How to correctly use video in your content marketing strategy?

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Over the last few years, video has taken the center stage as a content format. People are now watching more video content than ever before.

Posting video content is a tactic that can create awareness for your brand.

Video content should be actionable and produced in a manner so that you can measure the return from it.

A report from HubSpot research shows that more than half of your customers want to see more video from you than any other content.

Video on landing pages improves conversions by 80% and email open rates also by a whopping 19%.

According to the latest Wyzowl’s research, 78% of marketers say video marketing improves their ROI

It also improves trust around your product or service. Over 81% of consumers are convinced of buying a product after watching the brand’s video. Seeing the product through a video makes it real for them.

The same is true for any product you can imagine.

Videos have truly changed the manner in which people consume new information. It’s changed the way prospects convert and how we can delight customers. Video content is useful throughout the whole marketing journey.

You can take your pick from onboarding videos, knowledge sharing videos, support team videos and more.

Video production is something any business can afford today. If you don’t have the time for it, you can hire a freelancer from a marketplace to do so.

1. Demo Videos

Demo videos are great for making viewers understand how your product works. It can be a simple tour of the software and its unboxing.

2. Brand Videos

Brand videos are created with the goal of building brand awareness. It helps attract your target audience.

3. Educational or How-To Videos

Then there are instructional videos you can create that teach the audience knowledge relevant to your business and its solutions. The videos can be used by the sales and service teams as they work with new customers.

Such videos are great if people don’t readily understand what your product or business does.

You can present these ideas in a creative way to get the attention of your audience.

Such videos help answer potential questions from customers and get them into the purchasing mentality.

4. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are an interesting take on explaining products or services through minute-long videos. Videos are far better at explaining intricate concepts than blog posts.

If there’s something complex you want to explain, the video format makes it super easy to explain.

This is a 3-minute video from Blossom that shows you how you can cut on paperwork as teachers and focus on children more.

5. Animated Videos

Animation is a good way to bring ideas to life. The example from Phonexa is apt. The style is in line with most things they do.

Here’s an example from Phonexa, that explains what their business does — ”An all in one lead tracking and call tracking software.”

How to Make a Video for Your Business

  • Start by planning your video
  • Next, create its script
  • Create the studio
  • Shoot and edit
  • Organize
  • Add music and add voiceover

Now we are going to talk about the detailed aspects of creating and publishing a video for your business.

Start by Planning your video

Before you start setting up or recording or editing understand the purpose of your video first. Everything that you decide to do here will depend on what you want the video to achieve and what steps people need to take after watching the video.

With a clear goal before your team, you’re simply wasting a lot of time editing and re-editing things.

Ask yourselves these questions:

Who’s your target audience?

Who are you targeting? You may target one of the company’s many buyer personas.

What’s the goal?

Do you want to improve brand awareness? What do you want the audience to do after they watch the video?

When’s it due?

Get a timeline. A video that you have a few months on requires a different budget and scope than a video that you need in a few days.

Script your video

Business videos revolve around a script. If you don’t go with a script there will be more editing at the end of the day.

The first thing you need for a functional script is an outline. List out key points and order them out logically.

Run the draft on Google docs and encourage real-time commenting and changes

The language should be conversational. Video is a powerful way for you to tell your story. It can make a giant impact on running promotional campaigns and your content marketing efforts.

Where will you post the video?

The right distribution channel can make a great impact in helping you discover your ideal audience.

Here are all the ideas you can use for your video content. Some of the better ways to use video

Is by uploading the video to your website. The website visitors will find themselves gravitating toward the videos and this can help with conversions.

You can upload the video to YouTube and Vimeo. These are great places to start.

You can next share the video on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can use them inside presentations on Slideshare if you wish to.

Maximize the reach and impact of your videos

So, your video content campaign is ready, and you want to get the maximum impact out of it.

Here’s how to make sure the video gets the highest number of views and greatest possible reach:

If you want views and conversions for the videos, provide information that helps people want to watch the videos. People often read the titles first before watching the video.

The title and description are important clues to the content of the video.

People are not spending 5 minutes on videos without reading the title first.

How to fix this problem?

A. Write an accurate and informative synopsis. Talk about the three or four benefits that will get people to watch the videos.

B. Try to transcribe your videos. This helps viewers to go through the content first to gather what it’s about and then watch the video if it should interest them.

C. Include a clear call to action. Marketers know the importance of a call to action. You can attract leads, sales and others with it.

Ensure that it’s simple enough to engage with the video.


Engage with your viewers. Start by asking viewer opinions and respond to their comments on your video.

Analyze your video performance

No campaign is successful without measuring it. You need to track the views and the resulting conversions from the video.

Importance of video.

Video is engaging and an interesting format important for you to take in because people are generally on the go. It doesn’t require exacting demands to consume videos. It yields a great deal of success.


Video content marketing establishes your presence as a knowledge expert. It’s far easier to explain things to your target audience and reach out to them with a video than with a blog post. Also, you can post the content to YouTube and other aggregators improving its reach.

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