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When was the last time you had your favourite food? 

Generally, people tend to listen to these simple questions and their first instinct is to think and answer. It is mostly because, this is a simple question and requires less or no thinking, it’s fun and well, super easy to answer.

That’s why asking questions on Social Media drives engagement. However, you should pay attention to what you’re asking, if that question goes along with your brand voice, if it makes sense to ask that and more importantly – is your audience into that particular topic.

I had compiled a list of 150 questions earlier and here is another set of 150 more questions to help boost engagement. These are questions based on various categories and you can pick and choose the ones that serve you the best.

Remember, this should not be your ONLY way to increase engagement. What your audience wants is helpful, educational, inspirational and interesting content. While adding one of these questions can help you break-through the Social Media algorithm, use the time you’d save to work on something that adds value.

150 questions to boost your Social Media Engagement


1. Are there any brands that you are loyal to?

2. Branded or non-branded? Why?

3. Do you think some brands are not worth the extra money they charge?

4. If you were to start your brand, what will it be called?

5. What was the brand name of the last product you used (your phone, camera, bag, lipstick…)?

6. Mention the brands you think make their best efforts to engage with their audience.

10 Years Ago

7. 10 years ago what did you use the internet for? 

8. 10 years ago what was the goal that you were working on? Did you achieve it?

9. 10 years ago which social platform(s) were you most active on?

10. Which of the following that didn’t exist 10 years ago is now an important part of your life – 

a. iPad 

b. Whatsapp

c. Snapchat 

d. Instagram 

e. Uber 

f. Bitcoin

g. Google Drive 

h. Medium 

11. What was something that you were good at 10 years ago but don’t do anymore?

12. What one thing you would say to your 10 years younger self?

Personal Growth

13. If you wake up tomorrow without fear, what would you do?

14. Do you usually settle for good enough things in life or do you go for the best?

15. When was the last time you challenged yourself? What did you do?

16. What motivates you to do your best?

17. Are you a starter, a finisher or both?

18. How do Mondays feel to you? (How would you want them to feel?)


19. Where do you get your news from?

20. How much do you trust newspapers, television news, and news from the internet? Which is the most reliable source of information?

21. Which part of the news do you find yourself skipping to? 

a. Sports

b. Entertainment and pop culture

c. Daily local news

d. Finance and economy

e. Politics

f. other

22. Do you think the news today is too depressing?

23. Has technology changed the way we consume news and how the news is reported? How?

24. Should news be more entertaining or informative?

25. What is worse – Failing or Never trying?

26. What is your favourite Crowdfire feature? Why?

27. Social media marketing doesn’t work for some specific industry types. True or False? Share your thoughts!

28. What’s one advice you’d give to someone who is stepping into adulthood?

29. The first word that pops into my head when I think of Social Media is _____________.

30. If you could have theme music for your life which song would it be?


31. What should one do with they’re surrounded by negative people? 

32. How do you respond to appreciation?

  • Blush
  • Too embarrassed
  • Say thank you
  • Be humble
  • Other

33. How do you spend your free time?

34. When you’re about to do something challenging and are uncertain about the results, you are –

  • Anxious
  • Strong
  • Scared but excited
  • Low on confidence
  • Other

35. How fulfilling is your everyday life? 

  • Very!
  • It’s okay.
  • It could be better.
  • Other

Giving Up

36. Tell us one good habit you will never give up on? Share how it has made your life better.

37. If you could let go of one materialistic thing that you own, what would it be?

38. What’s one bad habit you’ve given up or plan to give up in 2018?

39. Share what ‘Giving Up’ means to you with a GIF. 

40. What do you tell yourself when you’re close to giving up on something good? How do you keep yourself going?

41. What’s one food item that you eat but want to give up for good?


42. How many languages do you speak? How did you learn them?

43. What’s the strangest language you’ve heard?

44. Have you ever tried learning a new language? How did it go?

45. Have you ever visited a place where most people did not speak the languages you know? Share your experience!

46. If you could magically speak another language, what language would it be?

47. Say ‘Thank you’ in the language of your choice and name the language.

First Impressions

48. When you look at someone, what makes you think they are –

  • Dangerous
  • Intelligent
  • Kind
  • Not smart

49. Have you met someone who you disliked right away even though you didn’t know them? Share!

50. According to you – What are the most important times to make a good first impression?

51. What are the best ways to make a good first impression?

52. Do you make first impressions based on what people wear?

53. Do you try to make a different first impression now than you did earlier in your life?


54. Do you check your emails every day? Why/ why not?

55. Which year did you create your first email account? Do you still use that email address?

56. Have you ever hit the send button and realised you shouldn’t have? Share!

57. Do you write emails to brands and companies or do you use Social Media to reach out to them? Why?

58. How often do you send and receive emails?

59. If you could have access to someone else’s e-mail account, who would it be and why?


60. What comes to your mind when you hear the word individuality?

61. What makes you unique?

62. What’s a tattoo you have or would like to get someday?

63. What is one of your strongest qualities that has helped you in life?

64. Have you ever tried to fit in with people around you? Why/ Why not?

65. Is individualism good or bad for society? Share your thoughts!


66. Do you like meeting new people and making connections? Why or why not?

67. What are some things you usually talk about when you first meet a new person?

68. Have you ever met someone you connected instantly with? Share!

69. Have you ever had a stranger come up and start talking to you? How did it go?

70. Do you ever try to initiate a conversation with strangers? (At a pub, classes, online)

71. If you ever saw someone you admire (a celebrity, college crush etc) would you approach them? How?


72. What’s your first reaction when you see something is available for free?

73. Have you ever tried a physical good or something digital just because it was available for free?

74. Have you ever bought something after trying it out for free? Why/ Why not?

75. If you could get a one-month free trial for absolutely anything in the world, what would you want it to be?

76. Have you ever written a review, rated a product or done something else to receive a freebie?

77. Is giving stuff away for free a good marketing strategy? Share your thoughts!

Marie Kondo-ing your Social Media

78. What is your first thought when you think of decluttering your Social accounts?

79. When you go through your Social feed (Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram etc. timeline), do you feel happy? Why/ why not?

80. Do you clean your Social accounts periodically to make sure you enjoy looking at your timeline? How often?

81. Have you ever taken some time out to clean your feeds by archiving or deleting posts? 

82. How often do you clear your Social inbox by responding to all the mentions (tweets, messages, comments etc.)?

83. Share with us one account that you follow and it sparks joy?


84. How often do you use GIFs in your Social conversations?

85. Have you ever made a GIF? Why/ Why not?

86. Share your go-to GIF with us!

87. Do you think GIF marketing is a thing? Have you noticed any brand doing it?

88. How do you make sure if the GIF you’re using is appropriate? 

89. Do you remember when was the first time you used a GIF? Tell us with a GIF!

Social Media Burnout

90. Have you ever felt Social Media Burnout?

91. What do you think are the symptoms of Social Media Burnout?

92. Do you give your eyes and brain a break from Social Media? How?

93. Have you ever tried limiting your Social Media time? Why/ Why not?

94. Do you think using a tool to manage your Social Media can help to avoid the burnout? Share your thoughts!

95. Share your #1 advice to avoid Social Media Burnout.

LinkedIn Marketing

96. What makes LinkedIn an important platform for marketing?

97. What is #1 thing someone can do to make their LinkedIn page/ profile standout?

98. What type of content performs the best on LinkedIn?

99. Is there anything about LinkedIn that surprises you?

100. What should be your goal for having a LinkedIn page?

101. Do you use any LinkedIn ‘hacks’ that you’d like to share with us?


102. What comes to your mind you hear the word ‘Authenticity’?

103. What does being authentic on Social Media mean?

104. Everyone on social media is a bit ‘Fake’. – Share your thoughts on this statement.

105. Do you think authenticity matters? Why/ Why not?

106. What can be classified as authentic content on Social Media?

107. Tell us something about yourself! What makes your account authentic?

108. What are the three best apps on your phone?

109. How often do you check your phone? What do you check the most? 

110. Who is one person you were able to connect via Social media that otherwise, you wouldn’t have met?

111. Websites or app? Which one do you prefer using and why?

112. Tell us one Social Media skill you’re good at.

113. Do you usually edit all your photos? Why/why not? 

114. How many apps do you have on your phone?

115. TikTok or Instagram?

116. How do you usually respond to a troll on the internet?

117. Use just emojis to express how you’re feeling right now!

118. Has social media given you more confidence in expressing yourself?

119Where would you love to live in your ideal world? Why?


120. What’s one thing you think you need to improve on?

121. List things that one can do to improve their Social Media profile.

122. When was the last time you took someone’s help to improve any of your skills? 

123. Improvement = Progress 

Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts!

124. Do you think Social Media analytics help in the understanding “improvement process” of your account?

125. On a scale of 0 – 5 how much has your Twitter profile improved in last one year? 

Advertising and marketing

126. Is there truth in advertising? Share your thoughts!

127. Can you name three different ways of advertising? Tell us the first thing that pops up in your mind.

128. Why is it necessary to advertise?

129. What do you think of celebrity endorsements?

130. Do you think ads influence the choices you make?

131. What kind of advertisements attract your attention?

Email Marketing

132. Do you open promotional emails? Why/ Why not?

133. Have you ever subscribed to promotional emails willingly? For what kind of products?

134. How often do you open your email inbox to unsubscribe from unwanted emails?

135. What kind of emails do you enjoy reading?

136. Do you know the difference between a spam email and a cold email? Share your thoughts!

137. What kind of email subject lines interest you the most 

  •  Funny
  • Question
  • Direct offer
  • Informative
  • Other 

To-do lists

138. Do you make to-do lists? Why/ why not?

139. To-do list app or pen and paper? Pick one!

140. If you could add one Social media task to your to-do list, what would it be?

141. What’s the ideal number of tasks one should add on their to-do list?

142. Apart from making to-do lists, share one way to be more productive!

143. If you were to add three tasks to your weekend’s to-do list what would they be?


Tell us 2 things you are grateful for, today?

144. What’s your favourite quote on Positivity? 

145. What’s the importance of positivity in your life?

146. What’s a simple habit you practice daily that helps you stay positive? 

147. What is that one topic you can talk about all day, with energy and enthusiasm?

148. How do you work your way through a Creative Block?

149. What do you do to make sure you’re organized at work and in life? 

150. What are some of the productivity killers that you should stay away from?

So that’s all! 

Some tips to help up your game a notch

  1. Add appropriate emojis to make your post more visible 😉
  2. Tweak questions to match your brand tone.
  3. These questions are readily available here so schedule them using Crowdfire best time for the best results.
  4. When someone replies, engage with them. Use Crowdfire Mentions to do this.
  5. Add images or GIFs. Convert the questions to polls or any other format. Experiment and keep experimenting.

Social Media is a saturated space and engagement doesn’t come on its own, you need to ask for it.

Over to you

What are your thoughts on asking questions on Social Media? Got some interesting questions, share with us in the comments.

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