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Product Update – Master Calendar, posts from all of your Social accounts

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This Crowdfire feature will help you view all your social posts in a glance.

It’s one calendar to see ‘ em all.

Crowdfire’s scheduler has seen a lot of iterations in its lifetime 🙂 

It started with a list of scheduled and posted posts followed by a bifurcation in scheduled and posted posts. This was followed by the calendar view where you could see posts for each Social media account separately and now we’ve gone a step ahead….


Say hello to the Master Calendar.

You can see all the posts from all of your Social media accounts on a single calendar.

You can also

  • Repost an already published post right away.
  • Delete a post from Crowdfire’s timeline.
  • Delete a post from the Social network.
  • Edit and schedule the post.
  • Check post-level analytics.
  • Get easy access to old posts on the calendar.

This is one Crowdfire feature that you’ll love and it will change the way you look at your content calendar forever!

The Master Calendar view is available for Premium and VIP users only. But if you’re not on these paid plans, then fret not. You can get started on the 14-day free trial right away to test it out yourself! 🙌

Why use the master calendar view?

  • It gives you easy access to all the posts scheduled on all your Social networks. This means that you can make sure that you’re promoting the same thing on all your Social networks together for a greater impact and better results.
  • It also lets you edit posts, so if you think you’ve missed something on a specific Social network you can g and quickly edit it.
  • Posts from past, present and future can help you understand your content strategy better.

Final thoughts

We at Crowdfire have always been focused on the execution part of your Social Media strategy and we want to make sure that you can save as much time possible so that you can use that time to actually work on refining your strategy. With Master Calendar view, now we do a little more of that than we did earlier 🙂


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