8 best video animation apps to try in 2022

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Animation is what can add a feather to the cap, it gives a splendid and more intriguing look to the content. It has taken over the world by storm. Businesses around the world, whether big or small, are gradual including animated videos in their content. Animation videos help in delivering the messages in seconds and in addition to that it gives the content a life, attractive and engaging look. There is no limitation when it comes to the types and features video animation offers.

  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Animated explainers’ videos

In the business spectrum, Video marketing can add great notches to a business and can help the in-boosting sales and build more trust. Now, almost 85% of businesses are using video marketing as a tool. From social media to television video animation is everywhere., living in a digitalized video animation has its, distinct benefits.

Benefits Of Video Animation

It gives more visibility as reading is not everyone’s cup of tea; some people have a short attention span. When you deliver the message through an engaging video where there are characters and engaging dialogues it builds up the interest of the audience. More people will watch the videos and it will help in landing more prospects.

1. Gives brand a voice

Imagine a brand that has no voice, no one will ever know about or be aware of it. Video animation gives the benefit of building awareness. Creating video content that speaks about the brand will also help in building brand awareness. They bring more ROI to the brand and help in having more visibility.

2. It pleases the eye

When you deliver the message in an emotional or a humorous tone it clicks the brain more, it builds a connection and people relate more to it. It depends on how it is represented as cartoons are pleasing to the eye. If you hit on the right target, it could help bring more leads and can affect the business massively.

3. It is pocket friendly

Well, the best aspect of video animation in marketing is that it is cost-effective. There are certain applications and software that are affordable and have impeccable features. The plus point is that anyone can use it and there Is no need to hire a designer.

How To Choose the Video Animation Application?

It mainly depends on the user’s knowledge and technical skills, to understand the concept and skills of video one can go online and learn about 2D,3D, and whiteboard animation. If you are running a business and you need illustrations, set up a budget it will help in choosing the application easily. Apart from all of this you can choose the best application apps given on the list below for 2022.

8 Best Video Animation Apps to Try In 2022

1. FlipaClip

This is the application that everyone needs to install. First of all, it is free of cost, it is modern and fully equipped with technical capabilities. FlipaClip is a cartoon animation with a retro feel to it. It allows the use of personal pictures and to illustrate cartoons. With its creative features, it allows removing unnecessary details. FlipaClip offers 3 layers of art free and has added more layers for a more pristine experience.

Bring the animation to life by adding audio and voiceovers, and can add sound FX audio for premium users. They have a tremendous tool in their application with the onion skimming tool, animation frames viewer animating frame by frame, and much more. They support PNG sequences with transparency, and the videos can be uploaded on all social media platforms.

2. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt animator is another cartoon animation application that has been there for some time but it is one of the applications to look out for in 2022. It is an easy-to-use mobile application that can be downloaded for free. PicsArt also has the feature of GIFs, doodle it is often referred for the beginners to use. You can bring life to the images and exciting colors and moving images to it. They have a range of stickers and excellent background music.

They have multiple layers for complex Video Animation so that it gives an elevated and more professional look. One of the prestigious features they have is drawing on photos and making animated videos and images. With the help of advanced drawing tools, PicsArt has always remained in the top best animation applications. The length of the videos can be controlled too, it is the one application that has all the solutions. It is cost-free and ad-free.

3. Adobe Animate

Adobe spark is the best application to use for social media content, adobe spark is also called adobe animate. Also, it’s one of the best and top-rated applications for video animation.  You can easily download it on the phone and the desktop. It is interesting and up to the mark for the people who want to invest in excellent video animation applications.  There are new templates added and exquisite features to the application.

They believe in creativity for all they have an impeccable option of mobile web designing in which games and ads content can be created with illustration and animation tools. They have the premium option to give characters more life with adobe fresco brushes which results in making the characters walk and talk with the help of frame-by-frame illustration.

4. Toontastic 3D

A spectacular 3D application that elevates and gives dimension to the characters. It is a video maker application where one can choose characters like pirates and robots. It allows creating stories with innovative characters and creating adventurous or fictional stories. All beginners to professionals can use this application and transform their ideas into a story. It can also be downloaded for free, the specialty it has is that it works offline too.

Draw the cartoons and record voices and tune them as you like them. There is a box to cartoons that is its top feature, other than that they have built-in songs features and mix a little add some notches to the sound. Not only does it create adventurous stories it also creates video games and photo albums.

5. Biteable

Biteable is an instant animation video maker; it is a paid one but is one of the most useful and incredible applications. It is used by the world’s topmost companies. All the marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies use and create innovative videos with biteable. You don’t have to be an experienced individual to use biteable. The main reason to use this tool is for animation video explainers and social media videos.

Being a well-equipped and up-to-date platform, users can easily choose their desired options.
You can create professional videos with added features and users can add their music and images to them. There are hundreds and thousands of customizable live actions.

6. Animoto

It is the application that does not need to be downloaded, it can be directly opened and used. Animoto is one of the rising names in the market of video animation. They have millions of stocks images and videos available that can be edited accordingly. It is simply the best for beginners and is supported on android and IOS phones. Animoto helps in creating pleasing videos with its numerous video animation styles. There is a well-developed video templates gallery to use for making videos.

It is simple to make videos with simple drag and drop builders. It helps in uploading photos and videos directly from the phone, they have a specialty in creating explainers’ videos. One of the best parts is the video creation is for free.

7. Animaker

It has futuristic features, Animaker is a platform for beginners, professionals, to create live-action videos. Animaker has over 10 million successful projects and they have some of the world’s biggest companies under their belt. In their gallery, there are 1000s of templates available that help in creating polished and creative videos. Create characters and expressions, 150 characters that can be customized, and 20 expressions. So, Animaker helps in creating lively characters. To add finer touches to the characters there is a voice-over option too.

Animaker works on an HTML5 engine which gives a smooth performance, all of the data is encrypted by SSL. It has the incredible feature of 4k videos and the video styles using 2D and 2.5D, infographics, and whiteboard animation.

8. Animation Desk

With the feature of frame-to-frame animation, the animation desk is one the best and most reputable video animation applications available for the phone. It is an unmatchable application. It is used for pencil animations and test sketches that are turned into animation. They have an attractive and engaging interface that makes it much easier for the user. It has the feature of a storyboard; one can create an interesting and creative story with an animation desk.

It allows the user to animate and draw images with more than 46 brushes, it is an application with advanced tools that helps video makers in creating high-class animation. It is free of cost application but charges for its premium services.


Now that the best applications have been sorted out, anyone can take a chance and choose from the above applications. Get your hands creative and make animation videos that touch the sky.

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