Social Media Updates this week [Aug 21 — Aug 27, 2021]

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What happened on Social Media this week 👇

  • Is removing swipe-up links for stories, replacing the function with link stickers.

It’ll still be available only if you have over 10K followers.

  • Announced new features to help users celebrate the paralympic games.

You can explore the Paralympic news and update here.

  • Is testing a new option that will show you the spaces that people you follow are tuning in to.
  • Has opened up ticketed spaces to selected users, another step in its creator monetization push.
  • Added new features to help users follow the paralympic games.

Via the @Paralympics Instagram account, fans will have access to an AR effect that enables them to attempt to mirror the movements of Someity, the official Paralympics mascot, and earn AR medals for their performances. The @Wethe15 Instagram account will also feature an AR effect to help fans promote the “We the 15” movement, which aims to end discrimination against people with disabilities, who make up 15% of the global population.

  • Teamed up with the IPC to build “Paralympics Raw: Emotion Unites Us,” an immersive WebXR visual and spatial audio experience that recreates phenomenal moments by Para athletes. The experience features the voices of athletes — including Birgit Skarstein, Katie Kelly, Chan Ho Yuen, Lex Gillette and Abbas Karimi — who share their stories of competing in Para Sport and at the Paralympic Games. With animated visuals and spatial sound, people feel like they’re in the moment with the athlete. Fans can access the experience by visiting via their desktop, mobile or Oculus browsers beginning August 24.
  • Over the course of the competition, the IPC will also deliver a steady cadence of live programming and highlights on the Paralympic Games Facebook Page.

Read more.

  • The attempt to counter the idea that it fuels misinformation and political division is not going as planned.

Kevin Roose’s list 👇

Facebook’s list

Most of these links are spam ^

Read more here.

  • Added new tools to mark the 10th birthday of Messenger.
  1. Poll Your Friends with “Most Likely To” Games
  2. Birthday Gifting using Facebook Pay
  3. Birthday Expression Tools
  4. A New Way to Share Contacts

Read more.

  • Announced new projects to improve its approach in policing misinformation.

Read more.

  • Is developing its own ar effects creation platform to expand its visual tools.
  • Announced new Shopify shop tab for approved merchant profiles.

Read more.

  • Expanded marketing partner program in Southeast Asia.

Read more.

  • Published new parents guide to help better protect youngsters in the app.

Here’s the guide.

  • Partnered with the national cyber security alliance to recruit the next generation of cybersecurity talent.

Read more.

  • Is testing even longer video uploads as it looks to expand its presence.
  • Outlined its approach to policing misinformation, and the challenges in effective action.

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