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Building a Social Media report is not only important but also necessary. However, creating a report that everyone around the table can understand may get challenging. As a Social Media Manager, you might understand the numbers and their significance but to help other’s understand the same, you need to present these numbers in an easy and digestible way.

We understand this and so we decided to make it simple for you to build beautiful and understandable reports.

*drum rolls*

We’re super excited to announce the launch of our brand new, super-nifty custom report builder!

With the report builder, you can choose the metrics you want to add, the date range and save or download the report.

Reports is the simplest way to create your daily/ weekly/ monthly/ custom report to showcase your Social Media ROI.

How to build your report?

1. Go to Analytics
2. Click on Reports
3. Click on Build a report
4. Enter a title and the description
5. Choose the date range at the top right
6. Select the Social account or accounts
7. Add the widgets that you wish to include
8. Click on Save report

You can save the report on Crowdfire or you can download the report. You can also delete a widget if you don’t want to include it. To delete a widget, click on the trash can icon.

Report builder.gif

Reports is currently available on premium and VIP plans.

What social networks does Report builder work with?

You can build reports for Twitter, Instagram business accounts, LinkedIn pages and Facebook pages.

Where can I access Reports?

The Reports tab is neatly housed on the left menu of your Analytics tab on the Web App.

Can I get a Free Trial of Reports?

Yes, you can opt for our 14-day free trial.

Final Thoughts

We’re super excited to be launching Reports and we look forward to providing you with solid experience in building your reports with the data of your choice.

Happy Reporting!

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