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61 Tweetable Twitter Tips To Grow and Increase Your Reach 😎

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How to grow on Twitter? This simple question doesn’t have a very simple or straightforward answer. You need to do a bunch of stuff and keep doing it to keep growing. I have a set of tips that’ll help you through this process. Some of these are basic and you might already know these but it is important to go back to your account and see if you need to make some basic changes as well…. you know…. we’re so busy with all the big things and strategies that we forget small yet important things. So here we go

Tweeting #TwitterTips has a three-fold advantage> 1. Establish thought leadership. 2. Gain higher engagement. 3. Learn new things while you're researching Click To Tweet

So let’s get started!

Your profile picture is the first impression you make on Twitter. Use a good one. Click To Tweet

Potential followers read bios. Have a smart one. Why should they follow you? Tell them. Click To Tweet Header photos can enhance your profile – use customized ones. Twitter recommends dimensions of 1500 x 500. Click To Tweet

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Include the URL to your website/blog in your bio, in addition to the URL field Twitter provides. Click To Tweet Twitter usernames can be up to 15 characters long. Keep yours short – more memorable. Click To Tweet Sharing your location in your profile is a good idea if you are looking for local followers. This works well for local businesses. Click To Tweet Use relevant hashtags in your bio to make it easier for people to find and follow you. Click To Tweet The best way to analyze how good your bio is – ask yourself whether you’d read and follow? Click To Tweet Twitter recommends profile picture dimensions of 500 x 500. Don’t go lower. Click To Tweet Keep your tweets short. Research shows tweets of 120 or fewer characters perform best. Click To Tweet Funny tweets are likelier to be retweeted. When was the last time you posted a rib tickler? Click To Tweet Quotes, especially motivational ones, get retweeted a lot. Send one out and see for yourself. Click To Tweet Tweets with images are way likelier to be retweeted. You can uses images from Unsplash or Pixabay. Click To Tweet You can actually add up to 4 images to one tweet and create an impactful collage. Click To Tweet Schedule several tweets at once to save time and stay consistent. Use a scheduler. Click To Tweet

Use Crowdfire

Don’t start a tweet with a username if you want everyone to see it. Add a “.” before the username. Click To Tweet Tweet live. From the events you are attending or tv shows you are watching. Use relevant hashtags. Click To Tweet If you make a typo or tweet something awkward, you can always delete it. Do that till they don't come up with the edit button. Click To Tweet You can retweet your tweet. Really! Especially, if it is really cool and it performed well the first time. Click To Tweet Tweeting about twitter gets more followers. Post tips, tutorials and links to useful twitter resources. Click To Tweet Always give credit for tweets that aren’t your own. Click To Tweet Use words like Tip, Blog, Infographic when sharing one of those. It will make your post discoverable. Click To Tweet Use action words in your tweets. What do you want readers to do – read, click, retweet etc. Click To Tweet Don’t capitalize all the text in your tweets. Just don’t. It severely affects readability. Also, sounds like you're screaming. Click To Tweet Have a cool tweet? Create variations of it and reuse on your timeline. Click To Tweet Mention relevant people in your tweets. They’ll read it and possibly retweet. Click To Tweet Have a story to tell? Use threads. Click To Tweet One of the easiest ways to get replies on your tweets – ask questions. Good questions. Click To Tweet Landscape images (2:1) in tweets will look best on your followers’ feeds. Click To Tweet At least 1 in 4 of your posts should contain an image. More images = better-looking timeline. Click To Tweet Text overlaid on images also performs well on Twitter. Make these using Canva, AdobeSpark etc. Click To Tweet Tweets written at higher reading grade levels lead to more retweets and follows. Click To Tweet Tweet breaking news – one of the best ways to start a trend and gain new followers. Click To Tweet Use emojis for higher engagement 🦄. Never underestimate the power of the right emoji. Click To Tweet Too much self-promotion is a total turn-off. Tweet more than just your own blog posts and opinions. Click To Tweet Negativity is the biggest reason why people unfollow. Don’t use twitter to crib and complain. Click To Tweet Don’t retweet too much. If your account comprises primarily of retweets, you won’t get followers. Click To Tweet The three secrets of Twitter success: conversations, conversations, conversations. Click To Tweet One of the easiest ways to get retweets is to ask for them. A simple “Please RT” will also work. Click To Tweet Don’t always ask for retweets. There is a fine line between asking and begging. Click To Tweet Be polite. Never tweet something you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Click To Tweet Twitter’s not the platform for rude, racist, sexist comments. Treat it as a “social” network. Click To Tweet If someone retweets or likes your tweets often, return the favour. Or at least acknowledge it. Click To Tweet Mark your twitter media as sensitive in account settings if it might be considered offensive by some. Click To Tweet Anything tweeted when your “sensitive media” was turned on will stay hidden even when you turn it off. Click To Tweet You don’t want to see their tweets, but you can’t unfollow them either. Mute them. It will keep your timeline clean. Click To Tweet Always reply to mentions. No exceptions. Okay, spammy mentions can be ignored. Click To Tweet Connect with new people everyday. Even if it’s just a hello. Click To Tweet Don’t get fixated with numbers. Twitter is about relationships, work on building those. Click To Tweet If you would be tweeting a lot for some reason (for instance, participating in a Twitter chat), inform your followers. Click To Tweet Don’t ignore anyone. No account is too small. Everybody is a potential influencer. Click To Tweet Use analytics.twitter.com to track which type of tweets work best for you and your followers. Click To Tweet Pin your best Tweet 📌 First impression matters. In the real and virtual world. Click To Tweet If you are a business, your customers expect a twitter response time of an hour or less. Use a tool to track your mentions. Click To Tweet Don’t waste time and energy trying to get verified. Use those resources to make your account more meaningful. Click To Tweet Even if you are using Twitter for business – keep your tone conversational. Click To Tweet Curate good content that matches the theme of your Twitter account and Tweet it out at regular intervals. Click To Tweet Try Twitter’s advanced search to fine tune your search. It’s cool, try here: https://twitter.com/search-advanced Click To Tweet Remove access of your account for apps you no longer use from your Twitter apps setting. Click To Tweet

Don’t tweet for the heck of it. Attempt to make each tweet of value to your followers. Click To Tweet😎

Have more shareable tips that you’d like for us to include in this post? Share them in the comment section!


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