Social Media Updates this week [Aug 7— Aug 13, 2021]

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What happened on Social Media this week 👇

  • Added new ‘audio’ tab to its search options to boost reels engagement.

  • Added new features to help protect users from bullying and abuse.
  1. The ability for people to limit comments and DM requests during spikes of increased attention;
  2. Stronger warnings when people try to post potentially offensive comments;
  3. The global rollout of our Hidden Words feature, which allows people to filter abusive DM requests.

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  • New promotional campaign celebrates the diversity and creativity of its audience.

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  • Shared insights into the rising k-pop discussion on the platform.

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  • Is testing a new option that would enable you to remove specific followers from your audience.
  • Added new raised hand emoji to signal questions in spaces, expands roll out of voice effects.

  • Updated in-app visual elements, including new text font and enhanced image display.

  • Provided more data controls with update to ‘transfer your information’ tool.

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  • Added native video meeting option.

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  • Added reviews and ratings for profiles that have added services listings.
  • Top downloaded app for July.

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  • Increased safety measures for younger users, including new defaults and prompts for teens.
  • Outlined its approach to misinformation and how it’s seeing success in combating its spread.

“Snapchat was originally built to help people talk to their close friends, rather than provide the opportunity to broadcast messages across the app. And we have always felt a deep responsibility to make sure that the news and information our community sees on Snapchat is credible, from trusted and clear sources.”

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  • Updated default settings on kids content and implemented new restrictions on promotions.

“We’re also making changes to how we treat commercial content for kids and families. We’ve never allowed paid product placements in YouTube Kids, our destination for younger kids. In the coming weeks, we’ll also begin to remove overly commercial content from YouTube Kids, such as a video that only focuses on product packaging or directly encourages children to spend money.”

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  • Rolled out dark mode for youtube studio and adds new hashtag usage insights.
  • Previewed new option to import your chat data between android and iOS.

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  • Is now valued at $10b with new funding round.

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That’s all folks!

Please leave kind comments on anything I might have missed.

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