20 Facebook posts ideas that will increase your engagement

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Social media posts are a great way of interacting with your customers and bringing them closer to your brand. Try to use different types of posts and test what works best for you.

You can use a scheduling and posting tool to add more content on Facebook and keep it organized.

Here are some Facebook post ideas from different brands that can show you how to improve your Facebook marketing strategy to create brand awareness, engage with your existing customers and generate more conversions.

20 Facebook posts ideas with brand examples

1. Sharing blog posts

Example: Crowdfire

Create posts with articles from your blog. Add a description that invites your audience to check the blog posts and share their opinion. Customers that are giving you feedback are the most valuable for your business. They will help you improve the business and come up with new ideas that you never thought about.

2. Funny posts and memes

Example: Puma

Funny posts and memes are such a great way to engage with people that are using your brand and also with potential customers. This type of content is usually shared by many people and, in this way, you can reach a wider audience.

It is always a good idea to engage with your audience by sharing user-generated content.

Also, it would be a great thing to collaborate with people that are very popular on Facebook. Ask them to create posts about your business and share those posts on your page. Even if their post creates more engagement than yours, you will benefit from that because people will hear about your brand from their trustworthy source.

Even if people will not decide to buy your product immediately, after they have seen that post, they will keep you in mind for later when they will need it. In this way, they will not be looking for other products from your niche and will not be interested in your competitors.

3. Images with employees

Example: Red Hat

Show your customers who are the people that work on the awesome product or service that you are offering!

If you show them your human side of the business, the development of the team, and the way they collaborate to present such a good product or service, customers will interact with your brand easier and they will find themselves in the work situations presented by you on your social media video or post.

4. Tips and tricks

Example: Medium

Tips and tricks shared on social media can improve your engagement and make you even more trustworthy.

The posts should look colorful and attract people’s attention. In addition, make sure that the tips and tricks are from reliable sources, or are formulated by specialists in your company. Don’t forget to mention the source.

5. Post to show customer appreciation

Example: Bought Beautifully

Always show your customers how much you appreciate them. If they feel appreciated and have a good feeling about your business they will be tempted to buy more and continue to use your service. Furthermore, they will share their opinion with friends.

Here is an example of a customer appreciation video: the happy dance of some small business owners when people buy their product.

6. Limited time offer post

Example: KFC

Depending on what you are marketing, you can create holiday-related limited-time offers, free shipping for a limited time offers, new customer offers, weather-related offers, customer anniversary sales, birthday promotions, inventory clear-out sales, or sales for friends and family only.

7. Videos

Example: Tide

You can see a very creative video published by Tide here.

A video can explain everything better than a single image. Therefore, video posts are a great way to engage with your audience and invite them to learn about your product and your business.

8. Flipbooks

Example: Flipsnack

Flipbooks are interactive PDFs that offer readers a digital experience similar to reading a book or magazine, by flipping the pages. You can create such posts with digital flipbooks by using flipbook software.

You can share business books on Facebook, or create catalogs for your products and present them in an interactive way.

9. Infographics

Example: Venngage

Present information by using visuals to help people understand easier what you want to communicate. Add captions and share industry trends and tips.

10. Trending topics

Example: Charmin

Any brand should try to follow Facebook trends when creating posts to align with people’s needs and interests in a given period. In this way, their pages will have more engagement.

11. Branded graphics

Example: Wipro

Share posts on Facebook with branded graphics. Add your colors and logo to the pictures to help your audience remember these details related to your company and recognize you when they see other posts, materials, or products offered by you.

12. Stories

Example: Nike

Share stories from your experience as a company or other people’s stories. Followers use to engage with emotional or motivational posts.

13. Seasonal posts

Example: Threadless

You should include seasonal topics in your social media calendar. You will have many opportunities to add such posts throughout the year.

14. Images with your product

Example: Oreo

An image like the one above definitely makes you want an oreo cake, doesn’t it? Show people your product to make them want it. Present pictures with your product often so they can get to know all your product features, whether it’s a desert or a digital product.

If you are trying to market a service on Facebook, you can share more win stories and give details about how you achieved great results.

15. Asking engaging questions

Example: Mad over Marketing (M.O.M)

You can ask questions regarding their preferences to engage with them.

Also, you can ask what new features they would prefer your product to have. For example, if it’s a product, ask them what color they like the most from the ones you are offering or what new colors they would like you to add.

16. Asking for their opinion

Example: Econsultancy

Ask what their opinion is about your product. This will make them feel that their opinion matters and you will generate new ideas for improvement. However, be prepared to receive negative but constructive feedback. Don’t look at negative feedback as a bad thing. Just find a way to calm the person by showing your professionalism and good attitude one more time. Always respond to their questions to engage with them.

Ask them to complete surveys. You can even publish these types of posts on Facebook groups to get more responses from people interested in your product or service. Also, you will make some people curious about what you are offering and they might become your customers.

17. Asking followers to come up with ideas

Example: Skittles

There are different types of questions that you can ask your social media audience to create engagement.

Ask fun questions. They will keep you in mind as the fun business that engages with its audience in a unique way.

Engage with them by asking them to think about stories or ideas related to a subject.

18. Announcing new products

Example: Pringles

People that know your products would be excited if you diversify your product. For example, Pringles offers many different flavors that customers can choose from and still comes with new ones.

Also, there is a chance that people that were not customers before to like the new products and buy them this time.

19. Contest post

Example: Pop-Tarts

People like contests and receiving things for free. This is a great idea to engage with your customers and make someone very happy by winning something from you. They will associate your brand with the fun activities and the prizes they receive and know that you care about your customers.

20. Collaboration with other brands

Example: Taco Bell

Collaborate with brands related to yours, that are not your direct competitors to help each other reach your goals.

Wrapping up!

These 20 examples are just a small part of how brands present themselves on Facebook. You can follow them to stay up to date with trends and learn how to fully benefit from this amazing platform to engage with your users.

Many of these posts also work on Instagram. You can check this article to see examples of engaging Instagram posts that you should use for your company’s social media accounts.

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