12 Useful Project Management Tools for Social Media Managers

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Without a doubt, social media has completely changed the way businesses and brands connect with their customers. 

But this also explains why social media marketing can be tricky.

For one, each platform has its own personality. Second, you always have to consider your audience. Third, it can be challenging to come up with social media content from various parts of your business.

Thus, if not managed well, social media marketing can lead to burn-out. 

Luckily, there are project management tools that can make a social media manager’s life easy. Plus, they could come in handy when making a business’s online presence grow.

Why Social Media Managers Need Project Management Tools

Effectively managing projects allows you to stay on track with your tasks, whether it’s the usual daily tasks or one-off projects. 

A great tool will also take into consideration team collaboration. 

According to one episode of the PM Podcast, having a project management tool is vital. Moreso, if multiple departments must work together on a project.

That said, we will talk more about the 12 useful project management tools:


Over the last couple of years, Crowdfire has been adding one notable feature after another. Apart from content scheduling, you can effectively help you with Social listening, reporting and advanced analytics. It also offers curated content.

It allows one to connect with their blogs, YouTube channel, or e-commerce stores. And then they can curate social media posts for every update that you come up with. 


If you are looking for an easy-to-use project management tool, ProofHub is what you need.

It has built-in features that allow social media managers to plan, organize, and collaborate on different projects, all from a single location. 

As a result, one gets a clear, holistic view of all these activities, communicating this with managers, team members, and even clients. 


Buffer is an easy-to-use app that allows you to manage your social media calendar. This includes drafting your posts, scheduling it per channel, and measuring their performance.

Here’s the thing: Ideally, you can promote your content across all social media platforms you have. The only caveat is that you might need to from one dashboard to another to make it happen.

With Buffer, you can do that in a single dashboard. No need to switch!

That said, you can be efficient and effective in running your business’s social media campaigns on various channels.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a helpful social media tool that allows you to connect with your followers and audience.

Besides connecting with your social media platforms, you can also integrate Sprout Social with Bitly, Feedly, Zendesk, and User Voice.

Thus, you do not have to switch browsers to create a short URL or respond to customer support messages. This means that you talk with a customer and share relevant content all in one place. 


SocialPilot is a cost-effective social media marketing tool specifically tailored for social media marketing teams and agencies.

It boasts a single platform that helps you automate social media management. That’s because you can connect your channels in a single dashboard.

Mind you; you can link up to 200 social media profiles with a social media management tool. Doing so allows you to be more efficient in running social media campaigns. 

If you are using SocialPilot, you can share up to 500 posts daily shared across all your linked profiles. 


With CoSchedule, social media managers can easily manage all their projects in a single dashboard. This includes sharing and publishing social media content, helps them save time, and boost productivity. 

Apart from task organization and marketing, this tool is also excellent for professional marketers who want to communicate and collaborate with their teams. That way, they can deliver a project on time. 

But what’s cool about CoSchedule is its Headline Analyzer. This feature allows social media managers to improve their content. As a result, they get to share content that piques interests and encourages engagement on social media. 


Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to track and manage your social media network channels effectively.

It allows you to monitor what other people are saying about you and your brand, allowing you to respond instantly as well. 

Using this tool also allows you to build and manage business campaigns all from a single dashboard. You can also use it to track conversations, schedule messages, and engage with prospective customers. 


If you manage a social media team, someone has to be responsible for something. Moreso, if you are running a campaign.

For instance, who will be the one doing the graphics? And who is going to make the draft and approve it for posting? You might also need someone who can measure your social media campaign’s performance.

This is where Asana could come in handy.

This excellent team collaboration tool allows social media managers to regulate their tasks and workflow. They can also easily assign tasks and related sub duties to individual team members.

Plus, Asana allows you to share documents like Google Docs and PowerPoint presentations in a relevant team or project. That way, your team members do not have to rummage through their Google Drive to look for a document.

Overall, Asana is an excellent one-stop productivity tool social media managers can use. 


Sendible is another social media management tool that’s specifically created for agencies with many clients.

Apart from all the wonderful features that this tool offers, Sendible allows you to customize your dashboard. It also has other notable integrations such as the royalty-free image search, YouTube search, and Canva graphics editor. 

Overall, this tool offers excellent automation for those who want to save time doing mundane, repetitive tasks.


On the surface, this might look like a typical collaboration tool. What you might not know is that Trello can be an invaluable project management tool if appropriately used by social media managers. 

Instead of going through several email chains, social media managers can assign work quickly through the platform’s card system. 

Individual team members can collaborate on the cards themselves as well. 

Overall, this is a great tool that allows one to get their social media content ready and scheduled to be published a lot quicker. 


Tailwind is a social media management tool that is specifically tailored for Instagram and Pinterest. 

Apart from scheduling posts, monitoring conversations, and tracking results, it also offers recommendations that allow you to improve both your Instagram and Pinterest performance. 

It is also fantastic for those who market on Instagram and Pinterest because it offers an exciting set of tailored features for these visual platforms. This includes Instagram content management and content promotion on Pinterest. 

Post Planner

Post Planner allows social media marketers to search for high-quality content, curate the perfect content calendar, and post regularly. 

It will also rate content suggestions and will allow one to come up with a schedule that’s more content-type-based. 

Over to You

With many social media management tools out there, it is easy for social media managers to be overwhelmed. 

However, with the right project management strategies and tools, social media managers can help boost a business’s online presence and increase conversions.


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