Content Curation – Why & How to make it a part of your Social Media Strategy

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As a Social Media Manager, we are always on a lookout for amazing content to share and usually, we take a step ahead and look for that content around the web. After all, we all know that there is no effective social media strategy without fresh, relevant content to fuel it. This process of looking for high-quality niche content is called content curation.

Content curation is the process of gathering, compiling and sharing high-quality content on a specific topic and presenting it to your audience.

Content curation has been around for a while now. However, it has become a very important part of every Social Media strategy in the last couple of years. A perfect balance between freshly created and curated content makes your timeline informative, visually appealing and strategic all at once.

Having said that, curating high-quality content could be a big task if you don’t find the right tool to do so. Content curation can ease up your content creation efforts and can reap big rewards with very little time investment in the long run!

Here are 5 reasons why you should curate content

1. Saves a lot of time

No matter what you do, time is invaluable. It is important to find and follow every single process that’d save you some time.
It’s difficult to find enough time to create fresh content all the time as there are other tasks that you need to take care of. Working on your strategy, deep diving into the analytics, scheduling your content and what not! This is when curated content can come handy.

2. Establishes you as a thought leader in your niche

Curata’s survey says 85% of people use curated content to establish thought leadership.


That’s an impressive stat, isn’t it?
When you curate, you can deliver quality content to your audience without having to invest time into extra research and are able to enhance your own brand image by coming off as an industry expert.

3. Brings you more traction and helps you grow your audience

Research shows that small to medium-sized businesses see 3.7x more volume and 1.6x more traffic for every hour that they invest in curating content as opposed to creating their own content.
If you can deliver an experience that saves your audience’s time in getting the information they need, it will step up your credibility game and will help in building loyalty which in turn will drive engagement and followers.
From blog posts to infographics to polls to images to videos, experiment and share various formats of content to keep your audience on their feet.

4. Ready-made high-quality content

It goes without saying but well you can definitely find a lot of good quality content about anything and everything on the internet. Something that you don’t need to create but can share directly. This will still get you Social Media engagement. Isn’t that a win-win!

5. Makes you appear less promotional

Your audience might stop following you or become less interested in your content if you keep talking about yourself. It’s important to appear less promotional and more informative when it comes to Social Media marketing. When you share curated content, you do exactly that.

Here are 3 ways you can Curate content

1. Use Twitter lists

You can manually create a list of Twitter accounts including thought leaders, news accounts related to your topic, blogs etc. who tweet content from your niche.

You’ll have to look for the right accounts to add to your list and you’ll have to keep updating this list at regular intervals but that’s just a little bit of one-time effort with a little bit of maintenance.

You can either quote RT their posts or schedule it from your account making sure you give proper credits. You can even share it on other Social Networks!

2. Subscribe to Newsletters

Find the good quality blogs and sites in your niche and subscribe to their newsletters. Share the content that’s sent to you in these newsletters. This content is usually hand-picked and each piece will add value to your timeline.

3. Use Crowdfire ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

With Crowdfire’s Content Curation you can –

1. Keep all your timelines active 🚀
2. Post high-quality, new content every day 🙌
3. Spark conversations with your audience ❤️
4. Get discovered by a wider, interested audience 💃

Instead of going through countless bookmarks, you can simply add your topics of interest to Crowdfire and have handpicked articles delivered to you with every refresh, right on your screen.

And if you manage multiple profiles with different topics of interest, create multiple profiles on your account and add topics accordingly 😉

Crowdfire has a section called Articles that fetches relevant articles based on the topics you’ve added. You can share these articles on all your Social Networks.
You can add RSS feeds of your choice and all the latest posts from these feeds will show up on the app.
With Crowdfire chrome extension, you can quickly share the article you’re reading and customise it for different Social Networks while you’re at it.

Is content curation a part of your social strategy? How often do you curate content and why? Let’s talk about it in the comments 👇

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