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As a Social Media Manager, analytics is super important for me. I don’t just create reports to understand what’s going on with my Social Media strategy but also share it with my entire team so that everyone knows how we are doing on our Social channels.

ICYMI (In case you missed it) we released an update last month with which you could download your custom reports in PDF and PPT format. We know that the ability to download the reports is helpful but we also want to make sure that we make it easier for you to share and customise these reports. So, we decided to go ahead and add the ability to schedule export and email your custom reports.

YES! You can receive your reports in your inbox (and add 25 other recipients) every week/month, also right away.

How? Here’s how 👇

How to schedule exports of analytics data

  1. Build a custom report.
  2. Click on View Report Schedule.
  3. Add a new schedule.
  4. Fill all the important details.
  5. That’s it!

You’ll receive the weekly report every Monday and the monthly report on 1st of every month.

This is currently available on premium and VIP plans.

Neptune/ Premium user can add 2 schedules per report.

VIP / Jupiter user can add 6 schedules per report.

Supported Social Networks

You can schedule reports for Twitter, Instagram business accounts, LinkedIn pages and Facebook pages using custom reports.

Happy Reporting!

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