The ultimate font guide to boosting social media performance

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Do you want to create appealing textual visuals on social media platforms to boost your performance? Just start thinking of fonts as your design element.

Strong visual content is necessary to engage people on social media sites. Most people show their interest only on flashy feeds. As a designer, it is important to create appealing content for your audience after understanding their intent.

Choosing a perfect typeface for social media text usage is almost similar to selecting it for any other platform. You need to consider a few crucial aspects and follow some guidelines formed by professional designers. At the end of this informative guide, you will learn the importance of typeface and how to choose a perfect font to boost social media performance.

Let’s get started!

Why font is important to boost social media performance?

The font is one element that can create appealing content in any design. But you can’t forget the importance of this element. Social media marketers use this single element to boost their traffic on their social media.

It will help if you combine different typefaces to form a perfect design that can attract your audience. This process is not as easy as it looks. Professional designers adopt plenty of practices to choose this element perfectly. It will add significant value to your message, and the audience will be impressed with your selection. You can trust trade gothic font family and match it with any other typeface to create a perfect social media post to engage more viewers.

Good typography always adds value to any design. As far as social media posts are concerned, the importance of this font’s selection is increased. You have to present your social media campaigns with appealing content to boost their value. You should understand the voice of the atmosphere and the user’s intention. It will allow you to make an easy selection.

Guide to choosing the typeface for social media design: 5 Easy Steps

There are zillions of fonts available for creating visual content on any platform. It is almost impossible to choose a perfect typeface for every design, especially in the case of social media posts. The designers have tried to impress their social media audience in multiple ways. You have the possibility to draw your lines and diagrams in such a way that the viewer likes your design.

An ideal selection of typefaces will do this task perfectly. You can give perfect font styles on visual elements of your social media design to take this advantage. This practice is not as easy to learn as most beginner designers think. It is quite hard to learn the basics, but once you understand the feel of choosing the right typeface, it will become easier to choose a perfect font for any design.

Let’s divide these guidelines into five easy steps:

1. Pick the right font type

There are different ways to classify fonts and their families. The most popular and major category typefaces are Serif, Sans Serif, and Script font types. In the case of social media posts, you have to be more precise in this choice because you need to design more engaging and appealing textual content here.

You even need to track the spacing between multiple characters and design engaging content for your social media posts to achieve this goal. You can make your design more appealing by combining two or three typefaces. It will add more uniqueness to your plan and force people to stop your social media posts.

2. Improve legibility

The textual content of your design should be legible. This is a really important factor for your social media performance. You have to be concise in this selection and create legible content for social media posts.

Some designers have stylized typography and add more contrast to impress their audience. Meanwhile, they forget this important issue and create ineligible content. So, you have to choose the type of font very wisely in every design to make your textual content legible.

3. Limit the total number of fonts:

Again, it is not a good idea to mix a large number of typefaces in a single design. You need to limit your choice and use only 2 to 3 different font styles in a single design. This limitation is essential for designers, especially in their social media posts.

You may not limit yourself if you create appealing posts on social media platforms. But it looks unprofessional, and users may start ignoring your posts. You have to choose the typefaces with matching tones and limit your selection for better results.

4. Avoid similar fonts, use decisive contrast

While mixing different typefaces in a single design, you should take care of the pitch of these fonts. Instead of combining similar typefaces, you should present your design with conclusive fonts. It looks fantastic to combine distinguished typefaces in a single design.

You can catch your audience’s attention by combining max two or three typefaces in a single design with the proper contrast. It should be chosen from multiple typefaces to impress your viewer. You only need to create harmony with this combination. The most classic way to create contrast between different typefaces is to pick serif and sans serif fonts and mix them into two or three font styles. Must remember the size and weight of our selected typefaces!

5. Control your emotions

The most important aspect of this guide comes at the end. You need to control your own emotions while boosting your posts on social media platforms. As a professional designer, you must understand your audience and their atmosphere to choose a perfect typeface for your social media designs. The format of your design should match with other visual objects in your social media design. Integrating it with your visual elements is crucial for the best results.

Most designers ignore this aspect and start creating awful designs for social media sites. You have to stay professional on these platforms and create attractive designs followed by proper thumb rules.

Useful Tips

There are still some important aspects left that need to be adopted by professional designers while creating a post on their social media platforms. Let me describe these important tips in shorter formats:

  • Always create attractive and creative content. Most of the users stop on flashy Facebook feeds, so you can also think differently and produce engaging content.
  • Use eye-catching colors and see how this magic works.
  • Try to avoid similar typefaces; mix your design with 2–3 contrasting fonts to create harmony in your designs.
  • Grab the attention of your viewers in natural ways.
  • Adopt an expressive font style in your social media posts.
  • Try to understand your user’s attention and choose the typeface accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Typography plays an important role in the success of any social media post. As a designer, you need to consider it part of your design. This element is absolutely not ignorable while creating appealing posts on any social media platform.

You may notice plenty of creative and eye-catching visual objects on social media. Most people are looking for flashy and attractive content only. To stand out from this heavy crowd, you have to produce an appealing post with the trade gothic font on these sites. Experienced designers prove the guidelines discussed in this short article, and they adopt them to boost their social media performance.

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