How to use social media keyword research to find trending post ideas?

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Many people don’t know this, but social media is an incredible source of high-traffic and long-tail keywords. Now, you may ask how? The answer is pretty simple.

If we look at the latest statistics, the average time an individual spends on social media in a day is 2 hours 25 minutes. As we continue to use the different social media platforms, they continue to gather information about who we like, what we do, where we go, and what type of content intrigues us, making it ideal for conducting keyword research.

Conducting keyword research on social media can benefit you in multiple ways, including getting some amazing ideas, especially the ones apt for creating a trending post. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to use social media for keywords research to find trending post ideas.

Whether it’s through the help of social media tools or through the direct use of social media platforms, social media keyword research can inspire trending post ideas. Let’s discuss the different ways to do so in much more detail:

1. Check Out Twitter’s Search Functionality

As per the latest statistics, Twitter boasts about 400 million users. Given that it provides the latest news to its users worldwide, it is simply the best social media platform to find key terms to get some amazing trending post ideas. To know about these key terms, you can check out the topics people are talking about. For this, you need to head to the “explore” section and visit the “trending” and “for you” sections.

2. Check What Influencers Are Saying on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a global professional network platform having a total of 722 million members. But, when it comes to finding trending post ideas, it is often underutilized. Nowadays, a lot of people are using this platform for keyword research, especially to gather more insights into what’s trending.

Now, you may wonder how to use LinkedIn for keyword research in order to search for trending topics? For this, you need to find influencers in your niche and see what they are talking about and find trending ideas for your post. Now, you would think, how to find influencers? Open LinkedIn, search for a keyword relevant to your industry, and select “people.” Then, open their profile and click on “See all activity” to check any posts they have shared in the last 90 days. This will give you a fair idea about trending topics in your niche.

Also, make it a point to use LinkedIn to connect with people in the same industry as you or share similar interests and backgrounds as you. Doing so will also give you a fair idea about what’s trending in your niche.

3. Use Facebook Ad Targeting Options To Know Audience Behaviour

Even if you have a great understanding of your target audience, there is a high chance you are unaware of all their attributes. This is where Facebook steps in. It is a social media platform where a majority of users share details about their jobs, their lives, the products they purchase, and the topics they are interested in.

Facebook collects all this information for ad targeting, and when you use its targeting options, you get to know the following about your audience:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Age
  • Relationship status
  • Interests
  • Where they work
  • Education level
  • Languages

You can use the above information about your target audience for keyword research in order to know some trending post ideas! According to the latest statistics, 1.62 billion users visit Facebook every day (on average). This data can tell you loads about your target audience.

Another answer to the question “how to search for trending topics through social media keyword research?” You can do this by checking out the key terms used in Facebook Groups. They tell you a lot about the popular topics in your industry.

4. Leverage the Potential of Pinterest

Having over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a social media platform where people curate and share content. From food and parenting to fashion and beauty, it has a plethora of categories. But what many don’t know, it is also a fantastic platform for research as well!

Pinterest is an amazing place to do keyword research as it offers troves of information about what people are thinking, doing, and purchasing.

Now, how to do keyword research on Pinterest? Open Pinterest and search for a trending term (that you found on Twitter or LinkedIn for instance); it will show results according to the content it thinks users will find useful. These results will further give you a plethora of ideas for your trending post that you will create based on the trending term you searched for.

5. Use YouTube’s Autocomplete Search Functionality

YouTube is a great social media platform that helps you find fresh, engaging ideas for your target audience. Considered the second most famous search engine globally, YouTube is widely used for finding trending post ideas. For instance, you already have a trending term in mind for your post (e.g., mobile SEO). Type in this term and see what recommendations YouTube gives you:

Image Source

It shows you a lot of interesting topics related to the term that your audience may want to know about. You can use these topics to create a trending post for the term you entered in the YouTube search bar before.

6. Know the Power of Instagram Hashtags

Now, you may wonder how to search for trending topics on Instagram through keyword research? One thing you should know about this platform is — hashtags are the same as keywords here. They help to find relevant content and tell a lot about the current interests of people. We recommend that you locate the right hashtags for your niche, which will give you a good idea of what people are talking about. This way, you will be able to get different trending posts ideas.

You can also use the autocomplete feature of the social media platform to find more ideas for a trending topic you already have in mind. Let’s say you type #b2bmarketing as shown in the image below:

Image Source

Instagram shows you other topics related to B2B marketing that its users can find useful.

Voila! You now know what to talk about in your trending post.

Note: As per the latest social media statistics, Instagram has 500 million daily users. It is one of the best platforms to find trending post ideas for your target audience.

Wrapping It Up

Thanks to the methods mentioned above, finding trending post ideas has now become easier than ever. Social media keyword research works wonders in finding trending topics, and hence, you can always leverage social media platforms to create content that engages.

*To stay abreast with what’s going on in your industry, follow people with similar interests on different social media platforms.

Now that you know how to use social media for keywords research in order to find trending post ideas, it’s time to get cracking! If you want to know how to write a good blog post, there are plenty of tips you can learn online in order to get started.

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