How to add Instagram feed on Shopify store - 2022

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According to Statista, Shopify powers around 20 percent of all e-commerce websites. So you can imagine the popularity and impact of this eCommerce building platform. So if you are one of them, or thinking about having a Shopify store, then this blog is especially for you.

This blog will discuss an easy and manageable way to add charm to your Shopify store and stand out from the crowd. Why do you need a charming store? We all know that competition in the market is fierce. Therefore, businesses need to have an attractive element that draws consumers. Moreover, with our suggested marketing strategy, you can increase the look and feel of your website and add functionality to it. So without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

Visual Based Media — The Saving Grace

There is no denying that Images, videos, GIFs, and visual-based media amplify the overall look and feel. Also, images can help you attract your store visitors’ attention and leave them with an everlasting impression. After all, studies show that people remember 80% of what they see. To add images and visual-based content to make your Shopify store visually appealing and stay fresh in the minds of the visitors.

Some might say that adding images, videos, and visual media might hamper the website speed and eventually affect market reputation. And that is the right argument. Therefore, to overcome this obstacle, we suggest you add Instagram feeds to Shopify stores.

Why Instagram? We all know that Instagram is a hub of engaging, entertaining, and appealing visual-based content to draw audiences. By integrating Instagram with the Shopify store, you can attract more customers and keep them engaged in the store. And it is perhaps opening doors of converting that visitor into your customer.

Adding Instagram to Shopify can be a complex process, but the following tools make it easy. Moreover, they provide some added features that add great value to this strategy and can assist you in reaching your business goals. So without any further ado, let’s look at them.

Top-Rated Shopify Apps That Enables You To Embed Instagram Feed On Shopify

According to stats from Shopify, the platform has over 7000 apps, spanning 12 different categories. These apps help you beautify your store and add more functionality to it. We have filtered out the best apps that enable you to integrate your Shopify store with Instagram for your convenience and ease.

1. Instagram Feed by Tagembed

Tagembed is one of the best social media aggregator tools. It has a great reputation because of its easy embedding solution, various features, and pocket-friendly pricing plans. It brings the same magic to its Shopify app. You can find the app easily on the Shopify App store, and it has a user-friendly interface. You can operate it like a pro.

The apps help you collect Instagram feed from your desired source (you have multiple options like hashtags, mentions, and more). It allows you to curate and customize the collected feed before displaying it on your website. The whole process is coding-free and does not require any technical knowledge. Alongside Instagram, it is also compatible with 19+ other social media platforms, providing you with huge content to display on your Shopify store.

It also offers you various features that add great significance to this app. It provides the customization feature that enables you to personalize your feed as per your need. Here, you can change the font style, background color, card style and more to match the feed with your style. Also, it offers a moderation feature that allows you to remove unwanted content from the collected feed. With the help of a profanity filter, the apps automatically remove the provided keywords content. You can either remove them manually or opt for a profanity filter.

Custom CTA, Custom CSS, analytics are some of the other key features of this app.

2. Instagram feed by super bot

Instagram feeds can certainly increase your Shopify store’s overall look and feel. And by using the Instagram feed by Super Bot, you can embed it on your Shopify store with ease. In addition, the app assists you in converting your visitors into your customers by providing them by showcasing Instagram feeds on any webpage of your Shopify store. You can even tag your products and increase the chances of getting sales.

The app is mobile-friendly and streams all Instagram content without any trouble. Due to its mobile-friendly feature, it adjusts the feed as per different screen sizes, allowing visitors to have a pleasant browsing experience. Furthermore, different layouts from the app help you showcase Instagram content in a more beautiful and organized manner and eventually help you create a lasting impression on your visitors.

3. Instablog by Scorpion lab

Last on our list, but not least. Instablog by Scorpion Lab is another amazing Shopify app that enables you to add Instagram feeds on Shopify stores. Like the tools mentioned above, even this app does not require any coding skill to set up and operate. Hence, saving your cost on hiring any technician and saving from time taking coding techniques for the same purpose.

The app provides a crawlable widget and helps create an SEO-rich super blog. We all know the importance of having an SEO-rich tool. It helps maintain a better search engine ranking. That eventually helps to enhance brand recognition. The app provides instant support and continues to work on adding more features.

4. Superfeed Instagram by istheg

Superfeed Instagram by istheg is another brilliant Shopify app that enables you to integrate your Shopify store with Instagram. It allows you to add Instagram feed on Shopify website and impress your visitors with a vibrant and lively-looking Shopify store.

The app supports all the devices and showcases content on every device without disturbing the store alignment. Furthermore, the widget is 100% customizable. Hence you can showcase your artistic side and make the feed more alluring and attention-grabbing.

5. Instagram Feed & Stories by Instafeed hub

Easy to find and easy to set up Instagram Feed & Stories by Instafeed hub Shopify app is another notable app that integrates your Shopify store with Instagram. With the help of this app, you can add Instagram feed to Shopify stores without any hassle. It is coding-free and does not require any specialist to operate the app.

The app offers you pre-built templates that are appealing, modern, and impressive. Templates just require one click to set up. Moreover, with flexible customization, you can modify the feed as per your need and make it more pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, you can also choose the appearance of the layout when visitors hover over it.

Product tagging, social sharing, and live chat support are some of the other key features of the app.

Summing it up

Instagram is enjoying its fair share of popularity. Thanks to its amazing features and lively content. By integrating with this social media giant, you can bring your Shopify store the same vibe and popularity. The apps mentioned above are currently the best in the market that help you smooth integration. You can find them with ease on the Shopify store. So what are you waiting for? Try these apps now and pick the one that suits you.

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