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You see them. Other streamers on Twitch consistently growing their followers and audience on the number one streaming platform. You can’t help but wonder how to get Twitch followers fast. And we don’t blame you. It is an enticing live streaming platform full of opportunities.

Having more followers on Twitch can be a real game-changer in this unbeatable not-just-video-games platform. The platform has seen enormous growth and it is just getting started.

An epic 9.5 million unique monthly content creators stream on the Twitch platform. There was a 77% increase from the Twitch Official Statistics in 2019 and a total of 140 million active monthly users worldwide.

Are you ready to know and grow with Twitch? Whether you want to make money or just broaden your influence, hold tight because we’re going to play. Game on.

How to Get More Followers on Twitch?


Do you see the influencers on Twitch who have lots and lots of followers? They started with zero followers as well. They pursued different ways how to get Twitch followers and, in time, that’s what they got.

You’re here because you want to increase your followers too and we’re offering 12 great ways to get you there.

1. Create a Proper and Engaging Profile

People notice you. They click on your profile. However, if they don’t see anything interesting in your profile except just another ordinary streamer, they leave without reacting to posts. That’s not what you want at all.

You must create an engaging profile. Attract other users with your eye-catching logo. Hook them with the sleekest bio to encourage them to click the follow button and engage with your posts.

2. Define Your Niche and Set your Goals

If you want to get Twitch followers, you should not be the ‘jack of all trades’ on the platform. Be specific. List the few games you enjoy most, or which single one that are you best at. Focus on that and set your goals around it. Then watch like-minded people follow you.

3. Utilize High-quality Equipment

You don’t like to watch streamers who frequently get lost while streaming, lag, or use a low-quality microphone. You must invest in higher-quality equipment (cameras, lighting, microphone, and hardware).

Make sure that you always have stable and, when possible, backup internet. This way, your audience will enjoy watching your live streams and never get frustrated with quality.

4. Choose Interesting and Unique Games


The next thing to do is proper your research. What is the latest trend? Which streaming type gets the most number of views? Pick them and add your personal touch to attract followers. You can also play unique games to catch users’ attention.

Stop playing the same old games and explore new unique opportunities to gain followers.

5. Play with Some Strategy

Boost the number of your followers by playing strategically in your streaming. You can attract your audience by extending your efforts to create catchy titles. A strategic and witty title or meme is also a great way to attract attention.

6. Create Your Style and Be Unique

Do you know Dr. Disrespect? He’s one of the most famous streamers in the world because of his distinct character of being a competitive, arrogant gamer. 

Think of him as an inspiration to stand out on a crowded platform like Twitch by showing something unique about your personality. That way, people will notice you for your individuality, and you’ll get more followers. 

7. Be Active and Interact with Viewers

Communication is always the key. Your aim on this platform is to get noticed and earn followers. Interact and always be willing and able to reach out with your viewers. After all, viewers are not only into the games you stream.

 They’re also interested to know more about you as a person. It’s not always about the game. It’s the value and attention you give that makes people hit that follow button.

8. Collaborate with Other Streamers

Connection is your mirror key. Ask a famous streamer how to get followers on Twitch. One major thing they can share is offer collaborations with other streamers to grow their exposure and eventually, your followers too.

9. Stream Consistently for a Few Hours


The rule here is simple. When you stream consistently for a few hours and not just for a few minutes in a day, you can invite more viewers to follow you. You attract them with your strong and long visibility.

10. Promote on Social Media Platforms

Taking advantage of other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok is a great way to grow your audience and followers. Update and promote your Twitch channel on other social media platforms whenever you go live.

See for yourself the boost it can give your following.

11. Offer Giveaways

People like free stuff. Give back to your followers. Provide giveaways in exchange for following you or sharing your live streams to other social media platforms. It will help build your reputation and number of new followers at the same time.

12. Buy Twitch followers from service providers

The fastest and most effective way to increase your followers is by purchasing them with a credible, reliable, and authentic seller of Twitch followers. Buy Twitch followers with Media Mister. They are the number one in selling for Twitch and other social media followers.

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These are a few great strategies to help increase your Twitch Followers. Go ahead and try them to see what works best for you to increase your Twitch followers. Don’t forget to leave your comment if you find this post useful in your Twitch streaming journey.

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