtag Manager on Crowdfire

We understand it gets slightly hectic to keep a track of the hashtags that work best for you. And, to eliminate that extra step of copy-pasting it from that doc you created with your most used hashtags we’ve introduced Hashtag manager on Crowdfire 😄

What is a Hashtag manager?

The hashtag manager feature allows you to create folders with hashtags of your choice. These could be the ones you use the most, the ones that go out on every post.
When you create these folders, all you have to do is tap the folder and confirm the selection on the Hashtag manager feature and it’ll add it to your compose box! 

How do I create folders on Hashtag manager?

1. When you’re logged into Crowdfire, tap on “Compose”
2. Tap the # icon at the bottom of the Compose pop-up 
3. Then tap the Hashtag manager option.
4. Create a folder by tapping on the + icon near the New folder option.
5. Enter a folder name, add your hashtags one by one and choose a color for your folder. 
6. Tap on “Save folder”

Plans and pricing?

Hashtag Manager is a Freemium feature.
This means you can access the feature but create only 1 folder on the free plan.
For more folders, you’d have to opt for the paid plans.

  • Plus allows you to create 2 folders.
  • Premium allows you to create 8 folders.
  • VIP allows you to create 25 folders.

That’s it, folks!
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