7 successful strategies to become an Instagram influencer in 2022

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If you are an active social media user including Instagram, you might already know about influencers. At least, sure you might come across the word. The term actually connects with power and impact. So do influencers on Instagram. They make a significant impact on their viewers. They are one of the trusted figures on Instagram for their followers. So their opinions or reviews on products or any other issues can actually have an effect on them. Recommendations from them influence consumers to buy products. People see them as fellow consumers who share their views. Not just that, the fame they get, projects them like a celebrity.

So this is more than enough to make your dream of becoming an Instagram influencer. Is it that easy? No. There are some levels like micro-influencer, top influencers based on their follower count and their influence on their viewers. The process differs for everyone. But if you are starting from scratch, there are some strategies that have a good track record of success.

1. Niche

Niche is nothing but the area you are specialized in. It’s important to know what you are good at. That’s the base of all. So if you have found your niche, then you can work out what you’re gonna do. Creating content related to it is the obvious choice to attract people. For that, you have to find your target audience. For example, if your niche is food review, your audience should be food lovers. You can even specify them based on cuisine. Then you have to create content based on it.

2. Content

As everyone says, Content is the key. It is what makes you famous. Your growth will be based on how good your content is. People don’t care about you when you make copied content or poor one. They love original and engaging content. So you can put all the time in the world to create original, unique and lovable content that connects to your audience So that you make the people consume your content. Try to keep it less complicated so that it can satisfy all types of audiences.

3. Post Quality

The quality of the post is as important as the content. because a subpar quality post could ruin extraordinary content. So you have to go the extra mile to maintain post quality if you want to be an influencer. Because that’s you have to be better in the crowd of goods. That’s what an influencer means. To improve your quality you have to follow some rules.


Always post photos that are high in quality and clarity. If it’s a product, use the rule of thirds to make it look appealing. Try to use some photo editing tools to make your photo look better. You can also use some templates to make your posts look unique.


There are some certain limitations on Instagram for videos. Try to post the videos in a recommended resolution and size or else it will look bad. Avoid blurry and low-quality videos. You can scale the video to the recommended resolution to make it look good.

4. Stories

Stories are the biggest weapon for influencers on Instagram. It takes the center stage in their whole marketing campaign. So it’s mandatory to use this feature to the fullest. Posting stories frequently will catch the eyes of your viewers and make you a known face to them. Stories are the easier way to get reach and interactions. Some tips are

  • Add location in your stories. Because this will put your stories under the collection of that specified location, so people who don’t follow you also can view them.
  • Posting stories in different manners will attract viewers. Posting your content in a split way continuously will look interesting for your viewers. Using tools in the stories menu creatively can help it look better
  • Use stories to alert your followers about new posts or any other announcements.

5. Engage with followers

Engagement is the soul of everything in social media. Without engagement, there is no use in posting content. For Influencers, the importance is doubled. If you want to become an influencer, you have to interact more with your audience because interactions bring engagements, and engagements give you more followers. Fot that you need to obtain automatic instagram likes to boost your reach that changes your audience into followers. So you have to create posts that attract engagement. But still, you may find that sometimes posts with good content do not receive enough likes, comments, or shares. Because there might not be enough engagement opportunities there. So you have to create something that pushes your followers to interact with your post. There are some tricks to create engagement

  • You can add engagement stickers like poll, quiz, ask a question on your stories
  • You can add a catchy caption to your posts. People usually love good captions that may even drive them to engage with the post.
  • Use the live feature frequently. It improves the connection between you and your followers.

6. Reels

The Next thing that brings you high exposure is Instagram reels. It is the top feature on Instagram nowadays. Many People come to Instagram to watch reels alone. It’s where you can find a wider reach than any other means of posting on Instagram. So spending time on creating and posting reels would actually pay off. Many influencers do their promotional activities using reels.so there are some tips to use reels effectively

No horizontal videos

As a user of Instagram reels, you might know how annoying horizontal videos in reels are. Imagine someone who is killing time by watching reels and needs to tilt their phone to view your content. It will end up straight swipe up. And also recreating them is not easy compared to vertical videos. Lesser recreating possibility lesser the engagement.

So not just avoid, forget posting horizontal videos in reels.

Maintain good video quality

The Quality of video is what takes your video to places. You might automatically engage with a good quality video regardless of whether its content is relevant to you or not. Quality in the sense, the resolution, and clarity. No one really likes blurry and low-resolution videos unless it only contains voices or some random slides. Many good contents go unnoticed and into oblivion because of their poor quality resolution. So always post high-quality videos with a constant resolution. Add some filters and effects depending on the content.

No watermark or text spam

Avoid using a video that has a watermark of another app. This will result in low reach because the new Instagram algorithm does not recognize that video. So always make original content. Adding text to your video is good for people to understand your content. But adding it to an extent that ends up looking like ‘video in the text’ rather than ‘text in the video’ will be a problem for you and viewers both. So avoid overdoing text in your video and try to keep it simple.

7. Collaborations

Collaborations are one of the successful ways to gain more reach on Instagram. Partnering with another influencer or any other experts in your field will boost your status as well as introduce you to a new set of audiences. It’s a mutual benefit for both sides. You can do that by promoting their products or taking part in a social activity along with them or conducting an interview.

These are some strategies to become a successful influencer on Instagram. Now don’t wait and start following the steps constantly and get verified by Instagram itself.

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