How to target millennials through content marketing

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As millennials age, they are increasingly looking for content that speaks to their interests. They want information that is both interesting and relevant, and they want it from various sources.

Content marketing must be at the top of your list of priorities if you want to reach them. This is because they are the generation who are shifting the way we think about information.
So, If you don’t have the content or are not relevant to what they’re looking for, you won’t be able to reach them.
They’re also changing the way we think about marketing. In fact, according to a recent study by Harris Poll, 74 percent of millennials believe that content marketing is important for their businesses. That’s a huge market opportunity for your business. So how do you get started? Here are four easy tips to target millennials through content marketing.

1. Use targeted keywords

Ages 18–24 uses 25 billion search queries in a typical year. But you want to be successful in reaching millennials. Now, what if you have to know what they’re looking for by using targeted keywords and phrases? These words are very narrow, like “read books instead of continuing classes online,” for example. Or,  “watch Netflix instead of going to their co-worker’s office to get their ideas to bounce around the room.”

You must be specific and understand the target generation needed by them.

2. Get their attention

Millennials don’t value the same things as previous generations. So, you must use strategies that will get them to pay attention quickly.
Avoid the typical recipe strategies of a bottom-up approach. This is because these are more like the old formula that worked for all marketing approaches.
Instead, create content that grabs millennial attention by first building an audience for your message.
Then go ahead activating this audience to learn about you and your brand through personalized message features, a retargeting platform, free giveaways, contests, and so on.

3. Target their age and interests through progressive content marketing

Use 28-year-olds’ interests in tech as an example of how to do this. Suppose a millennial is curious about social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. In that case, you can help them further understand it in-depth.  You can do so by informing them on statistics, relevant articles on the latest trends, and viral videos. Or, by highlighting important stories affecting millennials which will add exposure to your brand while talking directly to your target market without being overly promotional.

4. Listen to millennial clients, employees, and partners

Create a cycle of creating quality content so that you can then build an audience over time by adding valuable links and images to your website, blog, or other platforms that will be popular among your target market. Then, easily weave the content into millennials’ day-to-day lives through breaking news, global economy news, or opinion pieces on topics relevant to today’s generation, such as health, travel, fashion, food, and more.

5. Share your content with appropriate social media platforms

Build your community using Facebook Connect. Share your latest content and links on your website and email add-ons to channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook for continuous distribution. These platforms allow for a widespread airing of your message and allow your audience to respond. Post concise, easy-to-read, well-organized, and shareable messages to cultivate a following of engaged customers.

6. Utilize social media listening tools

You can use social media listening tools to notify you certainly. How many people are being reached by your content? And, what are the details on how they’re engaging with it?

Tune in like social media detectives as with Twitter Trends and Google Analytics when you’re ready to engage your target market with more persuasive content by listening for their interaction with the marketing content related insights about wherein the web they live, what jobs they hold, or what products they’re interested in buying. You can choose from various social media listening tools that can be used via programs or free internet software, but mindful practice is very important. Analyze the quality of recordings on each tool before uploading your first effort along with a goal so that you can continually find ways to improve them.

7. Have a content management system

Monitor your website’s analytics and make changes as needed to improve your targeting results. It is the most powerful influence of your company. Don’t fail to find loopholes and drawbacks in design or any other areas. Especially where you need to get quality clicks and stickiness to your marketing email list, website content, blog posts, presentations on a whiteboard in your office, as well as social media.

If possible, always challenge yourself to do better than good with every decision you make.
Responsive websites are in demand today.  Therefore, focus on designing these websites responsively with responsive fonts. The ones that are free of anchor buttons take one away from the primary learning point. This is the message you have for this present audience or inquirer’s lives right now.

8. Research leads to send highly targeted messages

It is best believed that millennials value diversity and appreciate new ways of getting their information.  When it comes to updates through various channels, engagement is essential whether we buy things online or not.

Millennials may also hail from different geographic locations. But, even within different regions, they may desire different needs, points of view, and interests. Therefore, always try to tailor your marketing material and strategies to different people’s specific demographics in mind. Be careful with your messaging and take time to see whether there is anything, in particular, you can do.
Or, something new that you can bring to the table.

If your messaging attracts those who respond the most, then the return on investment will be huge. This is because it will come at a cheaper cost since you’re not paying a big advertising bill to reach targeted demographics.

9. Solicit feedback from your target audience before any launch, no matter how small

Although feedback surveys are available on nearly every website these days, their use remains limited because companies often do not feel that the information gathered has any utility, nor does it help formulate future outreach programs. However, the feedback can be obtained from your customers just before any new program or initiative to bolster your brand, product line, company’s motivation of pride. In addition, it can also open up a whole new world of possibilities as far as how customer service can better be improved in general through providing more occasions for hassle-free interactions on your website or via email marketing.

10. Take advantage of an online customer support system to cater to all your customers’ needs

Transitioning from a customer who makes complications to a company client means that you can now appeal more to incorporate customer satisfaction. If a product is not effective, consumers will always let you know. At the same time, they don’t typically like spending hours trying to get the promised results on their skin or hair or body, even if they are your physical beauty products product managers or practices that the company has in place.

Final words

So make sure that there is much room for improvement, especially when it comes down to technical glitches and how it directly relates to your business channels offering great customer service support. There are also advertising and marketing communications disciplines where people tend to forget about personal and business needs for customers, whether these needs come about via your social pages, forums, chats, and most importantly, through your publicly available responsive websites because once your customers see how responsive sites work and feel like their experience will be much better.

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