How CRM Data can be Used to Improve your Social Media Strategy

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Did you know that more than 90% of all the data worldwide has been generated within the last few years? 

With such a vast reservoir of data generated every hour of the day, how do you plan on standing out with your social media strategy?

The old-fashioned one-size-fits-all social media approach has gone out of the window now as customers have become more tech-savvy and fussy with every passing day. 

So, the best possible approach for your social media campaign is to follow a highly individualized marketing approach that is mainly driven by modern technology and data. And a CRM tool can help you with exactly that!

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool can help you and your team track, manage, and engage with all your customers from one common platform. 

CRM solutions follow a highly customer-centric approach to maintaining and improving your customers’ relationship throughout their journey. No wonder CRM is now the biggest software market globally and is expected to reach $80 billion in revenue by 2025!

Unfortunately, many businesses make the huge mistake of not investing in a CRM solution during the early stages of their social media growth. Adopting a CRM tool for social media strategy can deliver huge gains to your business, such as increased customer retention, customer acquisition, brand popularity, and customer lifetime value.

Hyper-Personalized and Targeted Ads 

An efficient CRM system, such as SuperOffice, helps you to manage the data of your prospects, leads, and customers in a commonplace. Using this data, you can create personalized and accurate target lists to help you with your social media campaigns.

All major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to upload segmented lists obtained from CRM to create custom audiences. This way, you can create hyper-targeted ads for different audiences from different lists.

For example, using your CRM data, you can create custom audiences based on product usage, purchase history, and last login time. So, based on this data, you can create a target list full of customers who haven’t made any recent purchases from your brand. 

Next, you can create ads with special discount coupons or offers specifically targeting such about-to-churn customers. Doing this will lead to a massive increase in your customer retention rates and turn unhappy customers into loyal customers.

Build Long-Term Customer Relationships

Personalization and continuous engagement is the key to building long-term loyal relationships with your customers. From the funnel’s awareness stage to the buying stage, adding value to your customers at each touchpoint is super-important for customer retention.

Using a CRM system, the entire customer history right from contact info, emails, social media conversations, complaints, purchase history, to feedback, everything can be pulled up and gathered within minutes. In fact, 74% of businesses agree that a CRM software such as Super Office has improved their access to such customer data. 

This CRM data can then be used to start highly personalized, meaningful, and valuable conversations with your customers over social media.

For instance, by tracking CRM data, you can segment all your loyal customers and brand advocates. Using this data, you can give a special shout out to these customers on your social media posts.

Through such customer segmentation, you’ll build and maintain sustainable relationships with your customers and increase your brand awareness while doing that.


Increased Social Media Engagement

CRM data give you eye-opening insights about your social media campaigns. 

You’ll be able to understand your customer behaviour better by getting to know about the publishing time, type of posts, content, and hashtags that best resonate with your social media audience. You’ll also learn about which social media platforms yield the best results for your organic and paid campaigns. 

Using this CRM data, you can fine-tune and pivot your social media strategies to achieve the maximum ROI. Such useful insights can hardly be obtained through manual efforts of collecting historical data. Only a powerful and automated CRM solution such as SuperOffice will help you crush your social media campaigns.

For instance, suppose that for your previous campaigns, you have generated the maximum number of leads from Facebook ads while Twitter has generated the maximum engagement for your brand’s hashtag. 

Using this, you can arrive at the conclusion that you should invest more on Facebook for your paid social campaigns. While you must share more valuable and shareable content on Twitter so that you generate the most number of brand awareness through the platform.

Hence, using CRM data, you can finetune your entire social media publishing schedule, content, and hashtags for gaining the maximum ROI out of your efforts.

Identifying Power Customers and Creating Lookalike Audiences

Every business has a percentage of the top few customers who are your power customers. Such customers actively engage with your products, make frequent purchases from your brand, advocate your brand leading to increased customer acquisition, and probably contribute to the top 20% of your revenue.

A smart CRM system, such as Super Office, will help you identify these power customers. CRM data such as purchase history, feedback, referrals, loyalty program details, email interactions, and social media interactions can be used to create a target list full of power customers for your business.

Now, how can you use this list for your social media strategy? The answer is to create lookalike audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This is a brilliant strategy that can completely transform your social media campaigns, and you are bound to see a significant rise in your acquisition rates.

Lookalike audiences are the people on social media platforms who match your power list customers’ data such as demographics, profession, interests, age, gender, etc. You can create lookalike audiences using Facebook Business Manager. Facebook will automatically curate a list of social media leads who share traits with your loyal customers.

By targeting these leads using social media organic and paid strategies, you can have a more targeted marketing approach. 

By using lookalike audiences, the leads that you target on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are more likely to convert into long-term customers. This ultimately leads to reduced CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), increased lead conversion rates, growth in customer acquisition rates, and increased business profits.

Proactively Respond to Customer Queries and Complaints 

Today, customers believe that social media has made brands more accountable for their actions. This is why people often resort to putting out complaints and negative comments on social media when they are frustrated with any brand’s services.

Customers tend to lash out more on social media platforms when they do not receive immediate responses from brands. Hence for such situations, a powerful CRM tool can save the day.

Using CRM data, your team can pull up customer data within minutes. This CRM data may consist of past emails, complaints, purchase history, and feedback that can be used to provide better resolution for customer complaints.

For instance, when a customer complains about your product on social media, you shouldn’t be nagging them by asking specific details and taking time to pull up their history. 

A CRM system will keep everything organized at a central place. Using this data, your team can resolve customer complaints and respond to negative feedback on time.


To summarize, gone are the days when one-size-fits-all social media strategies worked. Any generic social media posts and ads are not as effective now as they used to be a few years before.

If you are not utilizing historical and analytical data to modify your social media campaigns, you are probably at a huge loss. A highly personalized and targeted approach is the key to improving your social media engagement and increasing the ROI for your campaigns.

An effective CRM system can do all this for you with ease while improving your team’s productivity multiple folds. So equip your business with a strong and powerful CRM tool today and watch your social media growth skyrocket.

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