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Social Media #ROI is important for in-house marketers as well as for the agencies. If you work for an employer, they need to understand how their budget and your efforts are paying off and if you have clients, you need to show them their money’s worth and

A little background – At Crowdfire, we used to make presentations for our monthly stand-ups and this reporting consisted of PPTs with ALL the important data. We understood that analysing all the numbers, downloading different reports, adding it all to a custom report and then creating a presentation is a lot of work. So we decided to make it simple for everyone out here. We started with Advanced analytics, data comparison, PDF downloads and are happy to announce that now you can download PPT reports for all your Social networks, directly from Crowdfire.

Let me quickly answer all your questions on downloadable reports in PPT format

Where can I download PPT reports for my analytics?

You can download PPT for Advanced analytics and custom reports that you’ve built using Report builder.

Can I edit this presentation?

Yes, you can customise it and edit it after downloading.

Supported Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

On what plans is it available?

It’s available on all our paid plans for Advanced analytics and on Premium and VIP plans for custom reports using Report Builder.

Sample report

iSpiriTualist’s Social Media Performance

Final Thoughts

We’re super excited to be launching PPT Reports and we look forward to providing you with solid experience in building your reports with the data of your choice.

Happy Reporting!

Try it here now 🙂

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