Business growth strategy: Social media hacks to fuel business growth

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Growing your business is the priority for any business owner. However, as a business founder, you have to face many challenges and need a good business growth strategy. You may not have the budget for an extensive marketing campaign, or you may not have time to focus on growth. There are many other aspects you need to manage.

Starting a business is easy, but getting good growth isn’t easy. Planning growth for the startup business is essential, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises with fierce competition. But with a solid business plan, your business can do amazing things. You can reach the right audience with the right marketing business growth strategy.

So, how can you enhance your business growth and make it more productive.?

The answer to this question is a growth-hacking or a good business growth strategy. Here hacking refers to experimenting with product development, sales segments, marketing, and other sectors to decide the best strategy for the growth of your business.

By reading this blog, you’ll learn how to increase visibility, sales, and profitability. It will help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Here are the some of the social media hacks for your business:

1. Make content writing a priority

Content is designed by keeping in mind that it should target many audiences. Also, content is king when it comes to social media marketing as it improves brand identification. Therefore, you need to find a profitable niche, identify the viewer demographics, have something worth selling to the viewer, and know where the viewer lives.

For instance, Linkedin is the best platform for B2B marketing. So to target Gen-Z(people born between 1996–and 2010), you can concentrate more on Instagram and Snapchat. While Facebook works best for Gen Y(people who are born between the early to mid-1980) Furthermore, you should do thorough research about the needs of your audience and try to showcase people’s interests in your content.

Undoubtedly, your visibility game needs to be on the spot in 2022. Blogs help you generate more traffic on your website and make the visitors your regular customers. As per the marketers, visibility means spending more on the marketing budget. However, if you plan everything excellently, you can get things done perfectly on a compact budget.

2. For targeting customer-use Facebook and Google

The average customer visits a website nine times before purchasing as per the Digital Strategy consulting. Therefore, remarketing is a good option that will help you get the purchases you could have missed. Facebook marketing and Google retargeting, use pixel technology to allow you to display targeted ads to users who have previously visited your site.

When the visitors see the ads for your business on the other sites, it will inspire them to return back to you for purchasing.

Therefore, if you want your visitors to revisit your website, you have to ensure that your business growth strategy will make them come back using Facebook and Google remarketing.

3. Frequent social media campaigns

Social media is undoubtedly a modern game changer. Creating the right social media profile and getting a good number of followers can take some time, but it’s worth it. However, Social media ads may appear as sponsored posts within organic content or next to news feeds. Though, achieving organic reach is difficult in this highly competitive era.

The exciting thing about sponsored advertising is that you can target entirely new customers and select old or other demographics. All major social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram offer sponsored advertising options.

Sponsored ads can be in the form of posts or stories. Facebook and Instagram offer budget-friendly sponsored ad packages. But sponsored ads on platforms like LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter are more expensive. All you have to do is choose which social network works organically well for your brand, choose where your content naturally stands out, then select the platform for your sponsored advertising campaign accordingly.

4. Video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most successful ways to get a good business growth strategy. In video marketing, you can engage with your customers adequately. Everyone loves to watch videos, and all social media platforms are video-driven. Therefore, create a video tutorial to solve your customer’s problems and educate them about their products and services.

Video content is a conversion-generating tool. Therefore, the long-term strategy of any business is to integrate video marketing efforts with all other channels such as websites, social media platforms, and other streaming platforms. As per the research, around 84% of customers are likely to buy products after watching a product video.

Explainer videos are the newest form of video marketing. An explanation video is a short marketing video used to explain a company’s products and services.

5. Social proof

At present, reviews play an essential role, and most people look for reviews before purchasing the products or buying something online.BrightLocal conducted a survey and found that 84% of respondents accepted credible online reviews and testimonials as often as they made personal recommendations. So make it easy for your customers: Show your social proof directly on your website page.

Showing comments from some of your happy customers on your website can help undecided visitors to visit your website and purchase your product. People prefer to buy from trusted companies. Therefore, adding social proof indicates that you are a trusted brand in the industry.

For instance, Slack will let the visitors know how many good companies are using its product and services.

6. Email marketing

Email marketing seems like an old marketing technique, but it has created a long-term relationship with the customers. The number is expected to increase to 4.3 billion users by 2023. Therefore, you need to create a subscriber list and add all chances and current customers. Furthermore, you should create an email marketing sequence calendar and send automatic messages to your subscribers.

Here are some of the given hacks for doing email marketing:

  • You should write a catchy, perfect subject line to get the customers’ attention.
  • To grab the reader’s attention, ask some interesting questions.
  • If possible, include the user’s name in the subject line.
  • Insert pictures and images to get attention; bright color images or animations are a good option.
  • You should also include the unsubscribe link option. So, now you can focus on the customers who want to engage with you and convince them to become your permanent paid customers.

7. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular term presently due to the popularity of social media. Influencers enable brands to work closely with their customers. Marketing forecasts state that influencer marketing will dominate the future. Today, influencers are making equal efforts to create content.

Good growth in influencer marketing is expected to lead to the rise of micro and nano influencers. Influencer marketing has advantages because of its high engagement, reliability, and low cost. SMEs can look to micro and nano influencers, which proves to be a good investment.

Influencers are divided based on the number of followers, from elites with many followers to those with a small number of followers. When choosing influencers for your brand, it’s essential to monitor the number and type of followers. Influencer’s quality of relationships and overall engagement with the viewers or audiences.

8. Good SEO strategy

With the right keywords, you can expand and reach your audience. A well-planned SEO campaign can benefit your enterprise and be a good business growth strategy. You won’t be able to profit from SEO in a short period, your brand’s reach will expand over time, your brand image will improve, and it will generate organic traffic.

Make sure your SEO strategies include:

  • Backlink Generation
  • Keyword-optimized content.
  • Careful sets of long-tail keywords.
  • Image postings.

Also, make sure you are not spamming your keywords.

9. Ask for response

Whether it is business or work, feedback is essential. Genuine customer feedback is also one of the best business growth strategies, helping you to improve your weakest point. There is always room for improvement in your business, and of course, improving your customer service or user experience can increase your sales.

Also, you can use the pop-up or send emails asking for feedback from the customers; who have recently done the purchasing. Therefore, when you’re aware of all the issues, it will help you get more customers in the future and give you a better experience.

Bottom line

All the above-mentioned business growth strategies will surely take your business to the next level. Hence, instead of wasting your time on unproductive marketing, these best business growth strategies will help you scale up your business. Therefore, you should try out these hacks to make your small business wider and get good growth in the market.


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