5 ways to dominate content marketing with social media

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Content marketing is how you plan, create and distribute content to potential customers to engage and educate them on how to solve their pains, and drive them to take action that can lead to conversion and sales.

Content marketing is growing as research shows that its revenue will hit more than $137 billion by 2026


Target customers are engaging with different content types as they learn about a business and how to use its products or services to solve their challenges.

To attract and engage the right target customers, brands need to create the kind of content that target customers want.

In this article, you will learn the best ways to dominate content marketing with social media and how to engage, attract, and draw potential customers to your business.

Why is content marketing getting popular?

Target customers walk through different stages before they become customers. As brands attract and nurture target customers, they have to build trust with them and show them how they will help solve their pains.

According to the latest content marketing statistics, the best way to engage potential customers is to have the kind of content they want. It’s also is getting popular as more target leads engage with the content to know more about their pains and how businesses will help solve those pains.

Also, Content marketing helps target customers understand how businesses work and also see and understand the value a business will give them to solve their pains.

Content marketing is also a smart marketing plan for businesses to reach target customers and engage them. Some of the video content brands create include:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks
  • Emails
  • Podcasts
  • Live and automated webinars
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials and reviews

Brands are also using content marketing to show their expertise and let target customers see how to solve their problems.

For instance, testimonials and reviews help target customers trust a brand as they can see other people who had pains used the business to solve them.

For example, a lead may be looking for a tool to help increase their organic traffic to their website. If they happen to visit Ahrefs website and see this testimonial, they will likely convert into customers.

How to dominate content marketing with social media?

Content marketing is a great marketing plan for brands and leveraging it well can help brands connect, engage and build trust with target customers.

They will easily nurture them and draw them through the funnel and convert them to be customers. Here are some ways to use social media to dominate content marketing.

1. Understand your target customer

Knowing your target customer is the starting point to creating the kind of content that can connect with them and the one they love.

You know their worries and pains which helps you create content that targets how to solve their pains and connect more with them.

To effectively help you understand your customers, you can create a buyer persona. It will help give a virtual representation of your customer.

You will even understand how to engage them in the different social media accounts. Also when you understand your customers, you will create more content that will drive them to take action that can lead to conversions.

Since you understand your target customers, you can connect with them across the different social media accounts. For instance, research shows that 82% of the internet is from video streaming.

This shows that target customers love videos and engaging them with explainer videos can help dominate your content marketing strategy.

They will read and engage with the content you create and you can even draw them to your website where they can learn more about your business.

2. Set goals for what you want to achieve

Goals motivate you to increase your efforts to achieve what you have set in a specific time. Set different goals and have objectives that you want to achieve for your different social media accounts.

CMI research shows that 80% of brands have been able to achieve the goal of increasing their awareness through the help of their content marketing campaigns.

For instance, if you have a Facebook group or page you can say you will create content to attract leads and increase your business followers.

Make sure your goals are specific. You don’t want to just say we want followers. Specify how many and within what time range. For example, you can say we want 5000 followers to your Facebook page in four months.

Having clear and achievable goals with help make it easy to use different social media accounts to engage target customers. Since you know the kind of content they love and the social platforms they mostly use, you can easily reach them and build trust with them.

That will keep drawing them to your website and engaging them as they see the value you have for them and how they will solve their pains.

3. Create high-quality content

Your target customers need content to engage with your brand on social media. Different content types are suitable for different social media accounts. For example, Twitter needs short content called tweets with hashtags.

Linkedin is more professional and you can publish a whole blog content addressing your target customer pains and showing them what to do to solve them. This article can help you to write sales copy that results in conversions by addressing customers’ concerns.

To dominate content marketing with social media, you can analyze the content for your competitor. See what’s working well for them in different social accounts.

Then create far more in-depth content that touches the customer’s pain points and guides them on how to solve the challenges. Don’t just tell them but show them how to solve their problems through your content.

Great content is the contributing factor to the success of a brand’s marketing. CMI report shows that 74% of brands’ success is attributed to the great content they create.

Most target customers are more interested in visual content. You can create videos and other visuals and engage them through different accounts.

Also, you can do Facebook live, where you talk about the pains your target customers are going through. Once done, give them a guide to solving them. If you’re working with visual content make sure to use an online photo editor to enhance your images, users and potential customers are attracted to visually striking content.

4. Know how to follow and leverage social media trends

What’s trending is mostly what your target customers are more engaging with. As the social media trends change, you should adjust your marketing strategy and create content that matches those trends.

That will help draw more target customers to your brand as they will engage with the content and also want to know more about your business.

Most of your target customers engage with brands based on the top trending trends and hashtags. Some targeting customers also connect and follow brands that post content related to the hashtags they love.

When sharing content on your social sites, you can tag with the hashtags that are trending to capture the attention of your readers. I did a simple search for #contentmarketing on my Linkedin account and got this.

When the target audience visits a social site and uses the trending hashtags, they can easily connect with a brand that produces quality content that relates to the hashtags.

It’s essential to always be on the watch to know the trends your target customers follow and leverage them to engage with your target customers along with those hashtags.

How your competitors engage the audience can also give you a clue about how to connect and create content that potential customers will connect with.

5. Engage and connect with target customers through social media accounts

Your potential customer uses social sites daily as they engage and search for content and brands that can help them solve their pains.

To dominate content marketing, you should connect with them through your social media channels.

Since you already know your target customers, you should create the right content that will attract and engage them to your brand. Different target customers prefer engaging with content on different social media platforms.

Some will prefer reading content while others will prefer watching video content. For instance, here are different social media accounts for Ahrefs company. This is the LinkedIn account with over 97K followers.

And here is the Twitter account for the same company with 101.8K followers.

And here is the Youtube account for the same company with 316K followers.

As from the above accounts, Ahrefs company has been able to engage and connect with different target customers by having different social accounts.

Their Youtube account drives a lot of traffic to the business. Also, their social account helps them dominate their content strategy with the videos they create.

Having the right social accounts and creating content that engages and connects with the target customers will help connect and draw more target customers.

You can also use email marketing to engage with target customers and let them know when you add content to your social media accounts so they can engage with it.

Takeaway time

Content marketing is at the center of every brand marketing. Your target customers will first engage with your different content types as they get to know your business and what you offer.

Social media play a great role in your brand marketing. Many target customers interact and engage with brands through social media.

Having a great content strategy and dominating it with social media will increase your chances of engaging and drawing target customers to your business.

These tips will help you on how you can dominate your content marketing with social media and build trust with target customers as you nurture and convert them into customers.

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