8 ways Instagram stories stickers can boost engagement and sales

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You’re looking at your branded image thinking: “This is perfect for my business page! It is so polished.” Dopamine is released in your brain, so… you are adding it to your Instagram story. You are ready to answer the audience’s questions about your business and product or service. Oh, you will get so many responses with a heart-eyes emoji! Maybe something like the thumbs up or the clapping hand’s emoji? You’re checking again! Still nothing. Now you may wonder:

“Why isn’t anyone responding to my Instagram stories?”

If your brand is not getting the right engagement and sales results as expected, here are a few ways you can use to incorporate Instagram Stories Stickers into your marketing strategies. Yes, you heard right. Stickers!

#1 Add a Question Instagram Stories Stickers and get to the heart of your buyers’ interests

Do you think you know what customers need or what interests them? Think again because you might be on the wrong track. By performing social listening, you can effectively learn about the content your followers actually want and what gets them engaged. Knowing this info can help you identify interest, your audience’s purchase intent, and drive future conversations.

This question button from Dunkin’ is the perfect example of how to use the Questions Sticker for Instagram Stories to engage your followers.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget Instagram Stories disappear in 24 hours. Use your Highlights section to keep all the questions in one place. Your Q&A sessions will allow your audience to get more information out about your product or topic.

#2 Customize your Link with Instagram Stories Stickers to sell products directly from your store

Do you want more control over your Instagram Stories? Meet the Link Sticker option. Your followers will be able to see a pop-up inviting them to visit your business website where you can promote your product page, special deals, campaigns, or blog posts. Moreover, there are plenty of video-making apps to make your offer as attractive and engaging as possible.

Just simply tap the “Link” sticker and enter the desired URL. It’s easy as pie! A great example of this is GOAT. The platform uses the Link Sticker option to promote a new product line.

#3 Use the Poll Instagram Stories Stickers and play the “This or That” game with your Instagram followers

Imagine being able to know which of your products your audience likes more than others. Or what they want to see from you next. Well, luckily you don’t have to have a crystal ball to get answers. You can simply ask them using the Poll Sticker Option and see their feedback. And that will surely increase the possibility of making more sales.

It’s a win-win situation! You will get market research for your products or services and your current and potential customers will get what they need. If you measure Instagram Story analytics (and you should), it can also help you remodel your marketing strategies.

This Instagram Story from Starbucks, for example, uses a fun emoji poll to learn more about their audience’s preferences and opinions on their famous holiday red cup designs.

#4 Build hype around a new product by using the Countdown Instagram Stories Stickers

According to an Instagram study, 58% of the people surveyed reported being more interested in a product or service after seeing it in a brand’s Stories. So let’s guess you want to build excitement and expectation within your audience. Adding a countdown sticker, which displays a timer for a chosen event, will give you all the attention when launch day arrives.

The reminder will consistently appear in the user’s Instagram notifications. They can also share it or choose to be reminded of it, which means you can capitalize on opportunities to drive more traffic, generate more revenue, and experience even more business growth.

#5 Add an Emoji Slider Instagram Stories Stickers and discover how your followers feel about a particular product or service

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like our new line?” It’s a good thing you’re curious. After all, just because you think your product is cool, it doesn’t mean your customers will. To build a strong relationship with them, you must listen to what they have to say. And this Instagram feature is significant for that purpose. You will get an Outside-In perspective that can actually motivate you to perform better, change things along the way, or boost your self-confidence.

This Instagram Story from The GAP shows how they used an Emoji Slider Sticker to collect feedback on their denim line. And there is no better way to show your customer you care than to simply just listen to what they have to say.

#6 Use Instagram Stories Mention Stickers and encourage your fans to create user-generated content

Don’t you love when people share your brand on Instagram and mention you? Then give them the credit they deserve! Not only you’re showing your followers you value what they did for your brand but you’ll encourage others to share their content, too.

According to the UGC stats, 97% of Gen Z customers consider user-generated content as one of important factors that influence their buying decision. So it will definitely help you take your social media marketing strategy to the next level, and finally, it will increase your sales.

When you re-share their posts on your page, Instagram will notify your fans that you mentioned them. Not only does this humanize your brand, but it can go a long way when it comes to building your brand community. Plus, you will avoid content fatigue on your page while your brand’s reputation grows further.

Many brands use this feature wisely and L’Oréal is definitely one of them.

Almost any brand in any industry can ​​successfully employ a good UGC strategy and see the benefits for themselves

#7 Create exciting stories using GIF Instagram Stories Stickers that will grab your readers’ attention

Are you looking for a great way to grab your viewer’s attention? Then you should definitely start using GIF stickers on your Instagram stories. I guess you already know that you can add a variety of interesting and cute stickers but did you know you can also find a ton of fun CTA animations such as: “Swipe Up”, “Tap Here”, “shop now”, or “Add to cart” GIFs?

You can even create your own custom GIFs! See how McDonald’s did it. These moving images will not only add personality to your story posts, but they can prompt users to take the desired action, pushing them through the sales funnel.

#8 Spice up the relationship between motivation and engagement by using “Quiz” Instagram Stories Stickers

According to research by BuzzSumo, the average online quiz gets shared around 2,000 times. This type of format is great not only for encouraging people to engage with your content but also for increasing your brand visibility. Make sure that your chosen subjects appeal to your target audience, post a multiple-choice question on your Instagram Story, and let your followers answer by tapping their option of choice. Once your quizzes start gaining traction, Instagram’s algorithm will automatically rank your stories higher in the user’s story carousel.

Here’s an example from Disney. The brand is asking questions about all things Disney, Disney Princess, Disney Parks, Disney trivia questions, and more. Not only are these quizzes interesting to people of all ages (let’s face it, we all love Disney), but we also learn about the brand through answers to such questions.

In Conclusion

Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month. And if you’ve been watching what other brands are doing on Instagram, you might have noticed they use Instagram Stories Stickers to their full extent. From polls and questions to quizzes, emoji slider stickers, and “This or That“ questionnaires, Instagram stickers are an integral part of their brand’s strategy that’s helping them maximize their brand potential, capitalize on opportunities to drive more traffic to their website, generate more sales, and experience even more business growth.

Don’t forget: It’s not about just doing. Anyone can share a story today. It’s about doing things with purpose. Your followers want a window into your brand. Don’t preach. Give them an opportunity to get to know your products or services on a human level they can relate to. Don’t be afraid to show some humor. Stay true to your brand personality even when replying to your followers’ comments and questions. And have fun with it.


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